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Is Your Financial Security and Peace of Mind Worth a Few Bucks a Month? PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST THE UNTHINKABLE BEFORE IT HAPPENS

Brace yourselves. I’m about to do some preaching.

the policy limits on your car and every other car in your household that has UIM until you use up all the coverage or reach an amount to fully compensate you. That means three cars with $100,000 in UIM limits can create $300,000 in coverage. How much better does that feel when you hear the screech of tires behind you or see your spouse and children off to the interstate? Still not convinced? Let me be blunt. If it didn’t happen to folks like you, who I care about, I wouldn’t be writing this. And if you don’t carry as much UIM as you can possibly afford, you are CHOOSING to NOT protect yourself and your family. 1. Don’t assume you have UIM with “full coverage.” It DOES NOT MEAN you have UIM. Review your policy for this vital protection. 2. Call your agent and get a quote for more liability insurance because you can only get UIM limits as high as your liability limits. If you don’t have UIM, get it. If you do, discuss getting more. This is so important that I’m willing to help you out. If you want a free car insurance review, get a copy of your “dec page” from your agent and email it to me at rob@bhollandlawfirm.com or fax it to 864-585-9499. Just be sure to include your name and “car insurance review” on the message. We all know there are some truly irresponsible drivers out there. You can’t control them, but you can control how much financial damage they can do — and maybe prevent it completely if you’ve got enough coverage. You might be shocked by how little this extra insurance costs, and it will be worth its weight in gold if you ever have to use it. I’ll be happy to help you, as always, since I’m here for you. Take action because it’s easy. The time is now. After the crash, it’s too late. Do this:

Here’s the question you’ve got to answer:

Is my financial security and peace of mind worth a few extra bucks a month to protect us from the unthinkable?

Don’t move on. Answer it first.

And no, I’m not selling legal services here. I’m trying to help you avoid being the center of a story that plays out all too often in my office. It starts with the unthinkable: a bad car crash with serious injuries. Then come the eye-popping medical bills coupled with the missed work or, in the most tragic cases, funeral expenses and wondering how you can make up the difference when half or even all of your income is wiped out in an instant. Then I tell you the bad news. There’s not enough car insurance to cover it. By the way, did you know the minimum required level of liability insurance is only $25,000? That won’t get you home from the hospital. But that’s not the worst news. The worst news is that you could’ve done something to protect yourself and your family a long time ago, before it was too late. Let that sink in. You can choose to control your situation before it ever happens. Here’s how. For just a few extra dollars a month, you can buy protection against this horrible outcome by adding a single type of coverage to your own auto policy. It’s called underinsured motorist coverage, or UIM.

Here’s how it works in the face of the unthinkable:

• Once you settle your claim for the at-fault driver’s liability limits, you make a UIM claim with your insurance company. Then your own insurance company fights you, which is weird, but hey, that’s what I’m for.

–Rob Usry

If you qualify, UIM creates a problem worth having. Sometimes UIM can be “stacked,” meaning you can collect

Stay safe out there.


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