Epsom College - Commercial & Events Manager


At Epsom we want our pupils to live happy and fulfilled lives. We want our pupils to find a passion for things that matter to them, an interest in, and respect for, others and their worlds, the chance of challenge and achievement, and an attachment to the life of the mind. The school is alive to the fact that activity beyond the classroom enhances our pupils and their relations with staff, that passion and commitment can transform pupils and prepare them for the richest possible lives as adults. The total curriculum of the College offers not just the life of the classroom, but also a world of sport and music, drama and societies, expeditions and camps, and trips and laughter. Set on a beautiful 84 acre estate, only fifteen miles from Central London, the still red bricks of St Luke’s Chapel, and the other original Victorian buildings, stand as a monument to the breadth of an Epsom education for 900 boys and girls aged 11 to 18. In 1855, Dr John Propert established the College to assist the sons of doctors to an education that developed the whole character of a boy. Today, the College continues to cele- brate the creative, physical and spiritual, as well as the intellectual. The values of our Found- er prevail as pupils are prepared for life beyond the College with an assured set of values, with the belief that they can make a difference in society, and some things that are going to matter to them for the rest of their lives. Our vision is to extend our ethos and philology beyond our educational offering. Our strategic intents is to increase the Colleges profile and branding both nationally and internationally in the expanding and diverse educational market. Jay Piggot

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