Moore & Giles Fall 2023 Furniture Catalog

ARTFUL ACCENTS Turn a living space into a lively one with our tastefully designed home goods and décor.

Soft, velvety, and durable. Nubuck leather will bring sophisticated texture to your one-of-a-kind piece. Oakley Pillowtop Bench Nubuck Pebble Taupe $2,150

Column Bookends Baldwin Oak $295 Leather Coasters (Set of 6) Seven Hills Umber $115 Brass Coaster Holder $180 Leather Wrapped Photo Frame Mont Blanc Rainforest $170 Merino Wool Blankets Umber & Ash $375 Gusseted Pillows River, Fern, Wheat $360 Walnut Magazine Holder $950 Log Carrier with Metal Frame Baldwin Oak $1,200


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