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January 2020

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My Goal For 2020 What Matters Most for Me This Year

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At the start of a new year and a new decade, it’s natural to find yourself setting out plans for the future. You may even do this formally with New Year’s resolutions, and that can be a good place to start — though I’ve found that those can have trouble standing on their own in the long run. The motivation to make a change as the calendar renews can lose its luster by the time we move into spring. I’m not alone in thinking this. The tendency for NewYear’s resolutions to fail or be abandoned by February is almost a running joke at this point. Personally, I believe there’s something to be said about setting a plan for what you want to achieve in the next 12 months, but I also feel you have to tie more motivation and support to the changes you’re trying to make than just some arbitrary date. Of course, there are those who have devoted their whole lives to the study of more effective goal setting. People like James Clear, author of “Atomic Habits,”and Dr. Mark Goulston of“Get Out of Your OwnWay”have built careers around answering the question“How do we make lasting positive changes in our life?”These two are far from the only scholars on the subject, and honestly, there likely isn’t a single right answer to the questions they tackle. It’s a matter of finding the technique or way of thinking that works best for you and sticking with it. For me at least, writing goals down has always been crucial. In both business and my personal life, having a physical note to hold me accountable to what I want to get done has always proved motivating. After all, any goal is going to have to involve the disruption of your regular routine in some way, shape, or form. If

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Having a clear vision of what you want makes an amazing difference. In past editions of this newsletter, I’ve mentioned how setting very specific fitness goals has kept me honest in the past. Vague resolutions like“work out more” leave your mind with too much wiggle room on those days when you reall y don’t want to go for that run or do those pushups. But those are the days when accountability matters most. Of course, these are just techniques that work for me. What about when you are trying to make a change as a company? As a business owner, I’ve found that there’s surprisingly little difference between striving for goals for myself and doing the same for my firm. It just means making sure everyone is on the same page. Thus, this time every year, we hold a“state of the company”meeting. Sure, it sounds more formal than what you might do for a personal resolution, but the underlying fundamentals are the same. This all-hands-on-deck meeting is our chance to write down what we want to hold ourselves accountable to in the coming year and to unite behind a vision of what success looks like. I’ve found that even in this group setting, it’s best not to lose sight of the individuals that make up our team either. This yearly meeting is about more than cold, hard numbers and marketing budgets. It’s where we revisit our core values, share our goals and ambitions as teammembers, and discuss ways we can help one another succeed. After all, as a small-business owner, I’ve learned that a happy teammeans better service to our clients.

firm’s goals to the needs and aspirations of its members.

We’re blessed with many amazing, talented people at the Smiley Law Firm. From Sara Huffman’s adventures in the outdoors to Meriem’s near encyclopedic knowledge of New Orleans’hidden restaurants, I’m always blown away by the incredible minds of the people I work with. Some of them are even share my primary job outside the office: being a parent! In fact, our very own Sarah Persich is having a baby this month. Congratulations! But whether it’s going on a hunting trip, searching for great local dining, or raising a family, I want to see those at this firm succeed and find happiness. One of our core values is “continuous self-improvement,”and you can bet that notion goes into every goal we set out at the top of the year. So, if I were to put all my plans for 2020 into one sentence, it would simply be to help those around me grow toward a brighter future. As a personal injury lawyer, boss, and father, I can’t think of a better measurement of my own success.

Here’s to a happy, healthy new year.

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