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Hello, Spring! Gearing Up for a Busy Season

For the past 15 years, I’ve been managing employees as a leader at OPTM Physical Therapy of Saratoga. I have a good feel for how to coach young physical therapists through the learning curves in their early career, and thanks to my time spent playing sports while growing up, I value learning through teamwork.

committee that is currently finalizing the creation of a walking group in the city. Together with city representatives, religious

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But my latest venture into leadership was the most daunting yet: coaching 7-year-olds.

Saratoga library, we hope to create a community of people that will regularly meet on the third Friday

Coach Fabrice with his son, Owen, father in law, Coach Tom, and the Morgan Hill Devil Rays

This spring, I took up the chance to coach my eldest son’s baseball team. When I offered to fill the coaching position, I was curious about how it would shake out. The world is much more different for a 7-year-old than for an adult, so having to coach these kids about the basics of baseball requires a different approach than teaching a young therapist how to utilize their training. So, I surrounded myself with a prime coaching team. I’ve always believed that when you hire people that are smarter than you, you will be successful, and you will learn. The team of coaches I have helping me includes an assistant coach with previous experience — which is helpful for me, as I only played baseball — and has a father who was also a baseball coach for 15 years. My father-in-law grew up playing baseball, so he offered to help. Interestingly enough, his twin brother played the sport professionally. At the time of writing this, the Morgan Hill Devil Rays have completed five practices, and I have a better understanding of how this season’s training is going to go. When players are that young, practices are more focused on teaching the fundamentals of catching, throwing, and hitting. Eventually, we can teach them more strategic aspects of the game, but for now, we just want them to learn and have a blast. Having fun is even one of our core values for the team! But my foray into youth baseball coaching isn’t the only thing keeping me busy this spring. Under Saratoga’s Age-Friendly Commission, I sit on a

of each month with the goal of fostering wellness through walking, socializing, learning, and lunch. We will tie this group, which we’ve named the West Valley Striders, into the California Native Plant Society 45th Wildflower Show at West Valley College on April 27, and we will have guest speakers discussing featured programs at WVC, including robotics and the entrepreneurial center, as well as inviting prominent figures in the community to talk about various featured topics throughout the community of Saratoga. Helping the people of my hometown of Saratoga and the surrounding communities plays a big role in my life. I want to do more than just be a citizen and good neighbor; I want to make this community stronger and healthier for residents of all ages. As a Saratoga Rotarian, I’m also preparing to help with the operations and traffic management at the 62nd annual Art Show at West Valley College on May 4 and 5. This long-running event connects children, families, and artists together and is nearly all funded by Rotarian members and their friends and families. We’re stoked to be bringing 130 different artists and wine, beer, and food trucks together for the 62nd year. So, if you see me on the baseball diamond, walking through Saratoga, or at our 62nd Art Show, be sure to say hi! I’d love to hear about your plans for another wonderful Saratoga spring. Learn more about the art show online at SaratogaRotaryArtShow.org, and be on the lookout for more information about the West Valley Striders as the group starts up. Dr. Fabrice Rockich

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