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Louis Armstrong, famous American trumpeter, composer, and vocalist and one of the most influential figures in jazz, once said, “There are only two kinds of music; the good and the bad. I play the good kind.” In honor of the celebration of Great Satchmo’s birthday this month, I want to take a nice long road trip down memory lane. My first stop is The Big Easy. The Rolling Stones so much that I can’t remember a time I’d sit in the car without hearing those classic rock tunes filling the air. But, even though the voices of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Mick Jagger played on loop in my head, it wasn’t until I moved to New Orleans that I started to feel music on a much deeper level. “IT’S A CITY THAT GETS INTO YOUR SOUL, AND IT ALL STARTS WITH MUSIC.” Music has always played an interesting role in my life. My mom loved the Beatles and During the nine years I was working on medical school and my residency, I lived in New Orleans, and I developed a great appreciation for jazz music. History claims that jazz music put New Orleans on the map with its soulful beats that allegedly grew out of drumming and Voodoo rituals in New Orleans’ Congo Square before the Civil War. Others believe jazz wasn’t born until 1895, the

year Buddy Bolden started his first band. Still others say it happened in 1917, when Nick LaRocca and his original Dixieland Jazz Band recorded the first jazz record. While no one can accurately pinpoint when jazz officially started, it was alive and flourishing the years I resided in its birthplace. My wife and I were constantly on the lookout for new restaurants, bars, and venues featuring musicians and bands. While the cool and sleepy type of jazz is great, we always sought out the high-energy tunes with lots of brass instruments — the type we could kick up our heels to. In fact, during some of our earlier years there, we took ballroom dancing lessons with a great setup. We would learn the new steps, twists, and turns from 6–7:30 p.m. in the classroom and then head upstairs to test out our new moves at a Rock & Bowl bowling alley that always featured jazz and swing bands. Every time we are able to make a trip back to The Big Easy, my wife and I try to find a lively spot for brunch and jazz indulgences. It’s always an emotional experience for both of us because listening to that rhythmic ragtime and blues always makes us miss living in New Orleans; it’s a city that gets into your soul, and it all starts with music. Fortunately, the next place we lived was Nashville, which also has a huge music scene. Even now, my house is filled with tunes fairly often. My wife has always had music in her blood. Her mom taught piano lessons, so she grew up to be a great player herself. She is also an excellent singer. Luckily for my sons, they inherited her musical

gene. My youngest son has great rhythm, my middle son is into DJing and mixing different genres together, and my oldest son plays the flute and saxophone and sings in the choir. The only person in the family who doesn’t have any music genius (besides me) is my daughter who unfortunately took after her dear ol’ dad, especially when it comes to singing. But she and I will belt our favorite songs as loud as we can in the car where no one can hear us! I’m blessed to have spent so much time in a city built upon the beauty of talented people getting together to make music. I’m lucky to live in a new place with a great group of people where my passion for music can continue to grow.

–Dr. Mike

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“If you’ve got cool nails, you wake up and you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m happy now.’” –Maisie Williams, actress on “Game of Thrones” Americans spent more than $8 billion on nail salon services in 2018, which goes to show just howmany people value a regular mani-pedi. As nail services have become more popular, the number of options available to consumers has grown. We’re a long way past the days when choosing your manicure was simply a matter of selecting a color. Today, the number of manicure options to choose from can be overwhelming. To make your choice a little easier, here are some basic pros and cons for the most popular manicure types. PLAIN POLISH: THE OLD STANDBY PROS: Polish is inexpensive, comes in a near-infinite array of shades, and is easy to apply and remove. Unless you want a hand massage and professional application, you can probably manage it just fine at home. CONS: Polish chips quickly and needs time to dry. If you’re using polish at a salon, be sure to stay under the dryer long enough to avoid smearing.

ACRYLIC: THE CLASSIC EXTENSION PROS: Acrylic nails are a durable option for those who want to add some length to their nails. Once applied, they make a great canvas for colors and allow you to customize the shape and contour of your nails beyond what you could achieve naturally. CONS: A full set of acrylics takes a long time to apply; nail technicians apply individual “tips” to each nail and seal themwith acrylic powder and monomer, so expect a session to take over an hour. Acrylic manicures can also damage nail beds over time and cause thin, brittle nails. GEL: THE NEWKID ON THE BLOCK PROS: Gel comes in two forms: hard gel and gel polish. The former can be shaped like acrylic, and the latter is basically a more durable version of regular polish. In either form, a gel manicure provides a long-lasting look that is less prone to chipping.

CONS: Taking off gel, when not done professionally, can damage and weaken nails. Gel manicures are also significantly more expensive than other manicure options. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? IT’S ALREADY THAT TIME OF YEAR!

It seems almost unbelievable to say that it’s nearly time to trade in those summer pool floaties and yard games for school supplies, bus routes, and classroom sign- up sheets. Here at the Burgdorf household, several big school transitions are taking place. While our two middle sons are moving up a grade, our eldest son is starting this year as an official high school student,

and our daughter, the youngest in the house, is heading into kindergarten. Although she attended preschool, this month marks our last child officially beginning school, which is an emotional moment for my wife and me. School is all she has been talking about for months, so it’s clear she’s excited. We are hoping that her older brother, David, who is starting sixth grade, will help her get on the bus, walk her to class, and protect her in the right way. When my kids step on the bus for the first time each year, I can’t help but be transported back to my experiences at their age. I knew in seventh grade that I wanted to be a physician, which made sense because I always had an unexplained gravitational pull toward science. But, while many people in the medical field report to have only loved the classes that stimulated the left side of their brain, like math, chemistry, and science, I was blessed to enjoy the liberal arts subjects just as much. Throughout high school, I sought classes that allowed me to be creative. In college, I even took a class in Romantic literature, where I studied tragedies from the Middle Ages. “Tristan and Isolde” penned by Sir Thomas Malory was my favorite. As my kids continue paving their own paths in school, I have high hopes for them. They are dependable, intelligent, and independent (perhaps more than their mom and I would like them to be). I hope to continue to nurture their abilities to develop both sides of their brains and keep their education well-rounded.

To parents and kids, good luck heading back to school! I hope it’s the best year yet!



A VIBRANT VINO THAT’LL HELP YOU FALL INTO FALL BURLY’S 2016 SAUVIGNON BLANC Choosing to focus on getting yourself healthier is one of the most important and difficult decisions a person can make. For many, this decision means changing every aspect of their daily routine. You have to consider what food you purchase at the grocery store, how you prepare your meals, and which physical activities to introduce into your lifestyle — and that’s just the beginning. But what happens if you work arduously to get yourself healthy and your body doesn’t reflect those changes? What do you do next? Here’s the path one patient took. “I started researching tummy-tuck options after losing about 85 pounds. I had a lot of extra skin around my midsection, and I was just looking to have that extra skin removed. I came to Dr. Burgdorf after doing a lot of research, meeting with many other plastic surgeons, and asking them who they would go to if they needed to have a procedure done. Unanimously, all the other surgeons recommended Dr. Burgdorf. “I discovered immediately after walking into the office that their recommendations were spot on. His staff is phenomenal, his office is warm and welcoming, and he is super easy to talk to. You can explain your concerns to him, and he is really patient. He actually listens and hears your concerns and addresses all of them. “Regarding my procedure, he explained the different options to me step by step, and everything he said to me was accurate and thorough. He explained what I could expect pre-op, what I could expect the day If you’ve been following along through our recent editions, then you already know that Dr. Burgdorf works closely with A Vintage Affair (AVA), an organization dedicated to supporting women and children that has already brought in a million dollars! AVA has several amazing charity events each year, including their Annual Grape Stomp Festival, scheduled for October 5. Be sure to get your tickets ahead of time! One of the wines that will be featured is Burly Winery’s 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, an intense white wine sourced from a low-yielding block of grapes to produce a white peach aroma. You’ll also take in notes of lemon meringue, which are supported by lively acidity and elegant minerality. While this wine dances on the tongue, you can still expect a smooth, lingering finish. With the hot summer days starting to burn off, this vibrant vino is the perfect way to celebrate the tranquil start of fall. Pour yourself a glass (or two) today!

of the surgery, what I could expect during recovery, and what I could expect long term, and everything went exactly as he said it would.

“On the day of my surgery, he walked in smiling and calmed any last-minute fears I had. Then afterward and all through my follow-up appointments, he and his staff have been phenomenal. In the end, my results are off-the-charts amazing and so much better than I ever dreamed they could be. It’s safe to say that I have found my surgeon for life!” If you’re having an experience similar to this patient, please feel free to give our office a call. We guarantee we can provide you with the same great experience and the same amazing results!


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Modern humans are stuck in a routine of expected and constant industriousness. But with all this rushing, people often drag themselves home at night with no energy left to enjoy the most splendid show nature has to offer: the wondrous night sky. Most people go through life looking straight ahead, but if they would stop and peer skyward, they’d bear witness to a massive, unexplored frontier made up of the moon in all its phases, burning stars sailing through the sky, constellations with epic origin stories, and meteor showers bright enough to warrant sunglasses. If you’re looking for a hobby to help you slow down and appreciate the world around you, stargazing is a great option. Here are some tips to get you started. 1. THE HIGHER, THE BETTER If you’re a city dweller, meander a little way out of town or try to find a tall building to keep the light pollution to a minimum. 2. EXTRA SET OF EYES While novice stargazers often want to immediately throw their money at a new telescope, astronomy experts recommend starting with binoculars instead. You’ll need to identify several anchor planets or constellations to help you navigate the sky before using a telescope.

3. UTILIZE ASSETS Put your phone to good use by downloading apps like Stellarium, Starwalk, and Google Sky Map. Each of these apps offers a unique benefit for aspiring stargazers. For example, Starwalk lets you point your phone at the sky to see stars, constellations, and planets in real time based on your location. 4. MARK YOUR CALENDAR In 1972, beloved singer- songwriter John Denver wrote about a meteor shower he witnessed during a camping trip in Colorado. He describes the scene by singing, “I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky.” The “fire” he recounted was actually the Perseids meteor shower, the most recognized shower on Earth. This astrological wonder takes place every year from July 17 to Aug. 24. During this time, viewers should be able to see shooting stars associated with the Perseids, but the shower reaches its maximum rate of activity on Aug. 12–13 this year. Grab some friends and family, and head outdoors to put your newfound stargazing knowledge to work.


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