Orange County Insight April 2021

Orange, Virginia. These kits include grabbers, safety vests and information, bags, gloves, logbook, and contact information. The Litter Control Committee is seeking citizens who are interested in volunteering their time on a Litter Response Team. The Litter Response Team would assemble when additional help is needed to pick up litter along County roads. An online registration form is coming soon for citizens who are interested in volunteering! If you are unable to participate in roadside cleanup but wish to report an Orange County road, complete an online Road Cleanup Request form. For more information, contact the Litter Control Committee Coordinator, Jayson Woods, at (540) 672 - 5435 or at

Orange County ’ s Initiatives

Before the COVID - 19 pandemic, the Central Virginia Regional Jail (CVRJ) Workforce (made up of inmates) was responsible for a large portion of the litter control initiative in Orange County. CVRJ provides the County Administrator ’ s Office with a schedule for the year, and they assign tasks, which also includes assisting in other County projects. While the CVRJ Workforce crew is a huge asset in litter control, there are simply too many roads with too much litter for them to keep up. The Orange County Board of Supervisors and the Litter Control Committee continue to work on initiatives to involve and educate businesses and citizens.

To learn more about how you can help, visit the Litter Control website.

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