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A s a business owner, I’m an incredibly busy guy. I work to stay on top of a dozen different projects at once, all while ensuring our patients receive the best possible care. But as a doctor who values his health and the health of his family, I need to make sure that stress never gets in the way of my immune system and the things that really matter to me. In the middle of National Stress Awareness month, this discussion is more topical than ever. I find that when I’mmost overwhelmed, the best way to recenter myself and gain much-needed perspective is to take time alone and revisit my personal purpose. I don’t worry myself with world news or things I can’t control. For me, stress builds when I lack clarity in my vision and goals, so I spend a lot of time reminding myself just what it is I want to accomplish and why. Though I honestly don’t consider myself the best example of stress management in the world, there are a few things I’ve implemented that could benefit many of my readers, as well. Having a routine is the most effective tool I’ve found to manage overload. Every morning, I start the day with an hour or two on my own. Often, I read whatever business or personal-development book I’m tearing through lately, contextualizing my thoughts in the framework of the author and helping me set goals for the day. I usually watch a couple videos to get my mind going. They’re typically inspirational or business-oriented. Before I’m ready to go to bed at night, I dim the lights, sometimes putting on blue-light-blocking glasses to prevent digital devices from overstimulating my tired mind. Then I make a warm tea to help me relax, using a formula that has plenty of magnesium and supplements like GABA to help settle my mind for the night. MANAGING STRESS, NO MATTER HOW CRAZY THINGS GET DR. WATKINS' MESSAGE FOR STRESS AWARENESS MONTH

intake with vitamin C IV treatments we offer here at the clinic. They help keep disease and stress from burning out your adrenal glands and immune system. If you’re curious about how these IVs work, check out page 3 for more information on their benefits and this month's specials. But sometimes, I just need to get away and take some time, though that’s usually through business events. I recently returned fromDisney, but I’m not sure those kinds of vacations are really the best stress relievers — it was one of the most stressful (but still fun) weeks of my life. Many times, all it takes is being in a new environment to help me recontextualize my stress and regain the clarity I need. Then, like everybody else, there’s watching the TV. Maybe I’ll watch some mindless Disney cartoon with my kids or waste hours of my life watching football — though that can make me more stressed than relaxed. The process of de-stressing really comes down to maintaining a regular rhythm and always keeping things that matter most at the forefront. Often, if I start to feel frazzled and exhausted, all it takes is an hour or two to think about why I’m doing what I’m doing. This redirects my efforts toward what I love. Your health—both mental and physical — is one of the most precious things in your life. It’s not worth it to let anxiety and worry sacrifice your wellness.

Of course, much of stress management comes down to maintaining my day-to-day health. I strive to eat right, but I also supplement my vitamin

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