Covid Survival Story (AMTA - Ultimate Plus)

A Coronavirus SURVIVAL STORY Advice From A Clinic Who Is Recovering Quickly

Their Keys To Success: The best decision AMTA made was to take the time & use every marketing resource they had access to so patients would keep listening. We asked Jacob Harris and Maricela Harris: “What advice would you give other practice owners based on your experience during covid & using the resources you have?” Communication with Practice Promotions is essential. We didn’t communicate our needs effectively enough and consequently felt the impact when many of our patients didn’t even realize we were open for business, despite our efforts. It was a lost opportunity; communication needs to be top priority. We wished we would have taken better advantage of that in the beginning. Utilize your marketing tools! The way Practice Promotions has worked with us and held us accountable every step of the process really allowed us to come up with an amazing and polished website and marketing plan. We are receiving great response and feedback from our newsletters and emails and our patients are so appreciative that we are connecting with them during this period. Marketing Tools They Used: • Website Popups & Headlines • Email Campaigns • Direct-Mail Newsletters • Expert Consults ”

Austin Manual Therapy Associates joined Practice Promotions right at the beginning of Covid-19 Pandemic. An incredibly tough start to a new marketing plan! Like most clinics, patient volume took a nose dive at first. Jacob Harris, Director of Finance and Operations, stated they were on track to have their most profitable, record-breaking year. But thanks to COVID-19, that didn’t look likely anymore. How could they keep their business running during a time of stay at home orders? They had a choice. Shut down until this is all over... Or continue marketing and let our patients know we are still here serving them. To Jacob & the AMTA team, the choice was clear. There is no way around this pandemic, the only way is to get through it. AMTA began training with their Account Managers. As an Ultimate Plus client, they received coaching and additional service for both a Print and Digital marketing. After about month, their account manager reached out to see how things were going? The response blew us away. Jacob stated “Y’all at Practice Promotions seemed ready for this, almost. You were able to help us transition so smoothly with not only a fantastic new website, but with all of the email campaigns, and newsletter, that without those, we would REALLY be hurting right now.” Austin Manual Therapy weathered the storm, and has already begun recovering. An absolutely incredible story amidst such challenging times!

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