Biola Broadcaster - 1962-09

Pillow upon my breast Thy weary head, In my circling arms' Thou shalt find rest. "Today I can meet thine every need, And today M y love can fill The echoing chambers of thy heart— Then rest, thee, and be still." Be still and trust— tomorrow's tfears May all be wiped away By God Himself, O grieving heart, Thy Lord may come today! — Martha Snell Nicholson IN A CERTAIN HOME, guests were ex­ pected. Because of an headache, the mother was compelled to rest for a tirhe and asked her daughter to put the living room in order. The guests arrived and the moth­ er left her room to meet them. When she saw the living room still in dis­ array she put her arm around her daughter and said, “M y dear, I am disappointed that you did not take care of my request.” The daughter said, “But, mother, l have a surprise for you — look how carefully I weeded your pansy bed for you.” The mother then told her young daughter, “Yes, but I asked you to do something that I wanted done.” This Is just a picture of you and me as we come before God — we can­ not please Him until we first learn to obey Him. "God still speaks to those who take time to listen." * "The man who toots his own horn, usually comes out at the small end/ * *

What a joy it has been to have Dr. DeHaan with us this summer. He has given our hearts and our souls such satisfying food. In one of our sessions the Doctor told of a friend of his, a gifted inusi- cian, who, because of cancer of the throat found it necessary to enter a hos­ pital for serious surgery. The talented soloist asked, “Doctor, will I ever be able to sing again?” The physician, sensing the heart’s cry in this question, could not speak. He shook liis head as he turned away to hide tears. The sick man smiled and re­ quested that he be lifted up for a mo­ ment. Then, just before the operation, with a husky, wavering voice he sang: I'll praise my Maker, while I have breath, And when this voice is stilled in death. Then in His presence I shall sing The praises of my God and King. M y days of praise shall never end, When safe in peace with Christ my Friend; I'll sing these songs with perfect voice With all the saints, who there rejoice! Help me to place in Thy hands today The thing that my heart most fears Tomorrow's anguish and bitter pain, Tomorrow's sorrow and tears. Ease Thou my burden, and lighten my load, Until only today is left; Soft comes His voice in the hush of

my soul, " 0 broken heart, and bereft,


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