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Kerwood United Church in western Middlesex County was hit by a cyclone the night of July 13th, 1939. The wind toppled the large church chimney, causing bricks to fall through the roof into the pulpit. Photo credit: LFP From the Vault Book

Cover Photo By: Donna Rolston check out her art @donnarolstonart on Facebook

sent email Feb 2 asking for materials by Feb 14 At Villager Publications, we focus on all things local, and we’d like to ask you to put local businesses at the top of your shopping list. In recent weeks, your neighbours and friends have been feeling the effects of fewer customers because of cancellations and worries about COVID-19. So, the next time you need an item or service, please, think locally first and let’s help each other get through these trying times. Thank you. Please note that all events, dates and times included herein may be subject to change due to the coronavirus. Please check updated event information on websites/FB before attending. For updates on Coronavirus in Ontario, check: www.ontario.ca/page/2019-novel-coronavirus#section-0 LOOKIN' BACK ON BYRON BOOK



A compilation of photos and stories about the Byron Community

Josh Morgan is a regular contributor to the Hyde Park-Oakridge Villager Magazine, providing information on things that are happening in our community. Josh is currently serving his second term as Councillor for Ward 7. He resides in the Hyde Park area of Ward 7 with his wife Melanie and their three children. Josh studied at Western University where he completed a Combined Honours Degree in Economic and Political Science, and a Masters of Political Science (with a focus on Local Government). He is the Recruitment and Development Officer for Western University’s Local Government Program. If you have a question, comment or issue you would like to discuss, email or call Josh directly: Cell phone: 226-927-0395 Phone: 5 519-661-2489 x 4007 Facebook.com/JoshMorganLDN Instagram.com/JoshMorganLDN Email: joshmorgan@london.ca Councillor’s Office at 519-661-5095 Twitter: @JoshMorganLDN Available at M nstone Path or email barb@villagerpublications.com $25 (taxes included)

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Don’t let packages sit on your porch. Ask a neighbour to watch for expected deliveries, or have your order sent to a secure address such as a nearby postal station. Don’t put up a nameplate outside of your house with your full name. Thieves can use this information to look up your phone number, then call to see if you are home. Don’t leave a note on the door or in the mailbox telling a friend or family member that you aren’t home.




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These photos were taken in Kilworth. The photo on the right would be the mill wheel that is no longer in use. It remained on the side of the Thames River until the 1960s when it eventually collapsed into pieces. The site of the mill was on Old River Road at Oxbow Creek. Photo credit: Beulah Frezell

Memorable Events in the Area in History Excerpts from the Heritage of Lobo 1820-1990 Ice Storm On March 31, 1922, an ice storm devastated the entire area, bringing down the telephone lines for miles around. Locals referred to the storm as “the great sleet” for many years thereafter. It took until September for the system to be entirely rebuilt, even with help of local people. Floods In 1843 a flood washed away the bridge between Komoka and Delaware. One Sunday afternoon in early April, a group of gentlemen from Komoka were making their way home northwards after attending church in Delaware. Since the bridge was out, they attempted to cros the river in a scow, but the raging rivers swept the little boat away, and four of the 18 men in the party were drowned. The survivors were eventually rescued from the icy waters late in the afternoon. Hail In August, 1961, a ferocious hail torm levelled crops and gardens in a narrow area north of Komoka.

Cisgender: “Same As” Used to describe people whose gender identity is in harmony with the sex assigned to them at birth. Two-Spirit: A cultural and spiritual identity used by some First Nations peoples to describe having both masculine and feminine spirits. It can include people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or intersex. Intersex : A person born with biological and/or physical characteristics that are not easily categorized by medical practitioners as male or female. Intersex people are often assigned as either male or female at birth. Some intersex people identify with their assigned sex, while others do not. For a complete LGBT2Q glossary of terms visit: PrideLondon.ca/Educate

r s

e h e


y r,

Living together? Make it legal! License your pet. All cats and dogs must be licensed by law. Licensing helps save animals’ lives. • Lost pets are returned home • Helps to fund animal services programs • Homeless pets get adopted

For more details on the history of Old Kilworth please see the book “Kilworth - The Woodhull Settlement” at Hyde Park Feed & Country Store on Gainsborough Road or at Dishington’s Tea Room, Main Street, Lambeth. Contact Beth at 519 686-0951 or bethads@rogers.com


Kilworth The Woodhull Settlement

d h n e t, r ” s t

London Animal Care Centre • 121 Pine Valley Blvd, London • www.accpets.ca 519-685-1330 • Facebook.com/LondonAnimalCare Please do you part! Contact us to license your pet Lo don Animal Ca Centre • 121 Pine Valley Blvd, London www.accpets.ca 529-685-1330 • Facebook.com/LondonAnimalCare

written and compiled by Elizabeth A. Moyer

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Thames River Clean-up The 21st Annual Thames River Clean-up will be held April 25, 2020. Last year, almost 2000 volunteers cleaned up and ‘Adopted’ 200 km of our local Canadian Heritage River. Volunteers cleaning up for Komoka will meet in the parking lot of Komoka Provincial Park located at County Rd #3 (Gideon Dr) and Brigham Rd. at 9am. Organizers suggest checking your local forecast before heading out to dress for the weather, and to bring along a pail and garbage picker, if you have one, or wheel barrow if you can, as well as a snack and beverage. Work gloves and garbage bags will be supplied. To register, fill out the form at http://www.thamesrivercleanup.ca/ pdf/TRCU_Registration_Form.PDF (or fill it out on-site) and hand it to your clean-up contact person or mail it to The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, 1424 Clarke Rd., London, Ont. N5V 5B9. Registered participants will be entered into a draw to win a Nova Craft canoe. Those participating in any of the Komoka location clean-up are invited to set your camera to high resolution (large size or HD) and send in photos and captions of your day by May 4 for possible inclusion in the June KKD Villager Villager.

Bring your friends and family and enjoy some exercise and fresh air while helping preserve our Canadian Heritage River. Learn more at http://www.thamesrivercleanup.ca

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Come to Camp Kee-Mo-Kee for an engaging, playful and memorable summer camp experience! Our summer camp team builds a safe and nurturing atmosphere for our campers, giving them the courage to try new things, the confidence to make new friends and the freedom to come out of their shell. Silliness abounds, exploration is encouraged, and the sense of wonder that is part of the magic of summer camp is felt. WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS SUMMER?

Registration is now open for summer camps. Applications for councellors are still being accepted. For the full list of this years camps sessions and family camps and pricing go to www.keemokee.com Celebrating 60 years!!

Thames River taken between Byron and Kilworth

March 2020 Photo credit: Darrin Calcutt

Issue 31 - April 2020 Page 7

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EFFECTIVE SPEAKING Effective Speaking has been sponsored by the Delaware Lions Club for decades. Candidates come the three schools in the area, Riverbend Academy (RA), Our Lady of Lourdes (OLOL), and Delaware Central (DC).

Intermediate Competion Left to Right: Karli Maars (OLOL); Halia Bonin (RA); Left to Right: Kaiya Bonin (RA); Cole Hampson (DC) Christian Oosterhoff (RA) Alternate; Carter Lehman Alternate; Maxwell Hall-Smith (RA) 2nd Prize; (OLOL) 2nd Prize; Grace Arnold (OLOL) 1st Prize; Jaiden Lehman (OLOL) 1st Prize; Chairperson, Lion Chairperson, Lion Adrian Roes Adrian Roes

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Hello everyone, With the onset of the warmer weather comes thoughts of yard work and spring cleaning! Some of you may have heard about the official Day of Action on litter on May 12. The Provincial government established the day to encourage residents across Ontario to clean up waste and litter in their communities. Staff at Middlesex Centre are ahead of the curve and will soon have details on our own annual 20-Minute Makeover. Of course, clean-ups result in things to dispose of! Municipal Enviro Depot locations at Denfield Road and Longwoods Road open for the season on April 25. They run Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm until November 21, and accept materials such as tires, electronic waste and yard waste. Another option open to residents is the Try Recycling Depot on Clarke Road, which operates year round. Visit the municipal website at www.middlesexcentre.on.ca/waste for a list of what materials are accepted at each site. to make a statement in your home. A little creative surge will encourage you to dig in boxes you haven’t opened for months, or perhaps even years, so let’s get going on a fresh n w l ok! Entryway The entrance to your home is the perfect spot to set the mood for your personal style. Reframing a picture taken on vacation is a great place to start. Add a decorative laundry hamper as a plant pot, as well as a freshly painte small bench or cabi et a couple of throw cushions and you have a stylish vignette. I personally love using Fusion Mineral Paint to f h n up a piece f furnitur . It is a fabulous paint that is s lf-levelling, available in a multitude of colours, and is sup r easy to use. Don’t get to work in odd numbers when setting up your vignette – for example, incorporate five items instead of four so it is perfectly balanced. Kitchen Bluewater Recycling Association is our local curbside recycling and waste collection provider. There has been a lot of change in the world of recycling. I encourage you to visit www.bra.org to see kinds of things that should and should not be in your recycle bin. Finally, I look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming public meetings for the new Middlesex Centre Strategic Plan – follow us on FB and check our web site to get information. It will great to hear your ideas, thoughts and vision for our community! Best, Aina I’ll look forward to hearing from you, Aina Aina DeViet, Mayor Tel: 519.666.0190 X234 E-mail: deviet@middlesexcentre.on.ca | www.middlesexcentre.on.ca Josh Morgan is a regular contributor to the Hyde Park-Oakridge Villager Magazine, providing information on things that are happenin in our community. Josh is currently serving his second term as Cou cillor for Ward 7. He resides in the Hyde Park area of Ward 7 with his wife Melanie and their three children. Josh studied at Western University where he completed a Combined Honours Degree in Economic and Political Science, and a Masters of Political Science (with a focus on Local Government). He is the Recruitment and Development Officer for Western University’s Local Government Program. If you have a question, comment or issue you would like to discuss, email or call Josh directly: Cell phone: 226-927-0395 Phone: 5 519-661-2489 x 4007 Facebook.com/JoshMorganLDN Instagram.com/JoshMorganLDN Email: joshmorgan@london.ca Councillor’s Office at 519-661-5095 Twitter: @JoshMorganLDN Who doesn’t have mugs that are mis-matched? Instead of getting rid of them, use them for potting fresh herbs such as basil, parsley and oth r favouri s making a colourful display on the kitchen counter. A basket used as a light shade looks great hanging over the sink or island and let’s not underestimate the power of paint. A fresh coat of paint changes everything and is an inexpensive approach to a completely new look. Council Communications

Living Room Invent new artwork. Keep your favourite calendars, frame the pictures in existing or inexpensive frames and create a montage of images. Stretched canvas pictures you have grown tired of can become new again by simply covering them with fabric, wallpaper, or paint.

To advertise here, please contact Gloria@VillagerPublications.com Create placemats that are custom to the size of your dining table by cutting the proper size and shape for each place setting from remnants of vinyl sheet flooring. Paint the back side of the shape with an acrylic paint and stencil a pattern on top of the painted area. This is a great way to make placemats that are easily cleaned and sized specifically to your table. Speaking of tables, how about using a throw as a tablecloth. Thinking outside the box often ends up in exciting new uses for otherwise packed-up items. Existing glass jars can house frequently used pantry items, such as oats, pasta and rice. Add a splash of warmth by incorporating coloured pasta and black rice.

The Charlton – London area’s newest wedding and corporate event centre An elegant, newly-renovated venue for up to 260 guests, set in 50 acres of hardwood forests and picturesque trails, The Charlton is a stunning and functional wedding venue, located just west of London. Learn more about The Charlton at www.thecharltonclub.com or call us at 519-694-5480 to reserve your 2020 and 2021 weddings, celebrations or corporate events. If you’re likeme, you have amultitude of glass vases hanging around from various flower arrangements you have received. Did you know you can paint them using mineral paint or spray paint? Voila – a completely new look to coordinate with your colour scheme! Cushions can be covered by simply wrapping them with a colourful scarf and tying a knot either at the front or back of the pillow. Left over fabric has the same effect. The good news? No money has been spent!

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To advertise here please contact Barb@villagerpublications.com Page 14 Hometown St. Thomas • Jan-Feb 2020 To advertise here, please contact Geoff@villagerpublications.com Issue 31 - April 2020 Page 9

Hello friends and neighbours: Lets see if we can spread some sunshine throughout Komoka, Kilworth and Delware! We would like to offer you an opportunity to be a note of positivity in our lovely community. Going forward, this corner of your KKD Villager, will celebrate some of the examples of kindness and generosity, that members, residents and business owners of this community are doing. If you have been the recipient of an act of kindness from a neighbour or good Samaritan or if you are aware of someone who has, we would love to hear your story. Names will only be published with permission, otherwise we will just post your street name. We would love to hear your stories. Simply email us at barb@ Good deeds in Komoka, Kilworth and Delware!

St. Anne's Anglican Church (Byron) COVID-19 - All activities at St Anne’s are suspended until April 8 UPDATES for Easter will be posted www.stannesbyron.ca 519-471-0800 Easter Services to be Confirmed Maundy Thursday - April 9 @ 7 p.m. Good Friday - April 10 @ 10 a.m. @ Trinity Anglican Church, Lambeth

villagerpublications.com There’s nothing better than a random good deed. Being the recipient of such an unexpected action can brighten someone’s day in a deeply profound way. Thank you for making our community so awesome.

Easter Sunday - April 12 Sunrise Service - 6:30 a.m. @ Springbank Park Picnic Pavillion 8:00 a.m. - Traditional Service 9:30 a.m. - Family Service A Welcoming Place to Nurture Faith and Engage Community 1344 Commissioners Road W., London N6K 1E1 www.stannesbyron.ca 519-471-0800

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Squadron Air Cadets Submitted: Capt Sarah Redfearn The #3 Striker Squadron is open to Canadians ages 12 to 18 who are interested in participating in a variety of fun, challenging

and rewarding activities. There is no charge to join – just come out to any of our parade nights (Tuesdays from 6:30pm to 9:00 pm at the West Middlesex Memorial Centre at 334 Metcalfe St. W., in Strathroy during the school year) and sign up! The Air Cadet League of Canada is a civilian, non-profit, volunteer- led organization that in collaboration with the Department of National Defence and other partners provides educational programs and resources, including flight and ground crew training, guided visits to science and aviation facilities, and aviation-related awards and scholarships; The Air Cadet League of Canada fosters development in youth of the values of selfconfidence, self- discipline and leadership. The program encourages youth to develop an understanding of civic responsibility and the role they can play in supporting and strengthening their communities, and pay tribute to the veterans of our armed forces. It provides students a way to obtain some of the hours of community involvement required for secondary school graduation. The #3 Squadron has participated with the Salvation Army food collection and kettle campaign, the Strathroy Food Bank, Remembrance parades and ceremonies, Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Sales, area school and park cleanups, West Middlesex Memorial Centre gardening and more. Over the holidays we held two ground school classes for our cadetswho are candidates for theGlider andPower Scholarships. In January, three cadets participated in Glider Scholarship Exam and one in the Power Scholarship Exam. Two of the Glider Scholarship Candidates have been selected for the interviews (the last stage in the application process) and one for Power Scholarship interview. One of our cadets has been selected to interview for the International Exchange Program. Saturday, January 25 we participated with #11 Army Cadet Corps in our Annual Garrison Ball. It was a fun evening for all who participated. WOI Redfearn received her Duke of Edinburgh International Award – Bronze Award, effective from the end of the October but –presented during the January CO’s Parade.

Upcoming Events: March 16-21 – 50 cadets and 6 adult volunteers/staff will be travelling to Washington DC for civic experience tour. We are scheduled to visit the Canadian Embassy, Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, NASA Goddard Visitor’s Centre, Joint Andrews Base, and several Smithsonian Museums. March 29 – Effective Speaking Regional Competition April 3-5 – the squadron will be participating in a Field Training Exercise at Camp Sylvan. April 19 – in the afternoon we have ½ day gliding scheduled for cadets who have not been gliding before. May 7-9 – we will be holding our Spring Tag Days. May 9 – in the Regional Band and Drill Competition June 6 – is our Annual Ceremonial Review Learn more about the Glider and Power Scholarship program at https://www.aircadetleague.on.ca/Glider-Pilot-Scholarship- Course. Call or text 519-852-2359 or visit https://sites.google. com/site/striker3aircadets/home to learn more about #3 Striker Squadron.

Memorable Events in the Area in History Excerpts from the Heritage of Lobo 1820-1990 Earthquakes On the night of Hallowe’en in 1935, an earthquake which rocked the whole of Eastern Canada was felt in this area. The earthquake, centred near Timiskimming, Ontario registered a ma nitude of 6 on the Richter Scale and caused fairly extensive damage but no i juries. The most lasting effect in this area was that some wells were spoiled. Another earthquake felt in this area was on October 5, 1983. This earthquake registered 5.2 on the Richter Scale and was centred in New York State. Chandeliers shook an tables vibrated but no significant damage was reported. Frosts In 1859 there were severe frosts in June that destroyed many local crops. Again, in 1886, there was a frost on July 12 that destroyed local corn crops.

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The Loft House of Fashion 519-245-9908 info@theloftstrathroy.ca 61 Front St. W., Strathroy, ON N7G 1X6


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What’s Happening in KKD Please note that all events, dates and times included herein may be subject to change due to the coronavirus. Please check updated event information on websites/ FB before attending. For updates on Coronavirus in Ontario, check: www.ontario.ca/page/2019-novel- coronavirus#section-0

April Komoka Community Events Komoka United Church - Easter April 10 Good Friday Service 10 am - refreshments to follow April 12 Easter Sunday Service 10 am Gateway Komoka Church – Easter April 10 Good Friday Service 10 am April 12 Easter Sunday Services 9 am and 11 am Free Breakfast www.wearegateway.ca Komoka Kilworth Optimist NOW – New Members Welcome event April 21 - 7 pm Join us for refreshments and appetizers Euchre April 4 - Euchre at 7 pm Komoka United Church 110 St Lawrence Ave. Monthly event through to May Call by Friday 519-657-1459 to reserve your spot Komoka Y - 55 + Day Thursdays 6 am to 2 PM - Access everything for free

Weight room, equipment, fitness, walking track Group Power - strength training 9:30 to 10:30 Yoga 10:45 – 11:30 / 11:45 – 12:30 Pickle Ball 9 to 12

All year-round (other than pickle ball) Komoka Y Walking Track Open to NON-Members Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun 1-3 Thur 10-noon Komoka Library

40 th Annual Delaware Lions Fish & Chip Gaming Night Saturday, April 25, 2020 Yellow PERCH & FRENCH FRIES DINNER Served 5:00 – 6:45 pm at Delaware Community Centre Black Jack, Horse Races, Bingo, Crown & Anchor Wheel from 6 pm – 11pm No one under age 18 is permitted to gamble 9 draws throughout the night for $1000 total ( for Advance ticket purchasers ONLY , and you must be present to win draw prize) Tickets $20 each - sold in advance & at the door For More Info Contact any Delaware Lions Club Member or Famous Lion Jim Deslippe , email:jdeslippe1@gmail.com phone: 519-652-9366 or Lion Carl Kennes, email: carlkennes@hotmail.com cell: 519-868-9779 EVENT PROCEEDS are donated back to support: Delaware based Scouts/ Girl Guides /minor baseball- DKMB / minor soccer– DelKo Brydge / minor hockey– Mt Brydges / Elementary school public speaking competitions

Monday 2 to 330 - Cards & Games (Monday Moments) Tuesdays 6 to 7:45 - Knitting & Crochet (Stitch & Chat) Saturdays 10:30 & 1 – Family Movies Mondays 1030 Story Time Tuesdays 10 to 1130 Early On Play & Learn Komoka & Area 55 Plus Club, Pickle Ball Monday 9 to 1 Komoka Community Centre Monday 1 to 3 Delaware Community Centre Tuesday 12 to 3 Komoka Community Centre

Wednesday 10 to 12 Delaware Community Centre Wednesday 7 to 9 Komoka Community Centre Thursday 10 to 12 Komoka Community Centre Thursday 1 to 3 Delaware Community Centre Friday 10 to 12 Komoka Community Centre and Delaware Community Centre All year-round pickle ball Komoka & Area 55 Plus Tuesday 9 to 10 High Mobility Exercise Class - Komoka Community Centre Men & Women’s Badminton - All Ages Tuesdays 730 to 930 – Komoka Community Centre Women’s Volleyball – All Ages Tuesdays 7 to 9 – Parkview School Call Vickie 519-657-6278 for information Mid September to April - PLAYERS NEEDED Komoka Early On Komoka Library Play & Learn Tues 9 to 11:30 am Komoka Beavers & Cubs Mondays 6:15 to 7:15 – Parkview School Both boys and girls. Beavers 5-7 years old and Cubs are 8-10 years old Sept to June www.scouts.ca for more info They also collect pop cans and empties to fundraise Tuesday 10:15 to 11:15 Line Dancing (Beginner) Wednesday 1 to 3 Line Dancing (Intermediate) Wednesday 3 to 4 Line Dancing (Advanced) September through to May

This Page is Sponsored by

Proud VP of the Kilworth- Komoka Business Association

420 York Street London, ON N6B 1R1

B 519.673.3390 C 519.859.7355 F 519.673.6789 E sue.cates@century21.ca W www.century21.ca/sue.cates Each CENTURY 21® Office is Independently Owned and Operated

Sue Cates CSP, CIM, P.Mgr Sales Representative


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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words By Carolynn Bart-Riedstra, Archivist, Middlesex Centre Archives (MCA)

Photographs are something that we often take for granted, especially now when they can be digitally produced on smart phones. Photographs are one of the largest records that many archives hold. These records are important for providing records that could help in legal cases, provide visual evidence of detailing for old houses and for recording family events or cultural activities.

that explains and illustrates the different kinds of photographs as well as the dates that they were commonly available. .https:// www.trentu.ca/library/archives/ historyofphotography Sometimes the name of the photographer is listed. There were several books published by the Ontario Genealogical Society, now Ontario Ancestors, that noted names of photographers, dates and locations of their businesses. While researchers become

Middlesex Centre Archives The Heritage of Lobo Township 2015 Unidentified Family circa 1880s. Another example of an albumen print.

Middlesex Centre Archives The Heritage of Lobo Township 2015 Unidentified farmstead at T-corner

Having a photograph taken was a major event. Everyone was in their Sunday best and anything you wanted your friends to see was included in the picture. Items could include carriages, dogs or pets, prize winning cattle, sheep or horses and buggies. Early pictures took a while for posing to ensure a clear image would be made which is why people aren’t smiling in older pictures. For women wearing tight corsets and long dresses there were stands that were made for them to have support while they were

Middlesex Centre Archives The Heritage of Lobo Township 2015 Unidentified Two women and one man on bridge

standing during the photograph. Identifying the age of the photograph can be done in several ways. If you are lucky and your ancestors identified the event and/or people, then you will be able to determine what time period it is if you have done genealogical research and can see what dates align with different people in the pictures. To aid in dating there are different things that can be referenced. Looking at the clothing for the men and especially the women will tell you if something is pre-WWI or even earlier. Look at older catalogues from the turn of the century to see what is fashionable.

Middlesex Centre Archives The Heritage of Lobo Township 2015 Unidentified Man with horse in front of barn.

frustrated when they inherit unidentified family pictures think about your own photographs. Have you identified the people, dates, events, or locations? With older pictures write the names of people and other information on the back of the picture, not on a separate piece of paper. Usually a graphite pencil will work or use a black pen (not a marker). The photographs in this article are from the Heritage of Lobo Book collection and we need help identifying them. If you know who or what they are please contact us at 519-518-5590 or email us at middlesecentrearchives@gmail.com MCA is open every Wednesday from 10-1 and the first and third Saturdays of the month (weather permitting) We are closed long week-ends.

Middlesex Centre Archives The Heritage of Lobo Township 2015 Unidentified Couple perhaps part of Simmons Family. This is probably the couple’s wedding and would be an albumen print.

Identifying the process of the photograph you have will help to identify the dates. If the picture is very thin and on a cardboard backing chances are it is an albumen print (made with egg white). These were developed during the 1850s and were one of themost common up to WW1. Trent University has a wonderful resource

Issue 31 - April 2020 Page 13

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ODE TO SPRING Old man winter, you are gone at last. Days of ice and snow are past.

Usher in the spring with a soft warm rain.. Cleanse my soul and make it young again..

I long to see the baby flowers grow.

And watch young robin on his first solo.

So much to see, hear, taste and smell,

Mother Nature knows her magic well.

Too soon, scorching sun gives way to bitter wind.. And then the cycle begins again. So when the flower is withered on the stem,

We will remember that spring will come again.

Written by Donna McManus - Dutton Creative Writers Group / Delaware Lioness Member Paintings by local artist Donna Rolston – to see more go to Donna Rolston Art FB page

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