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As we wrap up 2019, I find myself looking toward the future of my family and my law practice. Where do we go from here? Well, in looking to the future, I have mixed feelings about life in general and the general well-being of our nation. Politics has become a blood sport, and both sides are to blame. I ask myself how can common sense come back into the mix? Just because we do not agree with someone does not mean we have to take it to a personal level or attack someone who we do not like. No one benefits when we make everything a war. We again come to the part of the year when we spend time reflecting upon the last 12 months and maybe spend some time with our families and friends during the holidays.

Scrolling through social media these days can easily make you jealous. It may seem like everyone posts about taking their families on extravagant trips. We all daydream about vacationing with our family, but finances, or the stress of traveling with young kids, can make a long trip impractical. If a long trip doesn’t seem feasible for your family, plan a fun staycation everyone can enjoy instead. Here are some ideas for how to create memorable moments without getting too far from home. TAKE A BREAK WITHOUT TAKING A FLIGHT STAYCATIONS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY

Be a Tourist

You can choose to be happy or choose to be sad — you have a choice.

Exploring the world right outside your own front door is a great way to integrate your kids into a community they may not have fully experienced yet. Explore local landmarks or historical sites, eat at a restaurant you’ve never been to, or peruse shops, museums, and art exhibits whose wares are always changing. Get the kids even more excited by letting them pick a destination or two. There’s always something new to experience that will make you forget you’re practically in your own backyard.

With the holidays, December is a pretty short month of productivity. From the Wilsons, please have a safe and happy holiday season. We will see you next year!

Rent a Home

Stay safe,

Booking a hotel room can be a fun and easy staycation, but instead of packing your family into a single room, check out some popular short-term rental sites like Airbnb or HomeAway. These services function much like a hotel would, but many home rentals go above and beyond by providing an entire house and all its amenities for your family to

-Ty Wilson

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