Welcome from the Head of Wellbeing

‘Fame is fun, money is useful, celebrity can be exciting, but finally life is about optimal well-being and how we achieve that in a dominator culture.’ – bell hooks ‘Balance your time. After a productive day: rest and relax. Allow yourself to feel satisfied. Celebrate your accomplishments. Don’t burn yourself out. Don’t neglect your well-being and health. Don’t neglect your loved ones or your life. Long-term success depends on your ability and diligence to carry a balance.’― Akiroq Brost We do not always view our place of work as somewhere that enhances our sense of wellbeing. The demands, time, deadlines and effort can sometimes feel overwhelming. Although it is undeniable that these challenges exist, the way that we choose to cope with them and approach them will impact our wellbeing. This booklet celebrates all that our school and community offer to support our wellbeing. It returns the importance of your focus back to you – I matter . Challenge yourself to try to embed even just one of the suggestions into your day-to-day routines at school – this could be going out for lunch once a month; walking Bailey the dog; attending a lunchtime concert or treating yourself to a massage. There should be something for all of you to engage with!

Nathalie Coppin Head of Wellbeing

Be active Have an early night Try something new

Looking after yourself (Laugh) Connect with people and animals

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