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Budget Season

Spring has certainly arrived, but that ’ s not the only season of renewal that occurs this time of year. It ’ s also budget season! For many government employees working on the budget is viewed with dread. Adding up current expenses and forecasting future expenses can be tedious. Likewise estimating revenues and trying to project the changes that will happen more than a year into the future is no easy task, and it can be somewhat labor intensive when added on top of our regular responsibilities. I ’ d like to invite us to think about budgeting differently. I consider budget season as an opportunity to take stock of what has been done and to celebrate our accomplishments. It also becomes a chance to retool and realign priorities for making things better next year. This is the time to align our efforts - “ put our money where our mouth is ” – to make a positive impact on our community. When I consider what we did in FY2021, particularly during COVID - 19, I am amazed by how well we continued to serve citizens. I ’ m looking forward to adoption of the advertised FY2022 budget later this month. Among the initiatives the Board has included are a 5% raise for full - time employees, a reduction in family health insurance premiums, and significant raises for hourly part - time employees. We will also be initiating an employee “ well - being ” program that will focus on career development and personal/family welfare. Look for more information on this in the coming months as employees will be included in developing this effort.

Please accept my thanks for the good work each of you has done to move Orange County forward over the past 12 months.

- Ted Voorhees, Orange County Administrator

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