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Ashton Kutcher doubles down at commencement on AI taking Hollywood – “be prepared” New AI training could be the end of Nvidia – AOF™ Present A/C is no longer enough in hotter cities – SUNz™ Bird flu has become most troubling [Columns has tracked it 3 years – Ed.] Russians told to mobilize for maximum harm to West as sanctions response Zuckerberg building Lake Tahoe compound After LakeTx™ Canadian farmland NBT next big thing – USDA™ Elon wins Tesla $44.9 billion pay package with 72% vote ERCOT Stuns: Texas power usage to double in six years – SUNz™ BJYEnergy 2:19 . . . more Columns™ May Monthly Happiness can buy you money. - G. Wheeler Best viewed in landscape mode on phones. Select a purple column header to leave comments, we read then move them. Our mission is to deliver interesting, unbiased or multiple points of view, “long term important” and machine intelligence news & views. The Columns™ AI Newspaper, USAjobs Inc.- a not-for-profit organization.

Source: DACC USDA funded AgSolar™ a huge market & opportunity – SUNz™ (“Suns”) W&C^

Source: Porsche

Porsche’s new 911 hybrid

Source: Bizjournal

Big bet pays off for first Samsung-Taylor building – BJYDev & CHIPartners™

Source: Austin Energy The ROI on Austin & Texas solar – why business invests – SUNz™

Source: Andre Sokolo How Waymo has won Robotaxis – a really, really big deal – DAI™

Source: Dwell

Tiny SUNz™ homes and developments with dream bathrooms – CHIPartners™ BJYCommunities

Source: Harvard

1 cubic mm of human brain mapped – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE – AI . . . all the data

Source: Joan Cros

Meta | Ray-Ban is winning the AI glasses race – Apple has a strong competitor – 3ai™ YLabs™

AOF™, TBEF-UT5™, SUNz™- LakeTX™: . . . Tesla a $25 trillion business? – AOF™



AGI, 3AI™, CHIPartners™, AI PAPERS: a16z: Understanding AI By Easy Steps – The AI Canon Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s) Harnessing AI for good and policymaking in the age of Generative AI – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI AI chatbots transform online grocery shopping – BUSINESS – Management – AI Prompt-driven design optimization with Generative AI and vision – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Source: Pacific Graphics (China) GENERATIVE AI AIDING ARCHITECTURAL IDEATION THROUGH SKETCHING – ARCHITECTURE – AI The limits of ChatGPT for scriptwriting – THE ARTS & COMMUNICATIONS- AI Upholding truth in science with Generative AI – LIBERAL SCIENCES – CS – AI


Source: Weatherbell U.S. Midwest, Northeast prepare for heatwave next week

Source: Tory Lysik Cisco & Nvidia – a lesson – AOF™

Source: Tesla Elon wins $46.9 billion pay, bets Tesla on his Optimus bots – he’ll win

Source: Hindustan Times India has a water crisis . . . when and how it may change LIFESTYLE SLOWS ALZHEIMER’S – EXERCISE, SLEEP, LESS MEAT MORE PLANT PROTEIN, LESS STRESS – A4DP™ Bird flu now in MN dairy herds Bird flu now in WY beef Weekly workouts lower hypertensive dementia – A4DP™ . . . more LILLY’S EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS /APPETITE SUPPRESSANT DRUG^

Ariel (as in Atom) launches TiCF™ eBike – SpeedO™ LTL last to launch can be of great benefit – YLabs™ Weather damage to solar panels exceeds estimates by 3X – SUNz™ Hugging Face CEO says more AI startups want to get acquired – 3AI(tm Amazon to spend $230M on Generative AI startups – DAI(tm YLabs(tm BJYEnergy (Houston) is California Energy Commission’s first Chief Building Official who built out the CA peaker power plants, now

Source: Dwell This is Austin’s ADU size limit New sanctions, ruble tumbles, Russians line up to buy USDs . . . Financial Times – more BBC: Why Russia will hit major roadblocks in hypersonics development & deployment Nation’s most polluted beaches, many surprises – California’s is #1 Private Equity firms headed for trouble – AOF™

again with Texas A&M peaker network . . . prevents blackouts . . . more (SpeedO™ & GigaFlex™) Bringing bike production back to America – Rep. Earl Blumenauer

Exploring the similarities between human memory and Generative AI – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE – AI Novel method for compactly implementing image- recognizing AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Evaluating language models for programmer feedback – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Plain English overview of AI safety, today’s uses, and trajectory – 3AI™ ERIC SCHMIT (PAST GOOGLE CHAIRMAN AND CO-CEO) ON AI AND THE AGI TIMELINE – ALL COLLEGES ALL FIELDS OF STUDY – AI Some smart folks think these 5 AI stocks will be worth $25 trillion by 2030 – AOF™ – BUSINESS & INVESTING – AI Future-self chatbot gives users a glimpse of the life ahead of them – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Cognitive psychology tests show today’s AIs are irrational – COMPUTER SCIENCE & COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE – AI Integrating Generative AI into product design workflows – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI Anthropic explains much of how GenAI and LLMs work at the software neuron level, previously unknown – 3AI™ – NEUROSCIENCE & COMPUTER SCIENCE – AI

Source: Scientific Reports New metric for blood circulation in brain to better understand dementia^ – A4DP™ Tau PET performs well in predicting dementia in individuals with mild cognitive impairment^ – A4DP™ Donepezil/Memantine increases probability of five-year survival in Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Viagra – more brain blood flow, less dementia (Whole) Plant diet cuts early death 1/3 . . . Harvard: Multi-omics analysis identifies molecularly defined Alzheimer’s disease subtypes – A4DP™ Depressive symptoms may hasten memory decline in older people – A4DP™ Lifestyle changes may slow or prevent Alzheimer’s in people at high risk – A4DP™ Unusual cancers after the pandemic – is it mRNA vaccines? ^ (w 11m audio) Bird flu in Austin wastewater Major cause of inflammatory bowel disease found for 95% of patients

FAA: Chinese falsified,

counterfeit titanium in Boeing and Airbus passenger jets China testing more driverless cars than any country UT, Austin’s largest employer, ends remote work Iran and Sweden complete prisoner exchange Russia’s hybrid warfare spills into NATO

$5.4 trillion into top 10 AI stocks since Dec 4, 2022 – AOF™ Where the CHIPS Act money has gone so far – CHIPartners™ BJY Texas moves fast to solve electric reliability – SUNz™ Global market scaleups & startups lever YLabs™ and Italian funding . . . more A colossal surprise about the value of airlines – AOF™ 16:44 Tektonic AI raises $10M for business automation – 3AI™ DAI™ Hermosa Beach holds emergency meeting, cracks down on eBikes – SpeedO™

Source: USDA ARS USDA scientist Dr. Aspen Workman recognized for scientific breakthrough discovery

Source: Tyson Garvin Polishing your Tesla Cybertruck

Source : AP Russian warship visits Cuba, missiles 30 miles of U.S.

Source: Neuroscience News Breakthrough treats macular degeneration

A huge win for U.S. and Europe Kia recalls 463,000 Telluride SUVs due to fires EU hits China with added 38% EV tariffs WSJ: Really Tall Restaurants make sense (w 6m audio) . . . especially with bots that cook, serve, clean . . . more TXSE Texas Securities Exchange vs NYSE and NASDAQ not trivial (w 5m audio) Hungary to allow NATO aid flow to Ukraine Left in the dust: European voters swing right New Texas personal data & security law U.S. foreign-born & illegal worker jobs up 414,000, U.S.-born worker jobs down 663,000, unemployment rises to 4% – 39:12 Stanford: Pro- Palestine protesters charged with felony burglary This is what’s coming after the SUV

(AMD) Melatonin may slow or halt AMD UCDavis – H5N1 bird flu deserves your awareness . . . more Bird flu in Austin A hotter Texas summer, prepare Long-read RNA sequencing reveals key gene expressions in Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Novel analysis methods used for Huntington’s disease – A4DP™ Alcohol use tied to mood instability in patients with bipolar disorder – A4DP™ Source: Science Alert When you take BP meds affects heart attack risk . . . more Suvorexant sleeping protective – 4ADP™ Training cognitive control in children does not change brain or behavior – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE Better sleep is associated with less loneliness AFib is a high vascular demential risk.Patients with a common heart rhythm disorder are at risk of vascular dementia – A4DP™ pill may be Alzheimer’s

Source : Archer Archer Aviation completes air taxi transition flight X begins hiding user’s likes

Source: Carnegie Mellon University Humans, robots and Generative AI to create art – THE ARTS – AI AI decodes your genes for personalized treatments – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Generative AI reimagines teaching and learning – EDUCATION – AI Mistral releases gen ai for coding – COMPUTER SCIENCE – AI OpenAI secure Apple deal – COMPUTER SCIENCE – AI Leveraging Generative AI for the competitive edge – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI A method to mitigate hallucinations in large language models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Navigating Generative AI in ads – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI New tool discovered for neurology research – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE – CS – AI

Source: A Base power installation Best whole-home power backup – SUNz™ or Base? . . . more, Michael Dell’s son

SUNz™ has the far better way

Source: Toyota New Toyota engines power SUNz™ multi- home GenSets, 50% thermal efficiency target

How California has, and Texas will, solve solar power for homes – SUNz™ ECs™ (nyt)

Source: Annelise Capossela Like the human brain, we’ve just discovered

how AI’s neural networks organize themselves into functional groups – DAI™ 3AI™ More convergence of AI and Neuroscience – Fruit fly vision decoded – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE & COMPUTER SCIENCE – AI . . . and AI predicts next fruit fly behavior Elon raises $6 billion for xAI his AI ScaleUp™ (not Tesla’s) – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI trained to draw inspiration from images, not copy them – THE ARTS – AI ChatGPT is inaccurate when answering computer programming questions – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI headphones filter out noise so you hear one voice in a crowd– ENGINEERING – CS – AI UT, machine learning, and practical AI – ALL UNIVERSITY COLLEGES – AI UT, machine learning, and practical AI More on UT’s Year of AI More on UT GenAI UT Masters of Artificial Intelligence More on UT’s Year of AI- ALL UNIVERSITY COLLEGES – AI More on UT GenAI –

Source: AFP Macron calls for new “snap” parliamentary elections . . . the GeoMap, the real deal

Mediterranean diet – 23% reduction in all- cause mortality . . . more The largest genome of any lifeform is . . . a tiny fern

. . . a glance at funded geothermal projects

Source: LAT Ginormous market, great owner benefits: pool & domestic hot water from heat pumps & solar with no roof penetrations, easy one hour installation – SUNz™ SUNz3 The alternates – high price electricity or fossil fuel pollution: . . . more . . . the Amended Rule 1146.2 Synopsis AOF™ adds AI, AGI and QAI stocks Suddenly EVs affordable and continuing down (w 8:43 audio) The 3rd best selling EV is . . . an eBike – SpeedO™ CarryOn™ U.S. Solar Project Boom Until Federal Tariff Holiday and Incentives Expire – SUNz™ You are NOT protected using Zelle . . . more electricity bills going up – save a lot, a whole lot with SUNz™ . . . more Mistral supports AI customization – 3AI™ DAI™ All Houston CenterPoint

Source: UNIGE Investigating hyperactivation of memory circuits and Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Preeclampsia linked to increased risk for young-onset dementia – A4DP™ Alzheimer’s biomarker sTREM2 plays a causal, potentially modifiable, role – A4DP™ Astrocytes induce sex-specific effects on memory – A4DP™ More – memory complaints can predict biological changes in the brain – A4DP™ Lifelong cognitive reserves help maintain late-life cognitive health – A4DP™

Source: Alamy Ukraine may take back Crimea Ukraine may take back Crimea USD strongest since 1980 Who is Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico’s new president – Jewish, first female China EV & Hybrid sales recovering fast . . . more, WSJ AT&T screws their customers again, and nationwide

Source: Joby eVTOLs – Joby acquires Xwing’s autonomy technology TikTok hack targets ‘High-Profile’ users via DMs

Source: Sophie Holmes Runner Sophie Holmes finishes 36 marathons in 36 days – 940 miles Everything’s bigger in Texas, hail


Source: EPA Allies back Modi for third term after

election setback Buyers are the winners as EV prices tumble Columns™ Monthly – April 2024 Flipbook Columns™ Monthly – March 2023 Flipbook Columns™ Monthly – February 2024 Flipbook Columns™ 1 in 50 Putin will use nukes (re Xi)

included Putin begins terror and sabotage inside Europe New Houston power outages for 325,000 – SUNz™ solves . . . otherwise 40,000 CenterPoint power customers still blacked out 48 hours after Dallas storm, most of 370,000 still no power – SUNz™ the fix How some brains resist Alzheimer’s symptoms – A4DP™ Early memory changes and Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ New tool discovered for neurology research NEJM – Advanced Treatments for Treatment-Resistant Depression 3 of 4 – A4DP™

Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Cognitive work of using Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Power of Language Models in Automation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Sound design with Generative AI – THE ARTS – AI Bill: read this book about AI and education [AI’s highest and best use – Ed.] – EDUCATION – AI ChatGPT’s effect on productivity across different skill levels – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Generative AI transforms telehealth interactions – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI The double-edged sword: AI and online knowledge sharing – ENGINEERING – CS – AI BYOAI – best employees bring own AI to work – learn AI or cede better pay – EDUCATION & BUSINESS – AI Generative AI and the limits of representation – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI MIT: Navigating Inequality in the Age of Generative AI Identifying AI- Generated text with StyloAI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI search engines will rule – ENGINEERING – CS – AI . . . try Upend AI search

Will solar panels from Vietnam be 100% tariffed? – SUNz™ Siri goes AI . . . is AI iPhone’s moment? Nokia CEO makes world’s first ‘immersive’ phone call Google shuts down GPay app payments in the U.S. ERIC SCHMIT (PAST GOOGLE CHAIRMAN AND CO-CEO) ON AI AND THE AGI TIMELINE

Source: Verdict OPEC+ nations extend oil supply cuts of firm up prices

Source: Motley Fool Some smart folks think these 5 AI stocks will be worth $25 trillion by 2030 – AOF™

Source: Laura Randall Bike all of LA beaches When asked for your SSN just say no Check your Google account Japan advances all open research Many, many Americans would love a $10,000 EV like China sells – SUNz™ Kevin Costner Fires ‘Disrespectful’ Robert De Niro More – Mexico elects Claudia Sheinbaum as

Source: Visualcapitalist AI training data (and compute) has a price tag that only Big Tech can afford DOE Federal money funds $25B of geothermal energy – SUNz™ BJYEnergy

Source: Visualcapitalist Plant protein and whole plan foods – highly important for health and wellness USC: Nostalgic music boosts cognition and memory, evokes deep emotions that calm and invigorate – it’s therapy – The GreenBean™ A4DP™

first female president Maldives ban Israelis from entering their country

Austin’s Barton Creek Rd. bikeway safety pilot Wild! Pomegranates may improve treatment of Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Eating more fruits, vegetables and whole plant foods may lead to optimal sleep^ Physical frailty often means greater risk of depression China military surrounds Taiwan, warns war

. . . try Perplexity AI search . . . OpenAi doing AI search vs Google Generative AI redefining software creation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Ensuring trust in clinical evidence synthesis with Generative AI – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI PATHFINDER™ and pioneering UAV networking solutions with Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI /BJY Role of Generative AI in visual expression – THE ARTS – AI Adapting policies for plagiarism in the Generative AI era – EDUCATION, LAW – AI Generative AI’s impact on higher education ethics – EDUCATION – AI Advanced robot cognition through Generative AI and neural networks – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE – AI Economic strategies for copyright challenges in Generative AI – THE ARTS – AI Integrating Generative AI into product design education – EDUCATION – AI Google DeepMind unveils new AlphaFold AI – MEDICINE & ENGINEERING – CS – AI Generative leap: Integrating AI into the internet of

Source: Dwell Tiny home developments are the future – otherwise prices too high – SUNz™ CHIPartners™ BJYCommunities The Billionaire’s battle for AI’s future – 3AI™ DAI™ Sergey Brin: Google GenAI way beyond our expectations (free trial) AMD goes head to head with Nvidia for AI American’s comute longer and longer – SpeedO™ Bikes, GGo™ BJYTransport

Source: Reuters Biden: Ukraine can use U.S. weapons for limited strikes in Russia

Source: WSJ Rocky Mountain National Park reservations permanent Anthropic’s Claude AI lets you create autonomous assistants Trump guilty in hush money trial – machts nichts . . . all 34 counts

Source: KHOU Houston satellite power outage map – SUNz™ BJYEnergy

Source: Fox Weather Where do you think hurricanes will strike this season? – SUNz™ BJYFEMA™ (links to blog)

Source: EPA Russia begins tactical nuke “drills” NATO with France begin logistics for their Ukraine troops – a slowly unfolding WW3 Russia launches nuke satellite killer – a prelude

Source : Julian Chokkattu Sightful unveils AR glasses FCC rules aim to cut down orbital debris EU finally decides to exit fossil fuel treaty DOJ: No offers of real estate agent compensation anywhere – Berkshire Real Services™ . . . more

Source: arstechnica How to build the Wheeler™ EV “first car”, 100% DIY online maintenance & repair – Bill of Materials in Part 2 Time to lock in your estate tax exemption – AOF™ Hurricane season extreme, millions will be out of power – SUNz™ FEMA Services

Putin wants Ukraine front lines frozen Texas grid under increasing stress, Houston heat index

Solar passes 100% of California power demand, Texas next – SUNz™ . . . more batteries, less panels . . . California is roasting and needs more solar air conditioning, with map – SUNz™ Lawmakers stock trades better than Warren? – AOF™ Georgetown Texas has the world’s largest solar roofing manufacturer, GAF’s 450,000 s.f. factory for nailable solar shingles – SUNz™ . . . a GAF nailable solar shingle roof is $40,000 to $100,000 Anthropic explains much of how GenAI and LLMs work at the software neuron level, previously unknown – 3AI™ How to turn off Google AI Search with “udm=14” . . . Google AI Search gives false, misleading and dangerous results . . . so try Perplexity

Family farms saved by LakeTx™ and USDA India may be the world A/C factory – Delhi hits 126 F Mexico electing female president Claudia Sheinbaum, Jewish, Ph.D. energy engineering 10Y Treasury above 4.5% The Texas haze, Corpus Christi – San Antonio – Austin – Houston, from wildfires in Mexico and Central America – not healthy . . . to Corpus China preparing to invade Taiwan China chips in $47.5B for AI chips – it’s a horse race for who rules the world Hungary’s Orban warns Putin he’s no chance of defeating NATO Austin tech layoffs accumulating – China’s over-capacity solar panel industry attempts to right the ship Why Europe is unable to rearm Ukraine . . . why it’s a dud U.S. lawmakers visit Taiwan after China’s military drills Nuclear joint statement issued by China, Japan and South Korea SpaceX may sell shares – AOF™ . . . Elon denies

106 and power still off places, Austin heat index 105 Brain molecular changes in PTSD & depression – A4DP™ . . . more from UT Austin et al

things (IoT) – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Intricacies of Generative AI in software development – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Unpredictable nature of visual Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI ChatGPT’s false info about people gives rise to ongoing lawsuits and can’t be corrected – LAW & ENGINEERING – AI . . . more Enhancing social intelligence through AI virtual scenarios – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Igniting innovation in the age of Generative Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Revolutionizing drug discovery with Generative AI – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Antropic’s Claude 3 Opus AI appears self- aware with graduate level reasoning – 3AI™ DAI™ – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI startups in big trouble, profits or close, $330 billion invested – Ans: scaleups, universities – 3AI™ DAI™ The Human Knowledge Project™ – ENGINEERING & BUSINESS – AI Shift from largest to smallest for user AI “apps” – Apple releases 8 AI for phones & offline, vs Microsoft’s Phi-3 Billions into GenAI, no profits yet

Source: Jeffrey’s 4AB Jeffrey’s Steakhouse in Austin ranked among world’s 101 best

Source: UT College of Natural Science

UT Austin research uses AI to produce effective Alzheimer’s drug, made from daffodils, more efficiently at less cost – A4DP™ Brain beta oscillations key to depression – 4ADP™ Alzheimer’s disease processes without symptoms – A4DP™ Intriguing connections between Alzheimer’s disease and other common conditions – A4DP™ Social mobility extends years lived without dementia

Source: Hyundai Hyundai’s first U.S. built EV, the Ioniq 5, is tax credit ready Google finally addresses those bizarre AI search results – progress on simply wrong responses

Source: ARS Wegovy weight loss timelines and stats^

Reconstructing Ukraine will be $1 trillion to $1.5 trillion plus –

The Seniors aging tsunami – MedX™

Reuters Daily Audio Podcast For Apple Users Wall Street Journal Front Page New York Times Front Page NSA warns iPhone & Android users 5 top chatbots comparison – . . . 5 reasons for Perplexity Health & climate benefits of solar & wind over fossil fuels – SUNz™ BJYWindDev OpenAI secure Apple deal Monterey Peninsula bike trail open after 10 years – SpeedO™ Mistral releases gen ai for coding Paul Graham: Sam Altman was not fired from OpenAI BYD Qin hybrid driven 1,497 miles without fueling Future energy needs no fossil fuel power plants . . . the white paper Best practices for mobile security

. . . but Microsoft has profits, Google says they will – AOF™ Future of health care: Generative AI and large language models – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Raidar: How AI detects other AI writing – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Impact of copyright on the Generative-AI supply chain – BUSINESS & LAW – Management – AI AI writes police reports from body cams MSFT launches AI for phones – huge deal . . . Phi-3 tiny resources, big performance, AI will run everywhere Patient-friendly discharge summaries: the role of Generative AI – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Large multimodal models for graphic design – THE ARTS – AI MD Learning with Generative AI- created images– MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Manager’s guide to the complexities of AI-enhanced customer service – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI Paving the way for zero-shot AI in dermatology – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Intellectual property conundrum with

Writing by hand helps brain aging, a lot – 4ADP™

BJYFederal . . . more

Source: HC Drake snaps up Brenham area $15M ranch . . . more Tech workers retool AI skills, or stuck in lowest 25% – Elon opposed tariffs on EVs from China [he’s right (op) – Ed.] Ukraine has entered the most difficult war phase, and why Ukraine war as viewed by arms makers, Raytheon customers out of money

Source: IBEC New biomarker to diagnose Alzheimer’s in asymptomatic stages – A4DP™ Vicious cycle of protein clumping in Alzheimer’s disease and normal aging – A4DP™ ‘Mini-brains’ that could advance Alzheimer’s treatment – (complex research paper) – A4DP™ Energy drinks a serious threat to Being overweight fuels half of all cancers Avian flu kills half infected, we’ve no idea how fast it’s spreading in U.S. . . . CDC warns Proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease influence neuronal growth – A4DP™ Brain cells age faster in Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ kids, teens, compromised Alcohol addiction – friends and family destruction – A4DP™ Some hospitals begin full payment before surgery (w 6m audio)

Source: Reuters Russia launches ‘space weapon’ in path of U.S. satellite

Source: OK state historian So exactly what is this, and why is Texas shorter? Assumable mortgages^

Source: Atlantic

OpenAI shuts down influencer networks in China and Russia Quantum computing bets come into focus – AOF™ QAI™ 7 more quantum stocks to evaluate: Federal tax credits extended to most all renewable or clean energy – BJYEnergy, SUNz™ Elon world’s most wealthy, xAI now $24 parameter disclosed PwC becomes ChatGPT first reseller – DAI™ . . . and OpenAI’s largest ChatGPT Enterprise customer White House, Texas and 20 states announce major grid money & improvements – SUNz™ BJYEnergy . . . simple fix billion – DAI™ Google’s 14,000 search ranking doubles grid capacity Why the OpenAI Board fired Sam Altman WSJ: AI IS NEXT INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION – AOF™ Source: GM GM plans EV market win over Tesla by flooding market . . . more on GM Energy and GM’s ginormous EV bet – SUNz™ . . . GM shipping 319 mile Equinox EV, $27.5k net this year

Best home remodel is for curb appeal^ 6th day of Houston power outage, heat index 100+, 112 expected soon Elon translates Newsom, with commentary 5:13 Ireland, Norway and Spain to recognise Palestinian state British PM calls July 4 election TSMC world’s most advanced chip maker’s U.S. expansion hurdles . . . CHIPartners™ 3AI™, UT5™ UCSD MIT solutions . . . trains but TSMC may decline more U.S. expansion due to lack of STEM education Source: Legendary Productions Lake Travis, Austin High-end home prices fall nationwide, Austin especially (w 9m audio) 300,000 in Houston still no power, scorching hot Iran’s President & FM die in mountainous helicopter crash Jamie Dimon wisdom: higher for longer Deep fake movies are here – Putin movie sells big in Cannes – just wait!

Generative AI – LAW – AI Stanford’s plain English charts show AI’s status – 3AI™ DAI™ IEEE: 15 graphs of AI’s status Skyrocketing cost of training AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI generated art, ownership, originality, and the future of artistic expression – THE ARTS – AI Theory of planned behaviour and generative AI adoption in higher education – EDUCATION – AI Building trustworthy legal AI – an open- source approach – LAW – AI Practical GenAI for better healthcare outcomes – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Leveraging Generative AI for improved investment strategies – BUSINESS – Finance – AI – AOF™ Disruption and innovation: Generative AI in the creative landscape – THE ARTS – AI A multi-faceted look at Generative AI in student life – EDUCATION – AI AI investors and invested may declare AI equal to humans in 2 years – 3AI™ AI for customized experiences – EDUCATION – AI Current research and future applications

Olive oil reduces dementia risk – A4DP™ . . . Harvard: more Psilocybin may reverse anorexia’s cognitive rigidity – A4DP™ Quantified risk for diabetes after gestational diabetes Impact of insomnia and depression on asthma control – A4DP™ . . . more Visual dementia predicts general dementia – A4DP™ BJM: Huff & puff aerobic exercise definitely extends life^ . . . plain English Covid SARS-CoV-2 origin funded by U.S. taxpayers [fact (op) – Ed.] Austin triple digits ramp up in 2 weeks

Source: Radiana Ferrero and Julie Russeil New cells could be key to treating obesity (or one meal a day for longevity – Ed) Alzheimer’s disease types to rate of cognitive decline – A4DP™

GM bets big on EVs, everyone else retreats . . . SUNz™ V2F™ zero home electric bills are right on target and a true public good

of generative AI and LLMs – EDUCATION – AI

Diabetes in youth may increase risk for neurodegenerative disease – A4DP™ Yes, Alzheimer’s is genetic, genes a cause not a risk – A4DP™ Unbelievable – world’s largest kidney stone Fish Oil (omega-3) dose amount critical – correct is cardio protective, excess induces AFib^ – A4DP™ . . . and . . . plain English, again – AFib . . . AFib and AHA’s fish oil recommendation: >1g/d 49% greater AFib risk, <1g/d 12% greater risk Daily consumption of olive oil reduces chances of developing dementia – A4DP™ Gene identified as key to learning and memory – A4DP™ Air pollution is associated with increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ CDC on AFib

One (but not the only) method for GenAI design buildings – ARCHITECTURE – AI

Source: InsideEVs Tesla has fixed severe crashing demand once before – ENGINEERING – AI . . . Elon’s plan is true self-driving robotaxis by August 2024 – ENGINEERING – AI WP: Trump would cede Donbas and Crimea to end Ukraine war (Biden’s original deal – Ed.) Generative AI’s role in the era of “unlimited” misinformation – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI Integrating Generative AI into healthcare practice and governance – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI Using large language models to transform product visibility – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI ChatGPT and generative AI: A new era in medical learning – EDUCATION & MEDICINE– AI Computing curriculum with generative AI – EDUCATION – AI GenAI for virtual financial robo ‐ advisors – – EDUCATION & INVESTING – AOF™ – AI AI is making a mess of criminal law

Source: Variety Costner’s standing ovation at Cannes brings tears American citizens arrested for alleged Congo coup attempt BMW imported cars tied to forced labor in China

Source: Visual Capitalist Nobody has ever won betting against America [NAmerica – Ed.] – AOF™ Elon raises $6 billion for xAI his AI ScaleUp™ (not Tesla’s) EPA mandated water treatment will include forever- chemicals, consumer rate hikes – LakeTX™, BJYWater, HYS™ California is now a battery-included solar roof market – SUNz™ Berkeley Lab: Report on California solar roof market year-to- date, summary . . . full report How long until the Dow is 1,000,000 – don’t laugh, do the math – AOF™ (mw$2/mo)

Source: Reuter Xi, Putin join forces against U.S.

Sources: Oliver Morin, Robert Memeti Spectacular ongoing auroras seen as far south as central Texas – “extreme” geomagnetic storm

Source: CDC If you might know why the AFib rate is so low and high in these areas, please comment – Ed.

Source: AP

Google’s AI search feature gives false information – as if we didn’t know! China invests $47 billion in their largest ever chip fund – CHIPartners ™ Last ($6B) chance for CHIPS Act money for small firms – CHIPartners™ BJY™ LFP iron batteries for EVs, homes and utilities are much lower cost than we thought – SUNz™ DOEC™ German consumer solar electricity prices drop 87%, could it happen in Texas? – SUNz™ U.S. and Texas grid risk increases into Summer, NY no exception – ensure home power – SUNz™ . . . more North America can compete with China (w 5m audio) AI data centers exceed our power and grid supply – the research – BJYEnergy Quantum computing will become AI – DAI™ QAI™ (w 9m audio) Investors bet on power utilities – BJYEnergy, SUNz™ (w 5m audio) Prefabs, very well designed, make good homes affordable again – SUNz™ BJYCommunities (w 4m audio)

NIH: Health benefits of cacao (cocoa) . . . NIH: In detail . . . a health history of cacao . . . FDA opinion Banking behavior could be used to detect early Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Organ transplant drug may slow Alzheimer’s disease progression – A4DP™ Overweight associated with alterations in brain pulsations – A4DP™ AHA: Fish oil induces AFib !^ Disparities in sleep health and insomnia begin at a young age – A4DP™ . . . NIH on fish oil & AFib . . . more NIH on fish oil & AFib . . . EU Society of Cardiology Stem cells improve memory, reduce inflammation in Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Fat consumption influences Alzheimer’s risk – A4DP™ Apple security breach? – Apple IDs locking, no explanation . . . Forbes: on a grand scale . . . here’s why and how Two lifeforms have merged into one

evidence – LAW – AI Jamie Dimon: AI impactful as printing press, electricity, computers, Internet – prompting for human- machine collaborative knowledge construction – ENGINEERING – CS – AI GenAI’s ability to understand human emotions – ENGINEERING – CS – AI BUSINESS – AI Generative AI Using watermarks to detect and attribute AI-generated content – LAW, JOURNALISM, ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI-powered characterization of unidentified visuals – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Measuring success: Core metrics for AI- powered healthcare chats – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI How students view generative AI for learning – EDUCATION – AI DALL-E/ChatGPT Merger: seamless image creation and editing – ENGINEERING – CS – GenAI h U.S. House bans Microsoft Copilot AI – GOVERNMENT – AI GenAI for personalized persuasion – COMMUNICATIONS & JOURNALISM – AI Corporate compliance and accountability in the age of generative artificial intelligence – BUSINESS – Management – AI

Source: WPVI Shoplifters caught in minutes with drones Data Centers at nuclear power is the next big thing – HYNUS™, CHIPartners™ 900,000 in Houston still without power 24 hours later . . . power outage could last for weeks . . . map Germany may draft all 18yo to prepare for Russian invasion Ukraine thwarts Russian attack around Kharkiv Austin is best rental market for recent college grads 2.5 million s.f. of Austin downtown office space can’t be leased, more coming

Source: Sun Whole Foods CFO says “huge” reduction in prices China’s kamikaze nuke satellites no match for Elon’s 42,000 Starlinks Elon’s Starlink rocket-rise

Source: VentureBeat

Meta to launch Chameleon Multi-Modal LLM TikTok unveils Generative AI tools for marketers

Israel accuses South Africa of false claims at ICJ France declares emergency after New Caledonia riots

Reducing your stress when caring for dementia – A4DP™

Next-generation HR: Harnessing the power of generative AI for talent management – BUSINESS – Management – AI GenAI and chain-of- thought reasoning (show step by step solutions) – 3AI™ DAI™ – ENGINEERING – CS – AI NVIDA software’s new competition UXL is Intel + Microsoft + Google + Qualcomm San Diego + maybe millions of developers – 3AI™ DAI™ – ENGINEERING – COMPUTER SCIENCE – AI Using GPT for immersive cybersecurity education – EDUCATION – AI Optimizing production with Generative AI: A case study – BUSINESS – Management – AI Simulations made simple: AI transforms text into physics – EDUCATION – AI Responsible AI in the news industry, and strategies – JOURNALISM – CS – AI Generative AI is revolutionizing drug discovery and personalized medicine -MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Generative AI in healthcare – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Fashion’s new stitch – GAI generative AI for new knit designs – APPAREL – NATURAL SCIENCES – AI Google GenAI tuned for MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI How to teach AI in higher education –

Source: ARTUR PLAWGO Stress and alcohol accelerate Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ FDA: H5N1 highly virulent bird flu found on store shelves, 40 herds, 8 states, poultry farms, barn cats, circulating half a year undetected – USDA, CDC on containment team . . . FDA warns Nano-material that mimics proteins could be basis for new neurodegenerative disease treatments – A4DP™ The Alzheimer’s drug development pipeline – A4DP™ Geraniol attenuates oxidative stress and cognitive impairment – A4DP™ To slow time, each day do something that scares you, or that’s visually truly new as in a new adventure^ Ambien withdrawal peaks in 1-5 days, subsides in 1-2 weeks^ – A4DP™ . . . NIH . . . Mayo: switch Ambien to Lemborexant, then none . . . or Quviviq Microscopy demystifies

Source: AFP Sweden is ready to deploy nuclear weapons in case of war

Texas headed for more blackouts – SUNz™ and storage protects you

Source: GM - Silverado EV Powers 10,000sf Home 4 Days With SUNz™ GM can power your home properly Backup your Google Cloud and Apple iCloud accounts today (cross-platform works – Ed.) Church startups franchise | scaleups – YLabs™ Ford changes its world EV goal line – AOF™ Bill: read this book about AI and education [AI’s highest and best use – Ed.] AI progress is exponential – only the out-of-touch believe not

Source: NYTimes Tribute to John Walker, Autodesk cofounder, prime mover and retired president

Source: UT Austin UT Austin building Taylor, TX campus – 3ai™ UT5™ . . . more – UT5™ . . . more – the UT5™ capital campaign in organization

Source: ICN Gas stove, furnace & water heater sensors and alarms – 19,000

Source: WaterStudio

U.S. deaths a year from gas stoves alone [sensors reduce most homeowners insurance – Ed.] – SUNz™ GOOGLE’S SEARCH DEFAULT IS NO LONGER THE WEB – it’s AI so select “web” Google’s new Veo generates 1m videos from text, competes with Sora Microsoft’s Copilot assistant is getting a GPT-4o upgrade. Project Astra is the Google’s next AI Source: Reuters Cook’s no Steve Jobs – goggles Cook’s last idea? – AOF™ The Google SUNz ADU BYOAI – most promoted employees bring own AI to work – learn AI or cede better pay Melinda Gates and her $12.5 billion exit BMGF – TBEF-UT5, YLabs How to get the most out of (Amazon’s) Anthropic Claude GAI – 3AI™, DAI™

Floating resorts and cities are here Only 4% of retirees are living the dream^ Putin & Xi plan joint Taiwan invasion Germany having conscription troubles, Putin knows it

metabolism of Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Pick’s Disease – Genetic association study opens up new treatments – A4DP™ Antipsychotics for dementia linked to more harm – A4DP™

EDUCATION – AI Learning reimagined: How AI is reshaping the educational landscape – EDUCATION – AI How AI could be misused to weaponize information – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI

Peter Theil at Cambridge, UK interrupted by Palestinian

protesters TxDOT $1Tn Trump may be changing his view of Putin

Source: Icebike Biking really, really boosts mood and love of life – Ed. Wegovy (semaglutide) substantially reduces stroke, cardiac, and kidney risks; weight loss reduces blood pressure . . . more (amazing) . . . and risks (w 10m audio) Source: WSJ Longevity vacations (w 7m audio) – 61™ MedX™ LakeTX™ Dementia treatments linked with serious side effects – A4DP™ Gut Metabolites and GPCRome in Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ HIV treatments help Alzheimer’s patients – A4DP™

Source: AP How to detect fake AI images, otherwise note the image quality Foundations for GenAI in cities – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI Validating generative AI adoption for entrepreneurs – BUSINESS – Management – AI Using generative AI in coding education – EDUCATION – AI The Moonshot to map the brain, why it’s important Did OpenAI see AGI? – 3AI™ Did OpenAI see AGI? – ENGINEERING CS – AI The Moonshot to map the brain, why it’s important – NEUROSCIENCE & AI How OpenAI’s store is working . . . details GenAI and achieving human visual quality – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI-generated content for video marketing

Source: AFP Putin appoints civilian economist as defense minister added to EU digital scrutiny list US Office of the Director of National Intelligence Fact: Conservatives’ well-being and happiness exceeds progressive’s, and why . . . identity politics harms well- being

Source: Socialmedia One Twitter is officially now TikTok testing 60- minute video uploads

Source: Reuters UN General Assembly votes to back


Palestinian bid for membership Houston mayor boots police chief due thousands of dropped cases, perhaps Austin’s DA next How close is Blackstone to fraud? Americans can’t and won’t get low cost, quality EVs from China [look to Mexico – Ed.] Fusion runs for 6 minutes

Microplastics move from gut to brain, block micro- capillaries, cause other body illness – A4DP™ Dietary preference change an early Alzheimer’s sign – A4DP™ Obesity-induced cognitive decline – A4DP™ Sugar cravings could be caused by loneliness Alzheimer’s disease progresses faster in people with Down syndrome – A4DP™ Sleeping flushes waste out of the brain Practical GenAI for better healthcare outcomes – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Why bottled water can be really, really water can be bad for you – know your source UK considers banning cigarettes for next- generation Source: VIB New mechanism uncovered in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Obese and overweight children at risk of iron deficiency Local greenery and low crime rates may reduce dementia risk factors – A4DP™ How I overcame alcohol & other addictions

and multimedia content – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI ChatGPT for coding error hints – EDUCATION & CODING – AI ENGINEERING – CS – AI Personalized clothing by GenAI – FASHION & CLOTHING – CS – AI Deep learning + LLMs Generative AI, creatives and copyright – produces creative discoveries, i.e. reasoning – ENGINEERING – CS – AI COGNITION AI CODES A COMPLETE WEBSITE, VIDEO GAME OR APPLICATION – PETER THEIL FUNDED Reuters pursues $8Bn AI professional services rollup – DAI™ WEST’S REGULATION OF AI BEGINS, BUT NOT FOR CHINA & RUSSIA – GOVERNMENT & LAW – AI ChatGPT Vision can help 3D designers – THE ARTS – ENGINEERING – AI GPT – Understanding quantum computing – QAI™ – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Large language models and causal inference in collaboration – ENGINEERING – CS – AI China moves to delete U.S. from its AI, tech & software (w 12m audio) – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Process modeling with large language models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Google Ft. Worth’s tallest building auctioned for stunning $12.3 million, sold for $137.5 million 3 years ago – AOF™ AI search engines will rule . . . try Upend AI search . . . try Perplexity AI search . . . OpenAi doing AI search vs Google GM’s V2H available now – SUNz™ V2™ OpenAI announces launch of GPT-4o —

and it’s free YouTube Music integrated with Gemini AI

Source: PANTALONES ORGANIC TEQUILA UT Prof Matthew McConaughey & wife Camila play pantless pickleball – Keep Austin Weird Biden set to impose tariffs on china EVs, solar cells – SUNz™ U.S. leverages Saudi- Israeli relations to isolate Iran Capital gains tax on home sales University donors and students on Israel collision course Gov. Abbot’s star is rising, he’s winning on illegal migration Texas no longer hotspot for illegal migration Texas & UT Austin will stop anti- sematic protests

Source: Y Finance Warren: How to make 50% a year 5:19 – AOF™ . . . businesses: AI, federal funding, solar, power, water, Texas-scale real estate development, bikes & greenways, trade & craft teams, accelerators – AOF™

Source: NYTimes GOLD – AOF™

Heat Pump sales down sharply – installer shortage – SUNz™ . . . heat pump economics Jamie & Warren right – a hard landing – AOF™ Why Warren sold AAPL – prepare for capital gains and other large tax increases (op) – AOF™ . . . Warren continues to sell high P/E stocks building cash to $189 billion – AOF™ Warren as bearish as he ever gets – AOF™ equipment makers having explosive growth It pays to scaleup or startup during recessions and hard landings – YLabs™ Teslas & GM will have V2™ 2025 – MG, Lightning, Leaf have now – SUNz™ . . . MG Mexico, America OpenAI is reportedly working on a new search engine Apple’s Siri is getting AI makeover – about time Source: AFP China’s chip

Austin to demolish convention center for development at the BJY (1992) First St. Bridge Deducing the Hamiltonian – quantum learning

XpertAI: uncovering model strategies for sub-manifolds – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Monitoring AI- modified content at scale – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI Try Perplexity if none other – ChatGPT v Gemini v Perplexity – 3AI™ BJYLabs . . . a real world test of these 3 GenAI’s near future is focused – education, niche tools, training, coding – 3AI™ BJYLabs – HEALTHCARE BUSINESS EDUCATION 140 of 150 – AI Try Perplexity if none other – ChatGPT v Gemini v Perplexity – 3AI™ BJYLabs – HEALTHCARE BUSINESS EDUCATION – AI . . . a real world, interesting test of these 3 Data-Centric Trustworthy AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Large language models predict human memory – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE – AI Reviewing academic science writing from humans & GenAI – EDUCATION – AI The untrue opinion “nobody knows why GenAI works” – 3AI™ AI finds key signs that predict patient survival across dementia types – A4DP™ – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Creating photos with AI realism – THE ARTS – AI

The best way to prevent diabetes type 2 Acute Kidney Injury With Semaglutide^ . . . and avoid these drugs Role of microglia in Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Insomnia may predict drinking in adults – A4DP™ Memory self-test via smartphone can identify early signs of Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Hawaii running out of water, no easy answers U.S. short 232 drugs, first time ever Gallup: What happiness means to our GenZ Source: Jinchao hou Immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease shows promise in mice – A4DP™ Genetic variant defends against Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Higher genetic risk of obesity means working out harder for same results – A4DP™

Source: AFP U.S. delayed weapons shipment to Israel as a political message UK to expel Russia defense attache for intel role Old Ivy Leagues lose luster, New Ivies Vanderbilt, UT Austin, Rice, UMD, USC, UWisconsin- Madison and 12 more Russia has militarized and mobilized, the west has not Macron moves FL troops to Ukraine border Putin starts nuke tests

Source: GZERO Hamas agrees to cease-fire terms amid Israeli concerns of diluted deal

Source: CBO Is there a fix for U.S. $34 trillion on- books debt?

. . . CBO warning MIT follows Texas, DEI is out . . . more . . . more Federal Freddie Mac may start 2nd mortgages (HELs and perhaps HELOCs), unlocking $1 trillion . . . WSJ: more (w 5m audio) VC returns so close to Treasuries they may not make sense now (w audio, again) The 70 most conservative universities – A&M, Baylor, SMU, TCU, Tarelton, Howard Payne, BYU, BYU HI Texas top 10 party schools For a successful life write your own obituary (and invest like Warren) – AOF™

Accelerate Process Analysis and Modeling with Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Interactive prompt engineering for text- to-image creation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI The $1.5 trillion market replacing really old legacy software – DAI™ BJYLabs (w 8m audio) How to use chatbot context windows How to use ChatGPT’s analysis feature China on GAI for web pages to code progress – ENGINEERING – CS – AI 10+ major universites (not UT) on limiting GenAI WMD info – GOVERNMENT & EMGINEERING – CS – AI Esoteric questions about GAI “background” reasoning – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Anthropic (Google, Amazon, SalesForce backed) debuts highly competitive new AI with image & doc uploads – 3AI™ Human stupidity a far greater threat than AI – 3AI™ AI-bridged scalable personalization for creative language arts^ – THE ARTS – AI Open-domain planning representations from texts – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Navigating the generative AI landscape – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: University of Tokyo Lab-grown brain cells provide insight into how our brains work – A4DP™ Cognitive decline may be detected using network analysis – A4DP™ Brain vesicles found to contain selectively packaged, full-length mRNA – A4DP™ Forget an iPhone or smartphone for your kids, a “feature” phone with texting is just fine, stops addiction and mental illness

Source: Visual Capitalist So you don’t think AI is going to much affect you or someone you care about – 3AI™

Source: Jesus Madero Perez Human neuron model paves the way for new Alzheimer’s therapies – A4DP™ Untangling the threads of early onset dementia – A4DP™ Deep dive into the genetics of alcohol consumption – A4DP™

Source: VisualCapatalist Transportation – who’s smart who’s not – SpeedO™ Bikes & GreenWays

Source: Rebecca Zisser/Insider

Russia will hold tactical nuclear weapon drill

Source: Visual Capitalist New Houston- Brookshire solar panel factory starts up – SUNz™ . . . factory tour video 2:33 . . . more (hc$j) Precisely why Warren’s BRK structure is so far superior to EFTs,

Source: CNN Taiwan emerges remarkably unscathed after massive earthquake Exercise, activity, sleep and mood – you knew it – A4DP™ . . . study done at UT Austin

Source: Hungarian Conservative Macron floats Ukraine troop deployment if frontline breached Wedman Young permit acceleration – environmental, infrastructure, BIL, IRA and CHIPS more world-competitive,

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