Biola Broadcaster - 1962-09


DO YOU REMEMBER THE STORY in Exodus of the experience of Aaron A t the very time God was giving Moses instructions for the usefulnes and consecration of the High Priest, Aaron was busy fash­ ioning a golden calf as an idol of worship. Dr. Joseph Parker, a great preacher of former days declared, “The Lord is ready to make kings of us while we make fools of our­ selves.” “Remember, he who through life puts God first, w ill find God with him at the last.” AT A RAILROAD CROSSING a man had been stationed with a lantern to warn oncomers of impending dan­ ger. An unfortunate accident did oc­ cur, however, and a lawsuit was filed to determine who had been negligent. Naturally, the flagman was sum­ moned as witness. He was questioned closely as to when and how the col­ lision took place. A ll questions were asked which would pertain to the details of such an accident, but noth­ ing of a satisfactory nature was found. The flagman firm ly stated, “Yes, yes, I was there and I was waving my lantern.” A friend later said to the flag­ man, “How does it feel to be under such constant pressure of inquiry?” He replied that it was all right but that he was constantly afraid the lawyer might ask him if his lantern was lighted. Christian, think your way through this illustration! * * * " A statesman is made of the right kind of timber if he can lead the people out of the woods."

" If you want to kill time, why nof try working it to death." * * * "Talking comes by nature, silence by wisdom." A N IN D IA N OF OLDER DAYS who, famished and all but devoid of cloth­ ing, wandered into a Western settle­ ment. He begged for just some small morsel of food that might keep him alive. While eagerly de­ vouring the portions placed before him, those who were watching the pitiful creature, noticed a small, dir­ ty pouch hanging by a string around his neck. When asked what it was, the old Indian explained that it had been given him when he was a young man, and that he always carried this “charm!’ with him. The Indian complied with the ret quest of the folk that they might see what it was. Great was their amaze­ ment when they discovered that it was a discharge from the Federal Army which had been signed by General Washington. It guaranteed that whenever the Indian presented it he would be given food and shel­ ter — also other provision he might find necessary. This paper was his complete pension, ybt this forlorn Indian wandered around, not know­ ing the security which was his. We need not smile at such, an account for many are the young and old folk who are wandering men - tally and physically in anguish, and they, too, do not know that sur­ rounding their lives is God’s promise that if they w ill come unto Him, heavy laden as they are, He will give them rest and in love meet their needs!


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