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Smoking is simply using different woods to add flavor to your food. It can include anything from grilling over lump wood charcoal to cooking low and slow in a wood fired offset smoker. As different woods burn, the smoke they generate adds a different flavor to your meat. Some woods such as Oak or Hickory have a strong flavor whilst woods such as Apple or Cherry re a bit milder. You can smoke on any Grill. Adding wood to your fuel source will ultimately generate smoke and flavor your food. If you are roasting a chicken on your Weber, adding a few wood chips or a chunk of wood to the coals will add a smoky flavor to your chicken and give it a beautiful color. Using a smoke box or aluminum tray on your gas grill will slowly generate smoke and add flavor to your meat. There are 4 other common forms of wood that can be used they are dust, chips, pellets and chunks. These different forms have slightly different applications but all serve the same purpose. • Dust - most commonly used for cold smoking and is a very fine form of wood. When packed into a container tightly, it will smolder slowly, generating very little heat. • Wood chips - ideal for smoking on a gas grill, chips are slightly larger form of wood that are commonly soaked in water and place directly onto the coals or put into a smoke box. Placed directly above one of the burners the smoke box will heat up and produce smoke for around a half hour. • Pellets - used as a fuel source for pellet cooker, They can also be used for cold smoking as they are compacted tightly and will smolder for a long period of time inside something like a smoker tube and generate very little heat.

• Wood chunks- similar to wood chips but larger, they will give you a slightly longer smoke when placed into the coals. They are not really suitable for smoking on a gas BBQ but one or two chunks added to the charcoal is generally enough to give you an hour or so of smoke. Different woods will give you a different flavor. Some of these differences can be very subtle but matched with a certain type of meat and they can make a big difference. Most hardwoods are suitable for smoking but there are some woods you should avoid as they can be harmful. These woods include Redwood, Pine, Fir, Elm, Cypress, Spruce, Sycamore and Cedar. You should also avoid wood that has been treated with any kind of preservative.

CCV’S PORK RUB Paprika .5 c Coffee .5 c Brown sugar .5 c Granulated garlic .25 c Oregano 2 tbs Cayenne 2 tbs Kosher salt 2 tbs Toasted black pepper 1.5 tbs Onion powder 1 tbs Celery seed 1 tbs Cumin 2 tbs Coriander 2 tbs Marjoram 1 tbs Cinnamon 2 tsp Thyme 1 tbs Mustard seed 2 tbs Rosemary 2 tbs


Chef Andrew Haapala

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