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EXPLO Chicago SUMMER PACKING LIST (1 of 2) Most of the materials required for courses and scheduled activities will be provided by EXPLO. All students should bring a laptop, chromebook or tablet (iPad or similar) device in order to fully participate in the program and their coursework. In some cases, students are required to bring devices or other materials needed for specific courses. If this is the case, you can find detailed information about what to bring in the published course description on our website. We’ll also email you a reminder closer to the summer. In regard to clothing, EXPLO is typically a casual place. Most students wear shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers on a daily basis. Occasionally, students will be asked to wear more formal or business attire for student presentations, meetings with project partners, trips like a theater show or other events like a student dance. We recommend packing at least one dressier outfit and comfortable walking shoes for such occasions.

For All Students

SPORTS EQUIPMENT EXPLO and Illinois Tech provide much of the athletic equipment that you’ll need during the summer, with the exception of mouthguards, athletic clothing, and footwear. Mouthguards are highly recomended for certain sports, and we strongly suggest that you bring a pre-fitted mouthguard with you from home. Soccer cleats and other specialty sport-specific footwear are also recommended, but not required, for participation in athletic activities, electives and intramurals. Feel free to bring your own racquets, gloves, shin guards, dance shoes, knee pads, or other athletic equipment. Please note, EXPLO is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment. BICYCLES, IN-LINE SKATES, SKATEBOARDS, AND SCOOTERS Use of the above listed items is limited to program-established boundaries only. It’s strongly recommended that students wear a helmet and well as wrist, elbow, and knee protection. There are outdoor bike racks around campus which students may use to lock up their bikes. Students must provide their own locks. We have found that students are sometimes reluctant to wear all recommended safety gear, especially for skateboards and in-line skating. Please don’t bring these items to campus unless you intend to wear the recommended safety gear. CLOSED-TOE SHOES For all athletic activities and science labs, closed-toe shoes are required. We recommend every student come to EXPLO with a pair of sneakers. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS If you enjoy playing a musical instrument, we encourage you to bring easily transportable instruments to share your music with students and staff. There are numerous opportunities throughout the summer to share your talents and play/practice with others. Please note that EXPLO is not responsible for lost or stolen instruments. There are pianos in the first floor lounges of McCormick Hall which students may use on a first-come basis. COSTUMES A summer at EXPLO offers a number of opportunities to dress up. Wigs, masks, full outfits – bring what you’ve got if you can. In particular, EXPLO Chicago offers a “Halloween in July” Evening Event, for which it’s encouraged to bring a costume.


Students are encouraged to bring and use smartphones responsibly at the Program. At times, such devices are used for coursework and connecting with instructors on schedule and location changes. Smartphones are available to rent and use (via the Technology Form on the Student Portal) while at the Program, although many students choose to bring their own. Students should be advised that they may not use smartphones or other devices during courses, electives, check-ins, evening events, or during any other structured EXPLO activity unless such use is part of the activity or unless specifically invited to do so. We do our best to foster an environment where students use phones to engage and connect with others rather than shut themselves off from Students are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop/personal computer, chromebook or tablet in order to fully participate in our courses and programs. Some courses have additional requirements related to the curriculum projects that can be found on the course page. A limited number of computers with internet access are available in the Student Center. EXPLO is not responsible for lost or stolen laptops, tablets, mobile phones, or other expensive electronics. Students are instructed to either keep electronics on their person or in their locked dorm rooms and are responsible for them at all times. In addition, any student using Illinois Tech’s wireless network, whether on their own computer or an EXPLO or Illinois Tech computer, is trusted to use this resource wisely and appropriately. Students will be held responsible for connection to objectionable sites and all other online conduct. the world in front of them. PERSONAL COMPUTERS


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