Columns™ Monthly – July 2023

Lahaina Locals Worry Wealthy Outsiders The New Owners, Homes 2-3X – SUNz™ Ford Does 180 On EVs, Rescinds 2M Run Rate Goal, “Deferrs” $50B EV Investment, Selling Factories To BYD EVs 7:23 California, Not Texas, Has American Driverless Car Lead San Franciscian Sex In Robotaxis Hunter Biden’s Likely Criminal Trial . . . Hunter Biden – More Death Toll 96, With 1,500 Missing

Who May Have Died In Maui Wildfire, U.S. Most Deadly In 100 Years (2) Florida: 5 Years Jail $5,000 Fine If Illegal Immigrant In Your Car

Conservative A&M Declined To Hire Kathleen McElroy, Paid Her $1M, She’s Back At UT

Columns™ Monthly “It costs as much time and money to restore a worthless car, as a highly valuable one.” - Jay Leno. “Classic 911 /911RSR, XKE, De Tomaso Pantera, or Austin-Healy 100S.” - G. Wheeler Best viewed in landscape mode on phones. Select a purple column header to leave comments, we read then move them. Our mission is to deliver interesting, unbiased or multiple points of view, “long term important” and machine intelligence news & views. The Columns™ AI Newspaper, USAjobs Inc.- a not-for-profit organization.

Source: Visual Capitalist Made In America & NAmericaMade™ Matter To Buyers – SpeedO™

Source: Alef Alef Flying Car Racks Up 2,500 Pre-Orders Worth $750M

Source: Twitter Elon Musk Rebrands Twitter As X – SnApp™

Source: Spencer Lowell Harvard: The First Effects Of Quantum Computers – QAI™

Source: Visual Capitalist World’s Largest ETF (And Mutual Fund) Custodians – AOF™





This Is Lahaina, Maui – No Fire Hydrant Water, No Warning Klaxons (2)

a16z: Understanding AI By Easy Steps – The AI Canon

You Won’t Believe It – 0 To 60 In 1.3 Seconds, World’s Quickest Car – 3 Gs

Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s)

Ozempic Shows Weight Loss Is More Biology Less Willpower

Ft. Worth, U.S. Fastest Growing City^

Amazon Shuts Down In-House Brands To Cut Costs – A Major 180

Education In The Era Of Generative Artificial Intelligence – EDUCATION – AI

Wegovy (Semaglutide) The Weight Loss Med That Really Works, Novo Nordisk Stock Soars

Microsoft: Bing Chat Outperforms GPT-4 But It’s Pricey

NOAA: Heavy Hurricane Season Expected

Source: The Woodlands The Woodlands, Texas – A George P. Mitchel Project – BJY G. Wheeler Intern 1971 (2)

Don’t Get Your Covid Booster Yet

Private And Lightweight Retrieval-Centric Generative AI Tool – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Brains With Alzheimer’s Disease Have Subnormal Levels Of Important Dietary Antioxidants – 3P™

The Woodlands 220 Miles Of Bike & Walk Paths

Clearly, Obesity Plays Key Role In Children’s Sleep Apnea

Generative AI In Computing Education – EDUCATION – AI

Individual Brain Changes Linked To Different Mental Illnesses

Prompt Engineering Guidelines For LLms In Requirements Engineering – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

NIH: Hearing Aids Slow Cognitive Decline In Those At Risk

Source: Seroundtable Microsoft: Bing Chat Outperforms GPT-4 But It’s Pricey

Source: Adda247 China’s Economy In Trouble, A Year-Long Trend

How AI Elvis Sings “Baby Got Back”

🎶 AI Elvis Sings “Baby Got Back” 🎶

SPF609 – Pre-Seed $1.5M Pitch Deck

Source: Whataburger Whataburger Falls Of The Customer Satisfaction & Quality Cliff (2)

10 ChatGPT Plugins For PDFs

1,000 Acre UCSD Scripps Coastal Reserve Closed 3 Years By Coastal Commission Waiting UCSD Permit Application^ The California Coastal Act [Every Coast Parcel – SUNz™] (2)

Hyperbaric Oxygen And Insurance /Medicare Coverage Post Stroke & Carcinoma Face Surgery^

Source: Visual Capitalist All But One Of World’s Largest Businesses Racing Flat Out For AGI Machine Super- Intelligence – DAI™ 3AI™

Source: The Domain Austin’s Top Mall Major Renovation & Adaptation (w audio) (2)

NIH: Hyperbaric Oxygen For Plastic Surgery Healing Acceleration

Small KS Town Newspaper Owner Dies After Political Sheriff & FBI Raids (2)

How AI Elvis Sings “Baby Got Back”

Hyperbaric Oxygen For Anti-Aging, Wounds, Concussion, Cognition, Endurance, Learning Issues, Mood, Depression (no link)

Hard Drives Hit 28 Terabytes

🎶 AI Elvis Sings “Baby Got Back” 🎶

Microsoft Azure Cloud Appears Vulnerable (op)

Far-Right Outsider Leads Argentina’s Presidential Elections

AI Is Building Effective Antibodies – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Our T-Cells Burn Out Just Hours After Attacking Cancer Tumors

California Approves San Francisco Robotaxi Expansion

Productivity Effects Of Generative Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

NIH: Absence Of Covid-19 Symptoms Is Genetic

X (Twitter) CEO Confirms Video Calls Are Coming To The Platform

Implications Of ChatGPT For Management Educators – EDUCATION & BUSINESS – Management – AI

Impact Of Generative AI On Cybersecurity And Privacy – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: MotherJones Russian Ruble Sinks To Lowest Since War Start

Generative Adversarial Network Models To Create Furniture Layouts – ARCHITECTURE – AI

Polish Government Plans Referendum Over Illegal Immigrants

Source: Lexi Cochoit Alzheimer’s Changes Brain Immune Cells – 3P™

Big Tech Gears Up For AI Transformation, Huge Investments, Race For AGI – DAI™ BJYLabs™

Columns™ Monthly – June 2023 Flipbook

Therapeutic Target For Alzheimer’s Disease Discovered – 3P™

Columns™ Monthly – May 2023 Flipbook


Columns™ Monthly – April 2023 Flipbook

Diabetes Linked To Functional And Structural Brain Changes Through MRI – 3P™

3 Things To Know About Mayo & Google’s Healthcare AI, More Cures, And Better Dx – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI

Columns™ 1 in 20 Putin will use nukes (re Xi)

More On The Killer Maui Wildfires

GAI Text String Attacks Defeat Guardrails, May Be Unstoppable – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

FTC: Scammers Fake LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, eBay, Any Website – With Fake Jobs, Usually For Bank Account Access

Source: Visual Capitalist Consider An Immigrant As A Cofounder – BJYLabs™

ChatGPT Excels At Medical Differential Analysis – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI

New Covid-19 EG.5 Variant & Hospitalizations Rising

OpenAI Releases GPTBot Web Crawler


3 Things To Know About Mayo & Google’s Healthcare AI, More Cures, And Better Dx

Task Planning & Tool Usage In Large Language Model – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

5 Failed Social Media Sites, And 6 Surprises^

1,000 Extra Daily Steps, Or Cycling, Swimming ., Significantly Extend Life

Data Forensics In Diffusion Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

2Q23 Worst Earnings In Years – Details (w audio)

Mass Spectrometry Uncovers Blood-Brain Barrier Mystery

Product Carbon Footprint Accounting With Large Language Models – ACCOUNTING – AI

How Auroa Got Autonomous Trucks On Texas Roads

Source: La Jolla Light La Jolla Drones (no link)

Abnormalities In Neurodevelopment Could Lay The Foundations For Alzheimer’s Disease -3P™

Private And Lightweight Retrieval-Centric Generative AI Tool – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

The Race For Moon’s Water

$1 Trillion Of Commercial Real Estate Loans Coming Due – CRE Is Frozen (w audio)

Researchers Reverse Hearing Loss In Mice

AI’s Betting Odds On When AGI Passes Humans


A Newcomer’s Summary Of AI

ChatGPT Adds Huge Set Of Features & Updates

ChatGPT On Reasoning, Hallucination, And Interactivity – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

UT Austin’s Game-Changer Weight Loss Pill

Texas Blue Cross Blue Shield Faces Strong MD And Hospital Backlash On ER Visits & More

Voice Assistant Integrated With ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Meduza Ukraine Forces Probe Russian Defenses – So Far Unsuccessfully

Source: Midjourney OpenAI Releases GPTBot Web Crawler

Exploration Of AI-Assisted Writing Tools – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

IRS Will Scan & Auto-Index Every Incoming Taxpayer Document By 2025

WhatsApp Introduces Screen Sharing For Video Calls – SnApp™

ChatGPT And Accounting – BUSINESS – Accounting – AI

New Zealand Accuses China, Russia And Iran Of Foreign Interference

One Small Step For Generative AI, One Giant Leap For AGI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

DOE Awards $1.2B For Carbon Capture

Source: NWS Sonoma & Napa Counties Skyrocket, Hit 100

Rise of Generative AI And Possible Effects On The Economy – ECONOMICS – AI

Gallup Evidence: Far And Away America’s Most Serious Risk Is Lack Of Unity (Our Constitution Has Our Answer – Ed.)

Again – Pullups (w audio)

Generative Art And Computational Imagination – ART & ENGINEERING – AI

Source: KATIE THOMPSON Flying Taxis Near, And Here Soon

Perfecting Copyrights For Generative AI – LAW – AI

. . . More 8:18

Yes, AI Is Far More Than Transformative (w audio)

AAPL & iPhones Continue Down, Glasses Development & Car Fail Timelines & Milestones

During Writer Strike, Hollywood Hiring AI Fast – $900k BJYPrompt Engineering, USAjobs.Org

Source: WSJ Get Ready For The Era Of Cheap Stuff To End – Young Folks Don’t Want To Do It (w audio)

Kickstarters New AI Disclosure Policy

MIT: Art & The Science Of Generative AI – ENGINEERING & ART – AI

Source: iScience Risk Factors For The Progression Of Mild Cognitive Impairment To Alzheimer’s – 3P™

How To Regulate Large Language Models In Healthcare – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

Alzheimer’s Catalysts As Weavers Of Amyloid Β Fibrils – 3P™

The Future Of Knowledge Management – BUSINESS – Management – AI

Source: USCLusk How To Finance Your ADU Or Tiny Home – SUNz™

Obese vs Overweight People’s Brain Appetite Control Centres Are Different

The Power Of Generative AI For Social Psychology Research – PSYCHOLOGY – AI

Design The Perfect ADU – SUNz™

China Swings Into Deflation As Recovery & Economy Falter

Every Startup Now Is AI – Don’t Do It

Phones Are eBike Keys & Controls – SpeedO™

Zuck’s Threads Competes With Search

Source: City of Hope “Holy Grail” Molecule Destroys All Types Of Solid Cancer Tumors

Source: Lawson /Ars Technica ChatGPT, BingAI, Llama, PaLM2 Large Language Models – How They Work With No Jargon – A Long Read But Plain English Surprise – Generative AI GPT3 & GPT4 Reason By Analogy, Comparable To A College Student (2)

Source: Chipotle Food Service Automation & Labor Shortage Long- Term Opportunity BJYLabs™

Simple Best: Pullups, Pushups, Situps (w audio)

Biden Bans China’s Investments In U.S. Tech (2)

Source: Amazon Amazon Launching Kuiper Broadband Internet Satellites

NPTX2 Protein May Predict Mild Cognitive Impairment Years Before Symptoms 3P™

Wells Fargo Losing In-Bank Cash Deposits – Here We Go Again, Again, Again – After Paying $3.7 Billion Of Fines 8 Months Ago 10:14

Nature: GPT (LLM) Reasoning By Analogy Is Non- Trivial

Zuck’s Threads Struggling To Keep Users – Insufficient Advantages Re SnApp™

Long-term Artificial Sweetener Increases Body Fat Adipose Tissue

How Trump May Win The Presidency & His Legal Battles

LLM’s (Generative AI) Highest Use & & Best Market Is Education

Reuters Daily Audio Podcast For Apple Users

High-Quality Sleep Promotes Resilience To Depression And Anxiety – 3P™

New York Times Front Page

GEN. Hodges (ret.): Putin Will Trade Staying In Power For Crimea (And Biden Wants A Draw, Made A Deal With Putin For “A Little Bit” – Ed.) 39:33

Observations On LLMs For Telecoms – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

These 8 Easy Habits Can Add 24 Years To Life – Some Of Us Do All Of Them

Wall Street Journal Front Page

Impacts of ChatGPT On Future Scientific Work – SCIENCE – AI

Warren’s Berkshire 2Q23: $36B Earnings, $147B Cash (w audio)

How To Pay 0% Capital Gains Tax On Real Estate Including Your Home 10:56^


Tech Pays Kenyan Labor Mkt $1.46 – $3.74, 700 Reviews A Day^

BJYPrompt Engineering™ Parallel Test Results Of Google’s BARD vs. ChatGPT4 – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Gallup Evidence: Far And Away America’s Most Serious Risk Is Lack Of Unity (Our Constitution Has Our Answer – Ed.)

Imperfect To Superb AI – BJYPrompt Engineering™

Source: UConn Health Key Parkinson’s Mechanism Discovered – 3P™

S. America’s Amazon Nations Fail To Agree On Deforestation Target

BJYPrompt Engineering™ For ChatGPT

Source: Fisker Fisker Shows Off Ambitious EV Lineup, Starting At $29,900

NIH Study: Healthy Diets (Green Leafy, Mediterranean) Delays Alzheimer’s & Cognition Decline – 3P™

Why Meta’s AI Is Open Source

U.S. & Saudi Officials Agree On Broad Outline For Israel Deal

Axios: What & Why Are The AI Mysteries Now Belongs To Elon Musk

Factuality Detection In Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Cybersecurity Threat Of Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Regulating ChatGPT And Other Large Generative AI Models – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI

So You Think They’re Not $900,000 LA-La Jolla AI Jobs – Think Again – Hollywood Deathly Fears Generative AI

Source: kdhnews April 8 – Central Texas Total Solar Eclipse

Source: The Oaks Tiny Home & ADU Developments – SUNz™

VanMoof eBikes Goes Under

Implementing Generative AI Tools In Project Management – BUSINESS – Management – AI

Like Houston, Austin Shifts To High Density Homes – SUNz™

Source: Rice U. New Parkinson’s Deep Brain Stimulation Halts Progression – 3P™

Notice: Austin Lyft (And VW) Now Running Robo- Taxis

Improvisation Of An Autoregressive Generative Model – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

. . . More On Austin ADUs & City Of Austin Costs Overview (2) – SUNz™

Why Some Get Cancer, Others Don’t (2)

Snapchat Continues Revenue & Earnings Setbacks – SnApp™

. . . 20% And Growing Of California Homes Are ADUs, And CA Pays You To Build Them – SUNz™ (2)

Law Firms Must Responsibly Embrace Generative AI – Law – AI

USDA ARS Dedicates New Renovated Lab With A&M

Alzheimer’s Treatment – Terahertz Electromagnetic Waves Disrupt Amloid Formation By 80%

Responsible Conduct Of Scholarly Activities In AI Information Systems – EDUCATION – AI

Simple Fragrance Method Produces Major Memory Boost

Waymo Puts Brakes On Self-Driving Trucks – 3AI™

Fructose Intake Driver Of Obesity, Just Like In Hibernating Animals

Text-To-Image AI In 3D Design Workflows – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Iraq Govt Recalling Indian-Made Cold Syrup Over Toxic Contents

Source: Waymo Waymo Is Bringing Its Robotaxi Service To Austin; Lyft & VW Already Here

Generative AI For Education: Theory, Practices And Ethics – EDUCATION – AI

Medicare Solicits Businesses To Provide Dementia Home Care – 8 Year Trial – BJYHealthcare™ 3P™

GPT-4 Accelerates Knowledge Mining And Machine Learning For Synthetic Biology – BIOLOGY & EDUCATION – AI

China’s Alibaba Rolls Out Open-Sourced AI Model To Take On Meta’s Llama 2

WA U.S. – Canadian Border Always A Wildfire Zone, But Down 80% So Far

LLM-Empowered Production Tool For Building AI Chains – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Mom Dies From Herbal Supplement

Best Side Of Austin’s Balcones Fault Is West For Your Water Well

Channel 1 News Doing An AI CNN – 3AI™

Malnutrition During Pregnancy Increases Diabetes Incidence

Risks For Financial Firms Using Generative AI Tools – BUSINESS – Finance – AI -AOF ™

Troopers Augmenting Austin Police Is A Good Thing (op)

Source: Archer Archer Aviation Receives $142 Million USAF Order For Vertical Take Off & Landing Aircraft – Air Taxis Coming

Transgender And Nonbinary People Could Be At Higher Risk Of Late-Life Alzheimer’s Disease

Text-To-Video Generation For Music Visualization – MUSIC & ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Heat Moves Normal Daily Activities To Midnight & 6:00AM (w audio)

Higher Daily Consumption Of Soft Drinks Tied To Obesity Risk In Teens

Generative And ChatGpt-Like AI Meets Urban Planning – ARCHITECTURE – AI – BJYFederal BJYCommunities

China’s Nio, Li Auto, XPeng Deliver Hugh EV Volumes

Warren & Berkshire At All Time High – AOF™

Covid-19 Uptick – It Still Kills

66% Of U.S. Homes At All Time High Including Austin, La Jolla, Estes Park – SUNz™

Apple Watch 9 Has Upgrade: Cycling

Sam Altman’s Revolution At OpenAI

. . . Paxlovid Antiviral Rx Prevents Progression

“Dems Did It” – U.S. Lost It’s Top Credit Rating (2)

Meta Announces “Open Source” Llama 2 Prompt- To-Text

Here’s Exactly Why Size Matters

Conceptual Knowledge In AI Problem-Solving For Chemistry – CHEMISTRY & EDUCATION – AI

. . . AAPL Falls Most Since September 2022

Hollywood Writer Strike May Go Long Term – DAI™

Generative AI In Software Security & Formal Verification – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Variety China To Cut Internet Access To Minors, Children (Wise – Ed.)

Russian Colonel: Russia’s No Chance To Win War

Generative AI For Environmental Health Research Translation – HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

Bank Of America: No Recession

Source: ARS ARS USDA Bringing You Mold-Free Strawberries – BJYFederal™

General Design Principles For Generative AI Applications – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Funds Missing From Wells Fargo Accounts – Again!

Hospitalizations Up, Covid-19 Up

Combining Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) And The Internet – ENGINEERING – CS – AI – 3AI™ DAI™

CNN: Ukraine’s Enormous Loses, Not Making Progress, Error Letting Russia Build Defenses

Absolutely, All Of Medicine Is Changed By Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Generative AI Tools To Motivate Science On Social Media – ENGINEERING – CS – AI – SnApp™

9 Things Austin Outsiders Usually Don’t Know

How The Secret Service Would Protect Trump In Prison

Source: Meta Meta Introduces Two New VR Prototypes – It’s Non-Trivial – AOF™

Generative AI Systems And Visual Storytelling For Young Learners – EDUCATION – AI

Goldman Sachs In Trouble In Fact – AOF™

Generative AI In Architecture And Design – ENGINEERING – CS – AI – BJYDesign™ SUNz™

4 Russell 2000 Low P/E, High Dividend Stocks For VI Evaluation – GOGL, HT, ASB, FL,

China Hacked Japanese Military Networks

SpeedO™, GigaFlex™ And Empty Local Malls (w audio)

Tesla CFO Zach Kirkhorn Steps Down

AI Is China’s Apollo Project – Few Understand The Outcome For U.S. – 3AI™ DAI™

Melinda Stays With B&MG Foundation (w audio)

ChatGPT4 Accuracy Falls To Almost Useless

Inflation Declines, McDonalds May Lower Prices

Google And OpenAI To Watermark Against Deep Fakes And Misinformation

Education In The Era Of Generative Artificial Intelligence – EDUCATION – AI

Source: Theodore Parisienne/New York Daily News Offended Muslim Stabs To Death Shirtless Man Pumping Gas

Source: Reuters China And Philippines’ Dispute Over Grounded Warship Heats Up

New Theory Better Explains How The Brain Stores Memories – NEUROSCIENCE – AI

Source: Cruise Self-Driving Taxis Coming To Nashville

Early Code Vulnerability Detection Using AI- Powered ACVED Plugin – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Trump’s Jan 6 Riot Criminal Judge Worked At Law Firm With Hunter Biden

Threads Looses More Than Half App’s Active Users – SnApp™

Analysis Of The AI-Powered Developer Lifecycle – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Banks Begin Social Media Research To Open Accounts

Improvements In Generative Music AI Composition – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Russian Colonel: Have Of War Equipment Broken

2 U.S. Navy Sailors Arrested For Allegedly Spying For China

Source: NIH Loss Of Smell In 60+ Linked To Alzheimer's (2)

Yes, Generative AI Will Replace Wikipedia (op) (full read)

China Pushes Civilians To Become Spies

AI: Harari Says It Correctly, Far Better Than I – Ed. 5:29 – 3AI™

Linking Alzheimer’s Disease To Heart Failure

Alzheimer’s Genetic Risks Tracked Across Sex, Race

ChatGPT Now Does Graphs, Maps, Graphics

Regulatory Compliance For Generative AI For – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

The Argument B-12 Reduces Parkinson’s Tremors

Just 4 Minutes Of Daily Exercise Bursts Lowers Cancer Risks

Language-Driven Generative Architecture Design – ARCHITECTURE – AI

Phyllodulcin Could Be A Potential Candidate For Treating Alzheimer’s Disease – 3P™

First Formalized Execution Model For Auto- Regressive Language Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: John Lyman Russia Is Using Food As A Weapon To Devastating Effect – The War Is Long-Term

Playful Rats Reveal Brain Region That Drives Ticklishness

Connected Intelligence To Collective Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Visual Capitalist Best Apps Time-To-100 Million Users – SnApp™

Algorithm To Help Predict Alzheimer’s Risk In Various Ethnic Populations – 3P™

Chevy Bolt EV To Go On – New Ultium Battery & Ultif Tech – Sub $30,000

X (Twitter) Slashes Video Ad Prices To Lure Back Advertisers

Source: WSJ Mexico’s Female Presidential Candidate Shakes ‘Um Up (w Audio)

Some Tesla Owners Ditch Their Cars

Source: Biz.crast Claud2 Summarizes Your 75,000 Words & Extracts (2)

3 Ways To Ace Interviews – After 30,000 Of Them

JADBio AI Discovers Drugs, Predicts And Analyzes Medical, Health & Biological Outcomes – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI

Source: Pixabay Whole Plant Food Effective In Lowering All- Cause Death, Cholesterol, Glucose And Weight

$25 Trillion U.S. Treasury Market – What If Purchases Stop?

Dem Or Pub, U.S. vs Trump Pivotal To The Republic

Applications Of ChatGPT In Medical Practice – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

New Treatments Issued For Early Alzheimer’s Disease

Source: Waymo Waymo Puts Brakes On Self-Driving Trucks

Dem Or Pub, U.S. vs Hunter Biden Pivotal To The Republic – The Outcome Of No Law (w audio)

Harnessing The Power Of Intelligent LLM Agents – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Meta, Microsoft, And Amazon Have Launched Their Open-Source Mapping Project

Olive Oil’s Potential In Combating Alzheimer’s Disease

Federal Judge Rules: Austin ST Rentals OK With No Resident Owner^

Generative AI In Software Product Management – BUSINESS – Management – AI

Florida Ocean Temp Hits 101 Degrees

More About The Santa Barbara News-Press Shutdown – Columns™

OpenAI Codex For HPC Parallel Programming Models Kernel Generation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Quantum Computing In Everyday Terms – QAI™

When Quantum Computing Goes Mainstream (2) And What & Who is Funding Today (3)- QAI™

Source: Pixabay How Texas Won Chipmaking 17:25

When AI & Quantum Computing Merge – DAI™ QAI™

Source: USAF U.S. Pilots See Unusual Formations & Swarms Over AZ & MD

Government Moves To Control Your Digital Identity – SnApp™

Elon Launches xAI (2) (ft$1)

Source: Institut Pasteur / Ferdinand Jagot Brain Detects And Regulates Inflammation (2)

MSFT Down 4.14% Likely Due Forcast Cloud Decline (no link)

Taiwan Detains Military Officer Over Espionage For China

MIT – “Liquid Neural” AI – Few Neurons, Human- Readable Logic – Swift™ AVs10:38

NIH: Artificial Sweetener Erythritol Increases Heart Attack & Stroke Risk

Snap (Snapchat) Down 14% – SnApp™ A Better Choice (2)

Are Our Brains Quantum Computers? – NEUROSCIENCE & PHYSICS

16 Bacteria Types & Tooth Decay

Threads Begins Rolling Out Chronological ‘Following’ Tab – SnApp™

Notion – A ChatBot For Your Documents

Mechanism Behind Cognitive Decline In Aging (2)

Wharton Prof: New $20 ChatGPT Tool Codes, Graphs In Seconds, Saves Days

Zeihan: India’s Brain Drain Lost The Foxconn Plant – Don’t Bet On Indian Chips 4:43

Protein Found To Protect Females Against Obesity, Say They

Source: Space Command Biden Keeps Space Command In Colorado

Dual Use Concerns Of Generative AI and Large Language Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

“Whole House” Ford F-150 Lightning Gets LiFe Battery Early 2024 – SUNz™ 61™

Eyesight Restoration With Gene Therapy Eye Drops Is Here

Integrating Generative Ai Within The Early Stages Of The Ux Design Process – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Texas Water Rights Basics – 61™ LakeTX™

Thousands Of Tourists Trapped On Greek Island With Wildfires, Can’t Fly Out

Tesla Set To Launch Talks For $24,000 Per Car Factory In India – BJYIndia™

No-Code AI Can Leverage Machine Learning Operations – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

. . . Perhaps A Disaster For Athens

Meta Announces “Open Source” Llama 2 Prompt- To-Text

Concurrent Engineering And Generative Engineering Tooling Platform – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Alberto Gennari Newly Discovered Colossal Whale – Heaviest Animal Ever?

Fitch Downgrades U.S. Debt To AA+ From AAA

Trump Indicted, Again, For Efforts To Overturn Election

. . . The Indictment Document, Plain English, 45 Pages

Source: WSJ Voicemail – Apple’s Killer App (w audio) SUNz™ PVTS™ 20GW

ANOTHER Ford F-150 Recall, Only 870,000 This Time – For Brakes

Source: Max Delbrück Center New Biomarker For Alzheimer’s Discovered – 3P™

. . . REVkor Energy

U.S. Tech Sanctions On China Hitting Hard

John Hopkins: Weight Loss Reduces AFib & Alzheimer’s Risks – Average 34 Lb Semaglutide Weight Loss In One Month 56:25 – 3P™

. . . H2 Gemini Technology

Fillup Costs Less Than EV Charge For Most Cars

Source: NYT How AI Is Changing Medicine – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Will Flexible Perovskite Solar Go Into Production? (no link)

Poland Accuses Belarus Of Breaching Airspace, Rushes Troops To Border

Semaglutide, Medical Insert .PDF

35 ChatGPT Tips – DAI™

EVs Including The Ford Lightning Power Your Entire Home – SUNz™ 61™ (nyt$1)

“Watchman” AFib Procedure 42:18

ChatGPT Users Moving To Uncensored Chatbots

Solanezumab Does Not Slow Cognitive Decline In Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease – 3P™

. . . Ford Lightning LiFe Batteries Early 2024

ChatGPT+ Code Interpreter Is Your Data Analyst – DAI™

Lewy Body Disease Can Be Detected Before Symptoms – 3P™

How Fast And How Good Will China’s GAI Become

Medical ChatBots Used In ERs

Generative AI Tool And Its Implications For Cancer Care, MARN -MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI^

Source: AP Sweden And Denmark Consider Ban On Quran- Burning Protests

Lean Muscle Is 12% Alzheimer’s Protective – 3P™ (2)

Integration Of Google Sheets And ChatGPT Plugin – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Santiago/Twitter Stanford Scientists: ChatGPT Is Getting More Stupid – By Design?

Brain Function Still Affected By Long Covid Years After Infection

Groundwork For A GAI Grammarly For UI/UX Design – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

. . . And A Twitter Thread

Cultivated Practices Of Text-To-Image Generation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

How Silicon Valley Venture Capital Is A Scam – And Not Part Of YLabs™

Evaluation Of ChatGPT, Bing AI, and Bard In News Fact-Checking – JOURNALISM & ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: LA Times Santa Barbara News Closes – Columns™


WDC Dangerous For Cyclists & Pedestrians

Security Risks Of ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Looks Like Blue Origin, Bezos And Dave Kelly Joining Military’s Launch Contractors – 3AI™

Effects Of ChatGPT On Modern Education – EDUCATION – AI

Source: Pixabay 32 Proteins That Hint At Alzheimer’s Risk –

Meta’s Threads Adopt’s Mastodon’s W3C Open Standard ActivityHub – SnApp™

3P™ (2)

Multi-Step Jailbreaking Privacy Attacks On ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

. . . Open Fediverse, PeerTube, Lemmy vs Closed YouTube or Reddit (no link)

Lifetime Interpersonal Violence To Increases Risk Of Diabetes – 4P™

It’s Time For AR/AI-Assisted Car Repair – Honest, Prompt^

Eve Air Mobility To Build eVTOL Plant In Brazil

Save 2 Statements, The Most Ignorant “AI/AGI Danger” Article (op) (nyt$1)

ASHRAE: Phoenix & World Hottest Ever – New A/C, Solar, Wind Tech – GigaFlex™

Some Brilliant Scaleups Will Make Billions On Trades & Crafts – YLabs™ BJY™ (w audio)

How Men Use AI For Dates

Biden Just Made New A/C Tech Even More Attractive – BJY Engineers™

AI Startups Raising Hundreds Of Millions, Scaleups Can Do Better – YLabs™

ChatGPT For Dental Medicine – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Source: Karin Ziegler / TUM Cause Of Sleep Disturbance In Cardiac Disease Identified (2)

Facebook Outlawed In Norway For Tracking

Improving ChatGPT Prompting For Code Generation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Pushing The Limits Of ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Privacy And Data Protection In ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Electrotek U.S. Grid Going Fast-Track For Wind & Solar (2)

AI Has Already Fully Changed Programing & Coding Jobs (w audio)

How AI Will Rock Accounting And Finance (w audio)

Source: Sophie Park /WSJ Best Man, Best Man For The Job – Silicon Valley Money Lining Up (w audio)

Risk Assessment In Shaping The Future Of Chatbot Technology – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

2Q23 Earnings Look Terrible (w audio)

Threads Introduces Rate Limiting, Like Twitter

ChatGPT: Key Challenges, Bias, Ethics, Limitations & Future Scope – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

FAA Prepares U.S. For Flying Taxi Operations By 2028

Limits Of ChatGPT For Query Or Aspect-Based Text Summarization – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

ChatGPT: Technology, Applications, & Limitations – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: AP America Flips Switch On First New Nuclear Reactor In 7 Years, $17B Over-Budget – HYNUS Halliburton Young Nuclear Utility Services™

Source: Barrel 6.5KW Solar System – SUNz™

Source: Stem Cells and Development Parkinson’s Patient-Specific Stem Cell Tx – 3P™

Source: NewStack The Ginormous Generative AI Cloud Services War – YLabs™ Scaleups

New Parkinson’s Tx Discovery

Risks Of Using ChatGPT To Obtain Common Safety-Related Information & Advice – EDUCATION, MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Source: Visual Capitalist Where The Real Trouble Is, And What To Do – N.AmericaMade™ GigaFlex™

AT&T Should Be Class Action Sued By 330 Million Americans, Shares At 30 Year Low (op) (2)

ChatGPT In Education: Worries And Concerns On Social Media – EDUCATION – AI

Putin & Russia Want A Bigger, Longer War, Not An Off Ramp

SBA Business Lending Will Change, Simpler (w audio)

Prompt Knowledge Impacts Health Answer Correctness – EDUCATION, MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Source: CarBuzz/Ian Wright VinFast EV (Vietnam) Tanks In America

U.S. & U.K. Providing Highly Enriched Uranium & Nuclear Subs To Australia

Limitations Of ChatGPT For Deep Learning Code & Program Repair – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Exactly Why Trump Is So Hard To Beat

Stock Investors Are Greedy – Beware

Zelensky: War Coming Into Russia (2)

Ukraine Targets Moscow With Small Drone Strikes

Source: Cell Reports Bodybuilding Supplement May Help Stave Off Progression Of Alzheimer’s – 3P™

Prigozhin In Niger Coup, Touts Wagner, Russia Increases African Control

Zuck’s Threads vs Elon’s Twitter vs SnApp™ (2)

USBLS: The 30 Fastest Growing Jobs – USAjobs.Org

Austin PD Responds To 4 Street-Takeovers In One Night

. . . More (2) (3)

Source: VisualCapitalist Industries And Jobs Impacted Or Transformed By Automation And AI

Deed Theft Rampant In AZ & Southwest (2)

Source: AP Our Beloveds Are Dying

Lawmakers And Their Families Want Sole Right To Scrub Internet

AI Designed Drug Moves To Human Trials – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

Texas Penalty For A False Home Mechanics Lien Is Harsh And Effective

Eli Lilly’s New Drug Donanemab May End Alzheimer’s

Used EV Prices Dropped 38% This Summer

AI Political Campaigns More Effective Than Human’s – A Massive Political Tell^

Congress And POTUS Have No Jurisdiction Over SCOTUS

New EVs Pile Up

Oregon Decriminalized Hard Drugs, Here’s What Happened – 3P™

a16z: Emerging AI LLM Architectures

Now Warren’s Been Wrong About BoA, Remember Wells Fargo Management Character

The War Escalates

Parkinson’s Decade Of Progress Before Symptoms – 3P™

When ChatGPT Is Not Trustworthy – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Extreme Heat Big Trouble For EVs

AFib Is Progressive – Surgery Or Ablation Is First Line 42:31

ChatGPT Can Influence Users Moral Judgments – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

NIH: Untreated Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) – Stroke 1% to 20% Per Year^

The Commonsense Problem In Large Language Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Palomar Health, San Diego On AFib

Language Model Hallucinations Snowball – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Reuters China To Impose Restrictions On Drone Exports – Swift™ PATHFINDER™

DeBakey Center, Methodist Hospital, TMC, Houston On Early, Effective AFib Surgery 58:51

Why Today ChatGPT Won’t Help You Invest In Stocks

Who Is A Candidate For External Heart AFib Surgery (Randal Wolf, MD) 1:03:13 – 3P™

Russia Will Monitor Saudi-Hosted Ukraine Peace Talks

Sex AI – Meta’s New Open Source GAI Let’s Anyone Build Chat AI Without Guide Rails

Source: Hut Design + Build How Not To Do Your $25k ADU

IV Andexanet Reverses Eliquis (Apixaban) Blood Thinner In Two Minutes

UC Berkeley Advances GAI Common Sense Reasoning And Spatial Imaging

Twitter Has Lost Half Its Advertising Revenue

. . . More On Advanced Blood Thinners & Termination Protocols^

Risks, Limitations, And Societal Implications Of ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

UCSF: No Link Between Coffee And Heart Arrythmias

Assessing the Accuracy and Reliability of ChatGPT – EDUCATION, MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

The U.S. Economy Is Surging – Fed Will Keep Raising Rates

Harvard: Caffeine Has Little To Do With AFib

Evaluating Academic Answers Generated Using ChatGPT – EDUCATION – AI

Is Caffeine Protective For Arrhythmias & AFib

High School Shop Is Back – A Very Good Thing

Spread Of False Information In Large Language Models – CHINA – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Ford Ford Cuts F-150 Lightning Truck Price A Little After 4 Increases, Finances At 1.9% 3 Years, Mach E and Lightniny Not Selling Well QAI™ Quantum Computing For AI, Optimization, Biology & Medicine, Chemicals Finance, Weather /Climate Change, Automotive

U.S. Largest Grid Operator Issues Level 1 Emergency – BJYFederal™ BJYPower™

Six Skills You Need To Prompt Engineer /Prompt Design – 3AI™ DAI™

Japan Pushes Military Risk – China, Russia, Taiwan

Where Small & Medium Business Say They Want To Use 5 GAIs

Houstonians: “I Don’t Want To Be Here Any More” (w audio)

Source: KAIST Sleep Issues More Prevalent In Countries Of A Particular Culture

Pitfalls Of ChatGPT And Natural-Language Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI ChatGPT And Regulation Of Disinformation Propagation – GOVERNMENT & POLITICAL SCIENCE – CS – AI

Exxon Mobil & IBM Routing Ships With Quantum Computing – PATHFINDER™

Houston & Harris Cty Rents Up 28.5% - “No Way To Survive” (2)

Racial Discrimination Increases Risk For Childhood Obesity, Say They

Quantum Computing For Swift™ Drones, PATHFINDER™ Lee-Hightower Routers – search

Hunter Biden Pardon Ruled Out

Hearing Aids May Reduce Risk Of Dementia For Those At High Risk (2) - 3P™

It’s Over For Hunter

Quantum Computer Commercial Parts

LLM-Generated Misinformation In The Medical Domain – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Jaguar Retooling To Be High-End, Exclusive

Google Launches NotebookLM – BJYFinancial™

$400 Ukraine Drones vs Russian $1 Million Tanks 4:09 – Swift™

Why Warren Bought Energy – His $90B Asset

Is ChatGPT Biased Against Conservatives? – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Tax Prep Sites Give Your Info To Facebook, Google, Began 2011

…An Important Answer Is Khan Academy’s Khanmigo AI Tutor – 6:15

Thread’s Big Picture & Roadmap – SnApp™

NEJM: Benefits, Limits, Risks Of GPT-4 AI Chatbots For Medicine – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Source: /Hailpoint “Heat Storm” Sweeps U.S., Pacific-Mexico, World (2)

NEJM: AI & ML In Clinical Practice – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Source: IndianExpress BRICS Nations Risk Becoming Satellites Of China

New Microsoft Orca GAI

1 In 4 Young Adults Rule Out Kids Ever

Canada’s NW Territories Hit 100 Degrees


Presidential Guard Announced As Leader In Niger Coup

NEJM: Lecanemab in Early Alzheimer’s Disease Delays Progression – 3P™

AI Deep Learning For Intracranial Hemorrhage Dx – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

AI Deep Learning For Mammography Dx – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

ChatGPT: Concerns, Challenges, & Commandments – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: IBM IBM’s Quantum Processor AOF™ – Comparing (Ranked) IBM, GOOG, MSFT, INTC Quantum Computing Progress

Warnings & Limitations Of GAI Text – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Prompt Engineering Jobs – BJYFederal™

Detection Of ChatGPT-Generated Fake Science Using Real Publications – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Wharton Prof: New $20 ChatGPT Tool Codes, Graphs In Seconds, Saves Days

How Warren Lost $16B On 4 Stocks – The Lesson

Phony ChatGPT Brief Leads To Lawyer’s $5,000 Fine

The Best Meme ChatBots For Your (w audio)

Source: VisualCapitalist Global Coal Demand To Stay At Record-High Levels

8 ChatGPT Prompts The Pros Use

Notion – A ChatBot For Your Documents

Source: University Of California Rare Dementia Transforms Patients Into Artists – 3P™

iPhone ChatGPT By Homescreen Voice

Fabricated References Provided By ChatGPT For Medical Questions – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

Harvard Researchers Identify Six ‘Chemical Cocktails’ To Reverse Aging

Rapid Weight Loss May Improve Advanced Fatty Liver Disease^


Whole Plant Food, Healthy Brain, Happy Brain, Higher Cognition, Lower Dementia Risk – 3P™ 17:06

Ethical Challenges And Responses Of Generative AI And ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: DARPA NASA Lockheed Martin Developing Nuclear Rocket

Source: RECYOU1/Twitter Twitter Offers Ad Revenue Share To Select Content Creators – SnApp™

Japan’s Population Fell By 800,000 Last Year

Impact Of AI On Scientific Writing – SCIENCE – CS – AI

UCSF: Afib – Atrial Fibrillation – Gregory Marcus, MD MAS 1:29:43

The Week: How AI Might Cause Human Extinction – It’s Not Limited To Only Earth

Microsoft Wins FTC Case To Buy Activision Blizzard

High Serum Vitamin D, Less Afib^

NIH: Nebivolol (Beta Blocker) Causes Memory Loss^

New High Resolution Brain Imaging For Effective Stroke Prevention – 3P™

Source: WSJ WSJ: How The Federal Reserve Really Works 9:30

Serotonin Not Linked To Depression, Reconsider SSRI’s 4:16

Gum Disease & Alzheimer’s – 3P™

How To Build An App With ChatGPT

Alcohol Use, Even At Low Levels, Increases Risk Of Developing Disease

ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E 2 For Ad Campaigns (w audio)

Insomnia Affecting Young Worker Productivity

Source: CNN Pilot Whales Die After Mass Stranding In Western Australia

Fabricated Influencers & AI Work Just Fine (w audio)

ChatGPT In Rheumatology: Creation Of False References – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Our Youth Brainwashed To Be Un-American By You Know Who

Source: Visual Capitalist Today’s U.S. Leaders By Industry – AOF™

Fake Peer-Reviewed Citations And References Generated By ChatGPT – CHINA – ENGINEERING –

Official: U.S. Recovered Non-Terrestrial Technology


ChatGPT & Fake Citations – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

House Plans Contempt Vote On Zuckerberg

The Appeal To Wealthy Of Remote Pacific Islands For Apocalypse Protection

Guardian And The Fake Articles, Fabrications Created By ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

IRS Stops Surprise Home & Business Visits

Giant Businesses Who’ve Banned GAI, And Why (2)

Source: American Perimeter Trail The Great American Perimeter Trail – One Helluva Hike Or Bike-Hike (w interactive map)

GOV Youngkin 2024 Approval 57%

FinGPT Claims Accurate Results – Impossible (op)

Florida Approves PragerU Curriculum

Privacy & Security Of Most All Social Media Apps – Meta’s Threads A Nightmare – SnApp™

Jesus Rises In Hollywood

Source: Matthew Walker Deep-sleep Brain Waves. Heart Rate Variability & Predict Blood Sugar Control^

. . . And More Detail On Meta Privacy & PI

Russian Crude Oil Exports & Income Continue To Decline

Why Meta’s Threads, And Columns™, Avoid Political & Negative News – SnApp™

Moldova Expels 45 Russian Diplomats, Embassy Staff

China Leads In Brain Neuro-Strike WMDs – A Big Deal

It’s Joe Rogan vs. Trump

Source: Joe AI Hurts My Head 34:51

How To Signup For Meta’s Threads – SnApp™

RFKJr: Govt Censorship Will Cause Democracy To Wither & Die Without Free Speech

Google’s Bard Now Codes & Runs To Answer A Question

India’s New $12 4G Phone & Ultra-Cheap Data – 14GB $1.50 & Ultra-Cheap Data - 14GB $1.50 (2)

Federal Court Strikes State Law Prohibiting Filming Police 13:06

ChatGPT In Defamation Trouble After Fabricating Lawsuits

Source: Eisai/Handout via Reuters The FDA Approved Alzheimer’s Drug That Works – 3P™

UT Austin Roundup Is No Longer, Now “West Fest” (2)

Meta’s Instant 30 Million New Users On 7/5/2023 Is Non-Trivial – SnApp™

Meta Introduces AI Voicebox GAI Text To Speech

Taxonomy & Analysis Of Societal-Scale Risks from AI – HUMANITIES & ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Warren On Habits & Character – AOF™

College Towns Teach Dem’s One-Sided Views – A Fact

Fluctuating Levels Of Cholesterol And Triglycerides Linked To Increased Risk Of Dementia – 3P™

Startup Capital Has Evaporated, Go YLabs™ (again, w audio)

ChatGPT: Risk, Adversarial & Robustness Perspectives – CHINA – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Who Agreed To Expunge Trump’s Impeachments?

Long-Held View Of Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease – 3P™

Venture Capital Continues Falling Like A Rock

Ecuador Has Become Very Unsafe

Effect Of AI Disclosure On Evaluations Of Creative Content – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Zuck Is Going After Elon’s Twitter, Hard

Spain’s Election Ends With No Clear Majority, The Right Fell Short

Resistance Training Can Prevent Or Delay Alzheimer’s Disease – 3P™

Unified Backdoor Attack Framework For Diffusion Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Israel Passes Law To Limit Supreme Court Power

Klotho Protein Injection Into Older Monkeys Delays Cognitive Decline

Be Very Careful, Don’t Trust Your Ears – Yes, It’s AI

AnythingLLM = Your Data + LLMs – DAI™

AI Is Actually Helping Architects Today, Substantially – ARCHITECTURE – AI – BJY™

Source: AIM Instagram’s Threads Surpasses 100M Users – SnApp™

Eric Schmidt Has Two Giant Issues #1

ChatGPT Users Drop For The First Time

Source: Pixabay Pathogenic Bacteria Use A Sugar In The Intestinal Mucus Layer To Infect The Gut

#2 Schmidt’s Bogus, Fluffy AI Report Report (op)

Source: Austal U.S. Commissions First-Ever Navy Ship In A Foreign Port – Austrailia

Living Near & Using Green Spaces Adds 2.5 Years To Life – GreenWay™

Social Impact Of Generative AI Systems In Systems And Society – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Mix The Mediterranean And Whole Plant Food Diets (2)^ - 3P™

Ethics Of Large Language Models In Medicine And Medical Research – EDUCATION, MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

How Whole Plant Foods Work For You^ – 3P™

Managing Disruption Of Generative AI In Higher Education – EDUCATION, ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Ethical & Accuracy Challenges For AI Medical Publishing – EDUCATION, MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Source: Verge Meta Is Launches Threads A Twitter Rival – SnApp™

Source: Dnyuz Open Dementia Villages – A Better First Step – 3P™

Paul McCartney: John Lennon’s Voice Was AI On Last Album

Source: USNavy U.S. Promotes Lisa Franchetti To Top Amiral – Nominates For Chief Of Naval Operations

Toyota Claims Battery Breakthrough

ChatGPT iPhone App Does Real Fast & Accurate Voice To Text – DAI™ 3k600

10 Reasons For Memory Loss, And What You And Your Competent MD Should Act On 34:55 – 3P™

Warren: Make 8% On Your Money, If Someone Doesn’t Concur Don’t Believe Them – AOF™

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s AI First Principles – 3AI™

. . . And The Text

Corpus Christi Key To America’s Oil & Gas Export Dominance (w audio)

Chat GPT And Its Impact On Different Fields Of Study – EDUCATION, ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Why American Can No Longer Make A Wrench (w audio)

Generative Language Models: Emerging Threats And Potential Mitigations – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Trump Trial Set For May 2024

Source: Aya Khalaf /NYT fMRI Object ID The 2 Theories Of Consciousness – A 25 Year Bet

Kansas Two-Step Highway Patrol Ruled Unfair To Colorado Drivers With Weed

Generative AI: Attack, Watermarking & Attribution – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Prime American Workers In Significant Supply (w audio)

Generative Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities & Limitations – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Older Female Sexual Stats

. . . The MDs’ Perspective . . . What’s Important, What’s Not

How Building A Rental Car Business Relates – LimoNoir™ LimoPlata™ (w audio)

South African Authorities Agree To Issue A Warrant For Putin

Elon Reportedly Micro-Doses Ketamine For Depression

India Rejects China’s BYD $1B Factory Proposal

Is MD Healthcare Fraud Up, Or Has It Always Been This Way

Hemodiafiltration vs Hemodialysis On Mortality In Kidney Failure

Source: Stanford The Future Of AI Is K-12 Tutoring – Infinitely Patient, Engaging And Knowledgeable – Time For Teacher’s One On One – 3AI™ (2)

Source: Visual Capitalist The (Weighted) S&P 500 Visually

WSJ: Build A Better Air Conditioner – SUNz SS™

…More – College

Source: Disney Huge Oklahoma Route 66 “Heartland” Disney Park To Open 2026

San Fran Going 24/7 Driverless Taxis City-Wide

…Even More 16:57

Why SpeedO™ Makes Titanium Bikes 12:02

Only 40,000 Donors Required To Enter The GOP Presidential Debates (Do It! – Ed.)

…Still More

Kickstarter’s Community Rejected Blockchain – YLabs™ CF3

AI Created The Unexpected Tech Bull Market

June U.S. Home Sales Lowest In 14 Years, Low Supply For 10 Years – SUNz™ BJYCommunities

Ketamine vs. Electroconvulsive Therapy For Major Depression – 3P™

Go To Market GAI Is Real Today (2)

Twitter’s Full Screen Video Ads As Scrolling & Yaccarino’s Celebs, Politicians, Creators, Publishers – SnApp™

U.S. Talent Insufficient For TSMC To Open U.S. Plant –

The 6 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth (nyt$1)^

GPT-4 Writes Pitch Decks Better Than You – YLabs™

Elon Subpoenas Elizebeth Warren RE SEC

Physical Activity Contributes To A Healthy Aging Brain In Poor Sleepers – 3P™

Extreme AI Dangers – See Page 5 Table

Russia Devastates Odessa, Destroys Grain, Ukraine Out-Gunned – Looking Grim

…More, AI May Get Worse Than This 25:11

RFKJr Unfairly Censured By YouTube 3:52

…And Elon’s Warnings (Again) (2)

The Sober Truth About The Ukraine War

MIT’s Self-Learning MLMs Outperform LLMs – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: PNNL Altered Proteins Predict Who Will Develop Type 1 Diabetes

U.S. & NATO Can’t Sustain The Ukraine Artillery War But Russia Can

Generative AI: A New Era Of Misinformation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Major Federal Agency Buildings 50% Empty – BJYFederal™ Opportunity

Brain Fitness Program For Patients With Concussion, Memory Loss

AI-Generated Contents, Challenges, And Perhaps Solutions – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Netflix Is On A Roll

Source: Imran Chaudhri/Twitter The Humane Wearable AI Pin

. . . But How Hollywood Strikes Could Affect Netflix

Chatbots Impacting Medical Literature – EDUCATION, MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

VPs Right: Apple Forced To Slash Vision Pro Headset Production

Pros And Cons Of AI-Generated Content – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Cathie Wood Sells TSLA – So What!

78% Of “ChatGPT” Domains Are Malicious (2)

Warren’s GDP/TMCap Flashing Red On Stock Prices

Source: PD-NASA Shorter Telomeres Point To Increased Alzheimer’s Risk – 3P™

Source: Amazon Amazon Builds $120 Million Satellite Processing Hub In Florida

Loneliness & Cardiovascular Disease

Amsterdam To Ban Cruise Ships To Control Tourism – Go Soon

High Rates Of Malnutrition With Long Term Dementia – 3P™

India’s Ban On Rice Exports – Fear Of Global Higher Food Prices

Ketamine For PTSD, Anxiety, Major Depression 12:47

Senators: Ban Legislators, Executive Branch From Owning, Trading Stocks

Source: Daniel Jurman/Bloomberg Meta Wants To Distribute Apps Via Facebook Ads In Europe – SnApp™

Twitter: Sign In To View Tweets

The Real Estate Agent Business Will Become Like Instagram – A Mass Exodus Of Agents – BRS™

Source: MESA/NEJM Heart Calcium Score & Meaning 9:56

Source: Visual Capitalist In Case You Missed It – NVIDIA The AI Guys

Source: LinkedIn Bud Brigham, Beta

Mayo MD: Reversing Heart Disease – WPF Diet & Exercise 10:35 – 3P™

Sal Khan’s Education & Tutoring Khanmigo AI Chatbot Is Perhaps Today’s Paramount AI Achievement – 3AI™ DAI™ Mayo Clinic & Google Team To Make Healthcare AI Chatbot (2) Khan Academy’s Khanmigo Tutoring AI Chatbot – Again – EDUCATION – AI (Palo Alto Schools Using AI Tutoring – Ed.)

. . . Atlas Sand IPOed March 3, Nets ~$300 Million

How To Appeal Denied Health Insurance (w audios) (2)

Source: Guardian Solar Saves Texas Power Grid

How To Appeal Denied Dental Insurance or Plan (2)

Meet ‘Bo Jackson’ Of Cycling (w audio)

AirBnB Revenue Collapsing – 2008 Again? (2)

FDA: Resistant-Gonorrhea Shot Fast Tracked

Texas Breaks Heat & All Time Power Record

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