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It’s June 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic continues to dominate our lives. My spring calendar was quickly cleared of all social occasions, further education courses, and vacation plans. By 5 weeks into social isolation and our SOS clinic temporary shut- down, I’d cleaned our house more times than I can count, added tons of decor to our home, filled our freezer with meals, sampled at-home exercise programs, tried lots of experimental baking, and completed every season of Schitt’s Creek and the Great Canadian Baking Show (I was on a real Dan Levy kick)! By week six I was pretty over this whole social

It’s important for 2020 couples to have the opportunity to mourn the loss of the wedding they planned---whether having an intimate ceremony this year or rescheduling entirely, many couples have been forced to let go of the dreams of their perfect day. It is a situation that’s tough for me to fathom, and I have been doing all I can to make my 2020 wedding friends feel loved and supported! It’s a weird season, but in the end, these moments of love are even more special, and bring so much light to a dark time. For our California wedding friends, we filmed a video of well wishes for them to watch the morning of their wedding. The two of them and their dog went to a beautiful park in California and said their vows (which Tim and I got to watch later). We’re still waiting to hear when the new date will be, and we can’t wait for our trip, whenever it happens.

My friend from physiotherapy went ahead with her wedding date on June 6, 2020! Her photographer wasn’t comfortable attending the wedding to take photos for them, so she reached out and asked me to come, wear a mask, and snap some photos! It was an absolute honour to get to be in attendance with the couple and their immediate families to document their special day.

isolation thing. So, much to my delight it was back to work in the clinic for June 1, 2020---but my social calendar has remained as empty as can be. Summer 2020 was going to be one filled with celebrations and special occasions---a summer of cherished friends and family getting married. I had been anticipating a trip to California with my husband to celebrate a friend’s wedding. A close friend of mine from physiotherapy school was supposed to say her “I Do’s” in early June. A cherished friend from camp I met a decade ago is scheduled to get married at the end of July. To cap off a packed wedding season, my younger sister will be getting married at the end of August! I know her special day will still be the most exciting event of my summer, even though it is likely to look different than originally planned. Sometimes it’s truly mind-boggling to think that at this time last year I was in her shoes. Last year, I was anticipating my own wedding day! I realize now how truly blessed I was to have a bridal shower, enjoy a bachelorette party, create a guest list as large as I wanted and spend my wedding day celebrating with all of my loved ones. I often look back on pictures of my own wedding day with so much joy and contentment, fondly remembering it as the “best day ever”. Yet, reflecting on that day, it wasn’t the guests, the meal, the speeches or the party that made it the best day ever (though it certainly helps!). It was the best day ever because I spent it hand-in-hand with the love of my life, making a commitment to forever together.

We’re awaiting news on our July wedding, with the grace to recognize we may be removed from the guest list at anytime, and instead be streaming the wedding to show our support. As for my little sister, I’m waiting for news, hoping and praying that their day will go ahead as planned. I know whatever this summer holds, she’ll head into September 2020 with a wonderful husband by her side! However their big day looks, it’s sure to be one to remember, and I can’t wait to see them promise to love each other forever. Life during a pandemic is better with loved ones by your side, and a Covid-wedding is still an occasion worth celebrating!

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