American Consequences - April 2021


are always the same. “Us” turns into Dr. Frankenstein. “Them” suffers the fate of lab rats. The lab explodes. People die. A group is not a person. A person is not a group. Think how complicated a marriage proposal would be, how many legs pants would have, and how wide we’d need to make toilet seats if every person was a group. Politics, by making people into groups, makes people act strangely and badly. And the people who act the strangest and worst are politicians. The rest of us are imperfect. We give in to temptation. We commit the seven deadly sins. But politicians depend on those sins for their livelihood. They thrive on their sin. They’d be unemployed and homeless without the seven deadly sins. Lust for power drives politicians. Gluttony for a feeding at the public trough prompts their supporters. Greed for campaign funding is a necessity. Sloth in neglecting the public weal is required if the “us” are to get the better of the “them.” Wrath at opponents serves the same end. Envy of “them” must be whipped up in “us.” Pride “goeth before destruction,

and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Note that every politician is quick to say how proud he or she is to have been elected. And right they are to admit to the sin of pride because what is politics if not the destruction of some people by others and a fall from the grace of human mutual sympathy into the abyss of a war of all against all? But it’s not just what politics destroys that is to be feared... There’s also what it constructs. Politics builds a huge structure, an enormous governmental machine of jurisdiction and command, authority and restraint, domination and mastery around each individual. You may think you want a larger government. You may think you want country, an economy, and even a personal life where politics plays a greater role. But remember the

size and strength of this machine. What if an idiot gets control of it?

Some say an idiot did get control of it for a while. And some say another idiot is in control now. UR PAST ISSUES New to American Consequences? Check out our magazine archive... The mainstream media isn't telling you everything, and we've got the full story. CLICK HERE.

American Consequences


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