Logitag RFID solutions

LogiPlatform Cloud Server Part of Logitag’s unified healthcare solution suite

Our integrated systems for managing medical devices, equipment, supplies, personnel, and patients are based on a deep understanding of RFID, logistics, systems and materials management, and surgical procedures.

LogiTag´s automated inventory management products are developed and designed for lean healthcare management, especially for use in ORs, cardiac cath labs, eye clinics, supply rooms, radiology departments, pharmacies, and more.

About LogiTag

LogiTag develops, manufactures, and markets intelligent, best-in-class RFID solutions and systems for tracking, monitoring, and managing inventory, assets, and people. LogiTag identified a growing need for advanced RFID technology with applications in healthcare, security, and enterprise. LogiTag’s founders drew on their extensive knowledge and deep understanding of RFID, software, operations, and logistics to develop modular, Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and comprehensive hardware/software suites that integrate smoothly into lean manufacturing and operations. LogiTag’s flexible systems utilize cloud-based computing and a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model to facilitate 24/7/365 availability, high value, and a rapid return on investment. All LogiTag systems are produced in accordance with international standards. LogiTag takes pride in its strong, long-term customer relationships and its ability to meet the changing needs of its markets. Its sophisticated RFID systems give LogiTag customers confidence and peace of mind.

Keeping track for you

Logi Track

Stock Box

Smart Cabinet

The SmartCabinet utilizes patent- protected RFID technology for medical device inventory management. Together with its point-of-use reporting application, SmartCabinet gives hospitals and vendors exact, real-time inventory management at the item level. Advanced cloud-based software gives the entire supply chain (materials management, OR staff, vendors) an accurate view of OR medical device inventory levels, consumption, and expiration dates.

StockBox combines a two-bin lean Kanban configuration with advanced RFID technology and proprietary cloud- based software to collect reordering information from RFID-enabled stock restocking requests as they occur to hospital ERP systems, enabling up to a 50% reduction in inventory levels and saving valuable staff time by eliminating manual counting. cards, to run regular restocking reports, or to send automated

LogiTrack is a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) that gives hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics a method to accurately monitor, locate, and trigger events based on location and status. It can be used to manage assets, monitor patients, locate staff, call nurses, or monitor temperatures (of devices). LogiTrack is the end-to-end solution for medical device management.devices). LogiTrack is the end-to-end solution for medical device management.

Logi Platform Cloud Server Managing RFID devices, collecting information, point-of-use controlling data flow, and facilitating active reporting – all in real time

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