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Have you ever had a friend who gets super into something, and they just can’t stop talking about it? I’m sure a lot of people have experienced this after their friends started watching “Game of Thrones” or began listening to some podcast they insist will change your life. At this point, you have no choice but to break down and start watching the show yourself, or else you risk not being part of their conversations for years. When you’re a physical therapist, your friends tend to talk about more niche topics, like lasers. Not long ago, a friend of mine who is a fellow physical therapist bought a Diowave 60-watt laser for her practice. I’d heard about lasers being used in physical therapy practices for a while, but I wasn’t sold on them at first. Then my friend got hers, and she “I started using the laser on myself in May, and it’s so far so good.”

still hasn’t stopped raving about it. Her patients are seeing unbelievable results. One of her patients underwent multiple back surgeries and struggled to sleep at night. After just a few sessions, he was enjoying five hours of uninterrupted sleep. Six weeks after getting the first laser, my friend brought a second laser into her practice to meet the demand. When she came over for dinner recently, she talked about this laser nonstop for an hour. I finally decided to pull the trigger and bring the Diowave to Woodlyn PT. I even got an expert to come into the office to train me on how it’s used. At first, I was just using it to treat myself. When I bring new technology into the practice, I’m my own guinea pig. I’ve had four shoulder surgeries, five back surgeries, and a knee surgery, so I’m no stranger to chronic pain. I started using the laser on myself in May, and it’s so far so good. My son reherniated his back, so I started treating him with the laser, too.

When people hear the word “laser,” they usually picture science fiction movies where laser blasts blow up planets. I can say from experience that while the Diowave 60-watt laser system is one of the more powerful medical lasers on the market, it’s not going to destroy any planets or even hurt your skin. This kind of laser uses specific wavelengths of light that penetrate the cell base and heal the tissue at the molecular level. Normally, when the body heals, it creates inflammation and scar tissue. Medical lasers promote natural healing in the cells, ideally without any scar tissue. They can be used to treat cell damage, herniated disks, and chronic pain. For patients who have tried everything but aren’t getting better, the Diowave laser might be able to help them.

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-Jim Brennan




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