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Who knew that National Hobby Month is a thing that actually exists? And who knew that it happens to occur during the month of January? I think it’s great to have an entire month dedicated to the celebration of the hobbies that make us happy. But even more so, I think it’s crucial to recognize just how important having a hobby or two can be when other responsibilities in our lives feel like they’re taking over. My first passionate hobby is cooking. Working in physical therapy allows me to get creative on a specific scale because sometimes we have to think outside the box with a patient’s treatment plan. But when it comes to cooking, my creativity gets to explode with near-limitless possibilities, and that’s what always draws me back to it. That, and the fact that my husband and I are huge foodies. Most of you are probably well aware of this based on the content of this newsletter alone. (This month’s Page 4 article is more proof.) Cooking is a natural hobby that goes hand in hand with our food passion, and I love cooking food as much as I love eating it. At this time of year, my favorite thing to make is soup. There’s something satisfying about coming home after a long day to a piping hot bowl of vibrant flavors that come together in the perfect bite to warm you from the inside out. The magic in knowing you created that sense of bliss is satisfying beyond belief. My second hobby is traveling. In some ways, I find this hobby even more meaningful than cooking because of the important insight it instills in me. Traveling the world gives me perspective on different cultures and different people, and this is immensely helpful when working with my patients. It teaches me to recognize that we’re not all cut from the same cloth, and I can gain a deeper understanding of the variance that exists in the world. This allows me to be more understanding, empathetic, and patient with the work I do every day. A FULL STOMACH AND AN OPEN MIND WHY MY HOBBIES ARE IMPORTANT TO ME

don’t watch the news, answer emails, or make phone calls. My husband and I always take at least one big trip every year so we can implement these practices and come back to reality with renewed vigor. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I find this especially true after traveling because I’m always excited to bring the knowledge and experience I’ve gained back to the work I love. Whether it’s hiking and snorkeling around the Galapagos Islands or eating heaps of ceviche in Machu Picchu (pro tip: guinea pig does not taste like chicken!), we always make wild memories and learn valuable perspective about our own lives in the process. This month, my husband and I will be heading to Paris. I love it there because it’s a place where my hobbies of food and travel can really come together in the grandest fashion. Even though it’s the offseason due to the less-than-favorable weather at this time of year, I know we’ll still be completely captivated by the inspirational history and culture of the city, and we’ll indulge in its nearly endless extravagant food options until we’re bursting at the seams. I can think of no two better hobbies to have, and I’m so thankful for the brightness they bring to my life.

–Beth Scalone

Stepping away from work also allows me to reboot myself. Unless I’m on a trip for business or education, I make a point to unplug from the world. I

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