Orange County Insight April 2021

New Infield Dirt Lays Foundation for Tons of Fun this Season

By Jayson Woods, OCPR Programs & Facilities Supervisor

Mother nature is fickle. Spring comes and folks get ready to enjoy a new round of seasonal sports such as soccer, softball, and baseball. However, as the saying goes, May ’ s flowers are often preceded by

April ’ s showers, and these spring showers all too often put a hold on those very activities the season makes possible. Booster Park has been no exception; as league organizers, participants, and OCPR staff have been frequently frustrated by a late afternoon downpour quickly undoing a day ’ s worth of field preparation.

Before (notice standing water)

After addition of dirt

While we cannot entirely prevent such happenings, the Parks & Recreation took great steps this March to reduce the impact. With the help of the CVRJ workforce, our department took delivery of and spread over 139 tons (yes, tons) of new infield dirt on all four baseball/softball fields. We have already had a couple of heavy rains since this upgrade and have noticed a profound decrease in puddles. COVID - 19 rained on everybody ’ s parade in 2020. As everyone is looking to get back to normal youth athletics, we hope this year will have much fewer rainout days thanks to this improved surface.

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