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WE’LL TAKE IT FROM HERE Albertans rallied to bring High River—and many other Calgary and area communities—back from the devastating flood of 2013. Now, the town is about to complete the infrastructure needed to protect it from future flooding. A CBC report says the floodgate is not the ultimate fix. Quoting High River Mayor Craig Snodgrass, CBC wrote that there’s no immediate funding for a $40-million bridge replacement. The need for protection will not wait, so the floodgate is the answer for now. however, so this summer the town addressed it by beginning construction of a new, $5.5-million floodgate. The automatic, sliding gate is being built into berms on both sides of the road in front of the Centre Street Bridge, locking and sealing on both sides to prevent High River from flooding the town that bears its particularly appropriate name. When the floodgate opens, it will slide into a dike with a small control station. The town expects the gate will be fully functional in October.


After a massive flood devastated High River in 2013, the town created a new berm system to keep rising water at bay. One weakness in the system remained,

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