MRA 1300

The MRA1300 complies, thanks to the unique process technology, 100% with the requirement s of the Ordinance on Biological Agent s sec tion 9


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dirt removal cleaning in- & exterior rust-free stainl ss stee

rust-free stainless steel cleaning in- & exterior dirt r moval

cleaning in- & exterior rust-free stainless steel dirt removal

fully automatic rust-free stainless steel dirt removal

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rust-free stainless steel dirt removal fully auto atic

dirt removal fully automatic

fully automatic dirt re oval water r cycling

dirt removal fully automatic water recycling

unique technology

water recycling fully automatic unique technology

fully automatic water recycling uniqu technology

overnight self-cleaning wat r recycling unique technolo y

unique technology wat r recycling overnight self-cleaning

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environmentally friendly unique technology overnight s lf-cleaning

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fully automatic water recycli g

water recycling

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For 2 or 4 -wheel MGB up to 1.100L according to EN840 • Optional cleaning of two containers up to 360 liters or one container of 660 to 1,100 liters • Container rotation during the cleaning process

• Internal and external cleaning with 3D spray heads • Individual equipment with the option of water recycling, disinfection, detergents and automatic solids discharge

Through the tes t repor t of a recognized exper t f irm, we verif y that thanks to our patented process technology, our employees come into contac t with absolutely no contaminated subs tances / aerosols.

• Special lifting and tilting device • Robust & automatic working door

The advantage for you!

• Maximum worker safety Fully automatic operation • Easing of employee workload No wash water leakage during or after the washing process • High profitability Low water and energy consumption

• Optimal cleaning quality

Unique process technology

• Environmentally friendly Resource-saving by water recycling • Unique process technology

Through the ingenious technology of BWK and MRA models, no physical exertion is required during operation of the system, making physically impaired employees ideally suited to the task

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