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Abraham, so she gave her handmaid to Abraham to wife and Ishmael was bom. This scheming was successful without God being a part of it, but the day came when God made good His promise and Isaac was given to Sarah and Abraham. How numerous have been the wrestlings of man in prayer and wrestlings against nature — the wind and the storm! We must know something of wrestlings in prayer if we are going to be the kind of warriors God has need of in this great warfare. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spir­ itual wickedness in high places.” Naphtali was a hind let loose. How suggestive of Him who is the hind of the morning, the One who understands and knows. The hind was a little gaz­ elle, a creature that was gentle and had agility—and Naphtali was going to be like this animal. God said that Naph­ tali would be represented by the Jasper stone which was a stone of beauty, and one that had a tremendous number of legends woven into its history. If you are already a member of the Fellowship and have received an extra copy of this publication, please pass it along to a Mend so that he may also enroll in the Plan and receive these helpful monthly features from the broadcasts. Since all materials from the Diola radio programs are included in the BROAD­ CASTER, publication is generally complet­ ed near the end of the specific month. Your patience is greatly appreciated. □ I would like to become a member of the Biola Fellowship. Biola Fellowship Members receive a packet of envelopes (24 to expire in two years for monthly contributions). I am enclosing $.___________for the ministries of Biola.

Naphtali: (cont. from page 24) wrestling with God, rather than a wrestling with her own sister. But one cannot find authority for praying and plotting, or dishonest scheming which displays a lack of faith in God or else a lack of patience with the Lord. Such thinking would be to suggest that Rachel prevailed with God, which, in turn, would be the open suggestion that God submitted His approval to big­ amy and this was something that God never, never did. Rachel did wrestle in prayer, for God heard her prayer and gave her Joseph, but Naphtali was not the result of wrestling in prayer. Rachel was very succesful in her scheming, but success does not always mean that God is in it even though Rachel may have thought so. Some­ times, God steps aside and permits us to have our way and yet He need not be a part of it. “God is always in faith­ fulness” said Dr. Stemming, “But He is not always necessarily in success.” To take a fleeting glance back into the life of this family, we may recall that Sarah felt that God would not be able to redeem His promise to her and

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