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against the background of His eternal love. While there are many, many tra­ ditions around this stone, perhaps the one just given brings more comfort to our hearts! * * * A YOUNG M IN IST ER with little ex­ perience in counseling, was called to the bedside of an elderly Chris­ tian who had but few remaining hours before the Lord’s higher call­ ing. When the minister entered the sick room he somewhat stammered for words — “I’m . . . so . . . sorry . . .”, he stated.

Asher (continued) be mentioned in the Bible —it was re­ ferred to in Genesis, chapter 2. But we find that it held many honors as we read through God’s Word. Natur­ ally we have found that it appeared on the shoulder straps of the High Priest — it was the eleventh stone. This stone lends itself with great readiness to the gem cutter’s and en­ graver’s art. This fact is by reason of its moderate hardness and absence of grain — also, because the design cut in one strata is brought into bold relief by the background of another color. The onyx stone has several layers of col­ or. The engraver can cut a work of art of one seam and his work has a mag­ nificent background of still another color; such is the work done of cameos. Just so does the Lord Jesus Christ carve our small lives in a wonderful way

W ith a sweet cheerfulness the saint met his statement with “Why bless you, young man, there is noth­ ing to be sorry about, or to be fright­ ened. I am going to cross over Jor­ dan in a little while and I know that my Father owns the land on both sides of the river.” B I O L A Biota’s Stewardship representatives are able to assist you in any personal estate problems. When the Bible Insti­ tute of Los Angeles is remembered in your Will, legal assistance is procured when necessary, to assure the proper documents are prepared. For confidential and competent coun­ sel, address: Stewardship Department The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc. 558 South Hope Street Los Angeles 17, California (Request the new free publication "THE CHRISTIAN’S WILL.’’) 20

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