American Consequences - April 2021

By Buck Sexton



Over the past year of COVID, there’s been a recurring news narrative of “experts surprised their predictions were off the mark.” It’s happened on almost every major policy issue – from masks to lockdowns to surface cleaning – and the margins of error are often vast. The CDC or some government body told us with certainty that something was true concerning COVID, and we had to obey. But then the data comes out, and the people yelling about “the science” were totally wrong... Yet somehow we’re supposed to ignore the abysmal track record of these experts and listen to whatever their next proclamation of “the science!” may be, even as the end of the pandemic appears to be in sight. This comes from the “Fauciite Consensus” – the absolutist voices that pretend there’s such a thing as “the science” that determines public policy decisions. Until we understand what the consensus is, and what it plans long term, it’s never going away. Any meaningful public debate about the consensus positions has been forbidden... After all, how can you reasonably argue with a group that claims to represent “the science”? We’ve been led to believe an infallible genius has been making these COVID policy declarations. In reality, it’s been Dr. Anthony Fauci and a chorus of middling fellow

bureaucrats insisting that two-year-olds wear masks and “social distancing” circles be drawn on baseball fields in public parks. No matter how many times they’re wrong or their directives fail, you’re obligated to obey the Fauciites – because they say so, and the State backs them up with force. It’s like they’re America’s anxious helicopter parents who won’t ever let us go to the playground with the other kids because of the risk of a staph infection from a scraped knee. That anyone can theoretically get a staph infection almost anywhere never occurs to the Fauciite Consensus... Or they simply don’t care. They pretend to offer absolute safety in response to endless obedience. And no matter how many times they’ve failed in this proposition over the course of the pandemic, they demand that this time they’ve got it right. The latest version of their blatant wrongness comes courtesy of two large states, Texas and Michigan, who’ve taken very different approaches to the pandemic over the last few months. Texas has gotten rid of its mask mandate and completely opened up its businesses. Its cases have plummeted over the past month – the exact opposite of what experts like Fauci said would happen. The not-so-good doctor claimed it was a big mistake and would lead to a surge.

American Consequences


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