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Have You Seen These 4 Flicks?

Every year when the holidays end, I find myself falling into a bit of a new year’s slump. The cheerful Christmas lights disappear, the days are short, and more often than not, it’s cold, dreary, and dark outside. When all that starts to bring me down, though, I have a time-tested strategy to cure my winter blues: a funny movie marathon. For decades, comedy flicks have helped relieve my stress after a rough day or given me a few hours of escape from the pressures of the real world, and there are a few that never fail to crack me up. If the long winter is bumming you out, too, try movie marathoning my top four. Even if you’ve seen them already, I promise they’re worth the rewatch! 1. ‘CADDYSHACK’ Considering how much I love golf, it’s probably not surprising to any of you that this 1980 Michael O’Keefe movie tops my must-watch list. The story follows a teenager who caddies at an upscale golf club in order to get a shot at a college scholarship, and it stars Ted Knight and Chevy Chase as two of the wacky club members. It came out just a few years before I started working on a golf course, and I saw it in theaters. From then on, everyone at the country club where I worked had a bit of a laugh quoting it and comparing the snobby people we had to deal with to characters in the movie! Today, rewatching it always reminds me of old times. 2. ‘THE BLUES BROTHERS’ I love John Belushi, so of course, I love “The Blues Brothers,” which is probably his comedy magnum opus. In it, Belushi plays one of a pair of brothers who get out of prison only to find the orphanage they grew up in is closing down. Belushi and

Dan Aykroyd, who plays the brother, get their blues band back together to raise funds to save the place, and chaos ensues, including a big race through Chicago at the end that never fails to make me laugh. This movie has car chases, prison singalongs, and cameos by Carrie Fisher, Aretha Franklin, and Ray Charles. What more could a guy ask for? 3. ‘ANIMAL HOUSE’ The sarcasm in this movie gets me every time, and I think anyone who went to college (fraternity or no) can relate at least a little to the funny plot. In the film, two dorky freshmen end up part of a rowdy, raunchy fraternity the college dean is determined to shut down with the help of another fraternity’s president. Of course, things go hilariously wrong! John Belushi stars in this movie as well, and just seeing him makes me laugh with all his facial expressions and mannerisms. The scene in the cafeteria is classic. It has quite the cast of characters! 4. ‘NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION’ Even when the holidays are over, this movie never gets old. The tale of the Griswold family’s attempt at a perfect Christmas (which is quickly upended when their hillbilly relatives show up and park their camper on the property) is comedy gold no matter the season. Clearly, I’m a Chevy Chase fan because he makes an appearance in this flick, too! The scene where they’re trying to get the lights to work always cracks me up, and I love it when Grandpa shows up and lights the tree on fire. There are a few movies in this series, but the Christmas edition is by far the best and well worth the rewatch.

With tax time just around the corner, January is the month to give me a call or send a message to check in on any tax problems you’re having — and when you do, let me know if you’ve watched any of the movies on my list! There’s nothing like discussing comedy to lighten up a tax talk.

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