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A Friend Like No Other The Bond Shared Between Brothers

After recently discovering that April 10 marks National Siblings Day, a holiday devoted to honoring the long-lasting and deep friendships shared between siblings, I knew I had to write about my experience growing up with my brother Jeremy. After all, how often do you hear about brothers who trust one another and get along well enough to go into business together? I was four when Jeremy was born, and while I don’t remember a whole lot from that time of my life, I remember the first time I held him. I was terribly excited to be a big brother, so holding this little newborn in my arms was certainly an exciting moment for me. In fact, I think it is the earliest memory I have to this day. Because I am four years older than Jeremy, a lot of people assume that we weren’t that close growing up. In reality, I actually attribute our close relationship as kids and teenagers to our age gap. It allowed us to have our own distinct lives while simultaneously fostering a great friendship. One of our favorite pastimes was playing baseball together, and so much of our early lives revolved around that. In fact, many of our family vacations involved an MLB game or two. We spent hours upon hours playing catch, and, because I was the big brother, Jeremy would often tag along with my teammates and me. While that might have bothered other kids, I enjoyed having him there. Little League Baseball was our main pastime as kids, and our shared love for sports continued through high school and college. I continued my baseball

career while also playing basketball and football. Once he entered high school, Jeremy played basketball and baseball as well. Our shared love of sports eventually grew to include a shared affinity for law. After both of us graduated from law school, we came back and worked at the firm that our dad helped found. When our dad retired, Jeremy and I made the difficult but exciting decision to start The Injury and Disability Center. Jeremy and I both enjoy all the details that go into running our own firm. We do, however, have different strengths. For example, Jeremy is knowledgeable about finance while I tend to handle marketing. With those business skills in hand, we’ve built our firm on the excitement of working together to help our clients. It’s truly been

a joy to share this experience with Jeremy. We brainstorm together, tackle challenges together, celebrate together, and even make the difficult decisions together. Part of the fun is being able to figure it all out with your best friend. Having a best friend who is always there for you; who knows what you’re thinking before you even say it; and who you can share life, work, challenges, frustrations, joys, and accomplishments with: That is something I cherish and will never take for granted. So, as National Siblings Day rolls around, I encourage you to set aside some time to let your sibling(s) know how much they mean to you. I know I certainly will!

-Jo sh Worley

“I was four when Jeremy was born, and while I don’t remember a whole lot from that time of my life, I remember the first time I held him.” | 1

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