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October 2018

From Rubber Boots to Wool Suits How the City of Miami Inspires Me Every Day

When I was in Honduras working in the Peace Corps, work attire was a little different than it is now. Because I was living in the dense jungle of the mountains, my clothes served the purpose of utility rather than appearance. It was imperative I wear the gear that best equipped me to do the job, so rubber boots and rain gear was an integral part of my daily wardrobe. The tropical climate varied a lot, and I had to be prepared for that. It was very different from the pastels and glamour of South Beach attire, but it taught me a lot about the value of presentation. Fast-forward to today, and the rain boots, long hair, and mountain gear of the Peace Corps have been swapped out for leather shoes, a wool suit, and a crisp tie. I dress to reflect not only the respect I have for what I do, but also for my clients. The legal profession is not something to approach lightly, and I believe that starts with how you present yourself. I see attorneys come to court in slacks, and it makes me wonder if that’s how they approach their clients and their careers. When you dress to command respect and carry yourself accordingly, you’re carrying out your clients’ wishes with dignity and respect. Most people don’t like walking the streets of Miami in a tie and jacket, but it shows you’re serious. My surroundings motivate me, so how others dress plays a significant role in how I view myself. When I see another lawyer or businessperson present themselves in a classy way, I look at them as my competition. represent my clients in the same way. When I first came to Miami and saw a Lamborghini driving along the coast, I knew I wanted to step my game up. Being in the trenches of Honduras and seeing so many people bound They come off as competent, and I find inspiration in figuring out how I can

That starts every morning when I look in my closet. It puts me in the mindset that I need to go out and seize the day for my clients and my future. Just putting on a suit doesn’t make you a great lawyer, but it motivates me internally, which leads to desire and, ultimately, success.

by limitations, unable to achieve what they wanted from life, drove me to strive for more. They had no outlet for their abilities, so I set out with their desires etched into my ambition and used that to push my life to new heights. Halloween is a time where everyone dresses up and tries to be someone else, but I wake up every day trying to be the best possible version of me. Dressing up in a suit isn’t my costume; it’s a part of who I am. My wife and I want to have a life that inspires others.

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