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APRIL 2019

as individuals. They view seemingly smaller wins — such as the ability to dress themselves, go for a walk without hurting, get in and out of the car, or get a full night’s sleep — as blessings. In my experience here, I’ve found that even the most debilitating injuries can bring insight. Because so many of our patients are healthy or young, they may not fully appreciate their physical abilities before a fall or car accident. But once a person goes through that, they are completely different. They will never forget what it's like to not be able to get through normal daily tasks without struggling. Many gain a new appreciation for all their body does to get them through life. This is the value of physical medicine. It’s not just about covering up injuries with ibuprofen and sending patients on their way. It’s about getting back normal function so these injuries don’t become long term or chronic problems. That requires a lot of work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met people who suffered an injury playing high school sports, didn’t seek help for it, and are still talking about their pain 20 years later. This is the value of treating injuries when they are new, no matter the circumstances. While the rehabilitation process is stressful and both physically and mentally exhausting, it serves as the perfect embodiment of “April showers bring May flowers.” Sometimes you have to go through a little rain to experience the benefits of your hard work. If you’re feeling frustrated or losing hope in the midst of your own personal battle, I hope you remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep your head up, keep working, and wait for the flowers.

The Value of Rainy Days And Their Importance in Physical Medicine

“April showers bring May flowers.” While this old saying originated from the natural process of rainfall helping plants grow, the more symbolic interpretation refers to the benefits that arise from life’s difficulties. Everyone has their own kind of rainy days, but beauty can grow out of a struggle. Here at Louisville Sports & Injury Center, most of our patients have never been through physical therapy rehabilitation or chiropractic care before. In many cases, this is their first introduction to physical medicine. They’ve never explored concepts like ergonomics or how the

postures of exercises can benefit their joints, and how can we blame them? There really isn’t a dire need for people to consider joint health, mobility, or range of motion until they are no longer able to move without experiencing pain. Once an injury occurs, patients often experience temporary limited mobility. Sometimes they can’t even put on and tie their own shoes or pick up their child due to the pain, which can be extremely frustrating. However, many patients claim that the struggles they faced on the road to recovery helped them grow

–Dr. Trace Kelly

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