American Consequences - April 2021


W hy did the pig cross the road? To get to the pile of money on the other side, of course... This month, we dive into this country’s pork- stuffed government spending, plus we tackle cancel culture, death by taxes, COVID one year later, and much more... Publisher Trish Regan sounds the economic alarm, noting that Biden’s call for trillions more dollars of spending on top of the COVID relief

Author Geoffrey Norman , featured in the Wall Street Journal and Esquire , gives a tutorial on how lowered expectations and rising debt have forever changed the college landscape. Executive International Editor Kim Iskyan explains the concept of stranded assets and how we’re now sitting on one of the most historical cases of the phenomenon... a trillion dollars in fossil fuels that could be worth nothing. Echoing Ron Paul’s sentiments, Executive Editor Buck Sexton lays down why it’s time to end the contagious, viral strain known as Dr. Fauci, who continues his misinformation campaign of inconsistent pseudo-science that’s stripping our liberties. Before the Netflix GameStop movie comes out, acclaimed New York Times featured writer Alice Lloyd introduces you to the real people behind the Reddit sub-thread with this in- depth profile of everyone’s favorite Wall Street story from 2021. As we hit the grim reality of the world’s one-year anniversary with COVID, former presidential strategist Sebastian Gorka, PhD takes an objective look at this lost viral year, separating pandemic fact from fiction. And don’t forget our popular new feature, Dunce of the Month , where we crown the latest face-palm-inducing antics in Washington and Wall Street. Find out this month’s winner here . Regards, Laura Greaver Managing Editor, American Consequences

spells financial doom for America. As the wokesters continue their

sanctimonious virtue-signaling parade, editor in chief P.J. O’Rourke wonders if what we need now is even more cancel culture (wink). And as we’re all pandemic-weary at this point, P.J. also notes another cultural epidemic in America – the politicization of everything and how we can cure it. It’s everyone’s favorite time of year: tax season. Professor Beverly Moran from Vanderbilt University makes the case for a return-free filing system where half of all Americans would never fill out a tax return again. Speaking of the IRS, Brandon Arnold , the executive vice president of the National Taxpayers Union, showcases how Biden’s economic policies will provide a toxic two- shot of deep debt and staggering tax rates. Libertarian legend, former congressman, and frequent American Consequences contributor Dr. Ron Paul pulls back the curtain on the draconian measures of vaccine passports and COVID lockdowns – and how Americans can reclaim their freedom.


April 2021

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