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The Solution SMF had looked at several other alter- natives to ADP but found nothing with such a comprehensive user interface which ticked all the boxes. Moreover, all of the other options, inexplicably, carried huge six-figure build fees which put them out of the reach of many chal- lenger lenders. ADP was available for a modest build fee and, thanks to its SAAS approach, an affordable monthly license fee. Additionally, LMwere able to demonstrate, via a raft of cases studies, client references and other awards, that despite their competitive price, they were indeed a reliable market-leading partner upon whom SMF could depend. One of the main focuses for SMF was

to increase the speed with which the decisions could be executed and after looking at the ADP response times with high volume clients they chose ADP. Consequently SMF had no hesitation in choosing ADP by LendingMetrics. The project teams on both sides are now busy implementing the project to deliver; • A comprehensive multi-product deci- sion engine • Multi-bureau credit data feeds to achieve a ‘best in breed’ decision derived from the best elements from each CRA • Robust affordability checks using CRA data and Open Banking feeds

Consumer credit case studies Our large amount of recent consumer credit case studies (in the UK and Aus- tralia) include Omni Credit (Owned by JC Flowers), Evolution Money, Loans- 2Go, Fair For You, and Aus Loans one of Australia’s largest motor and per- sonal loan originators.

For Aus Loans in particular we have delivered a novel solution which allows Aus Loans to mirror the lending crite- ria of the 40 or so banks and lenders on their panel, allowing them to auto- matically match a client to a specific lender (based on credit data) and then further select available deals based on the best rate available.

This is not simply pre-approval filter- ing, but a decision based fully upon the full lending criteria of those 40 or so lenders. The editing control of the engine logic is entirely within the control of the lender and they have no such dependency on LendingMetrics. We believe the solution to this model to be truly unique.

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