FlippingBook Publisher & Salespal Integration Guide

FlippingBook Publisher & Salespal Integration Guide

Learn how easily you can integrate FlippingBook Publisher with our new Salespal mobile apps

About Salespal

FlippingBook Salespal is a mobile platform for storing, organizing, sharing and analyzing the effectiveness of electronic documents. It contains an Admin Panel for content management and mobile applications for convenient work with your sales & marketing materials. If you are already our FlippingBook client and use Publisher software, then this integration with Salespal will be very simple. After setting up your account by one of our specialist, you will also get the

opportunity to upload your existing projects to Salespal. The following pages will explain all steps in details.

Uploading the document from Publisher Open your project in FlippingBook Publisher and choose Upload Publication

Uploading the document from Publisher You will see an upload window. Choose Mobile Apps and tap Start button.

Uploading the document from Publisher After that, you will see an uploading progress and success message at the end.

Salespal settings Now you can view your document in Salespal admin panel inside the Documents section.

Salespal settings Then, please add needed document to any channel, and your users will be able to view inside the Salespal mobile app .

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