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There Are 2 Types of People in the World

Choosing to Be Happy

WWII, then injured again in the Korean War. He received two Purple Hearts for his brave acts of service. You could tell that he was the kind of person who would be there for you under any circumstance. His spirit is what I remember best. He enjoyed life and always had a smile on his face. A true Cajun, he loved to cook and eat. He was a joy as a patient. He had a lot of physical problems and dealt with a great deal of chronic pain, but he was always smiling and happy. One day I asked him how he could keep that positive attitude with all of his pain. He said to me, “There are two types of people in this world: those who choose to be happy, and those who choose to be unhappy!” As you can tell, Mr. Brouillette always chose the former. Folks like Mr. Brouillette remind us of how lucky we are. It’s easy to complain about the small inconveniences we face, but when I think of him, I remember: I choose to be happy. It changes my attitude. The Fourth of July is coming up and you can bet we will have our “red, white, and blue” going that week. We love the flag, and we love our country. Most of all, we are grateful for people like Mr. Brouillette and other veterans who bravely fought for our freedom. Their sacrifices and dedication to our country are an inspiration.

Even though the Fourth of July represents the founding of our country, I tend to think about those who have sacrificed for our country. My grandfather comes to mind. He was a Navy Seabee stationed in the South Pacific during WWII. He was a great man, and I think about him a lot. Over the years, I have treated veterans from WWII, the Korean war, Vietnam, and the Gulf War. I have also had the honor of treating many others who have proudly worn the uniform. We have treated them for a variety of reasons, some being actual service injuries. Some of these folks were actually injured in combat and have Purple Hearts and other commendations. I have also treated people without realizing that they were veterans. When I do make that connection, I love to talk about what they have done in the service and where they have been around the world. We are honored to work

with these brave men and women and help them through their physical needs at Elite PT.

We currently have a patient who was involved in combat in the Korean War and was recounting to me the Battle of Bloody Ridge, where 2,700 United Nations soldiers died. He recalled how cold it was and how incredible the emotions are in response to the great loss of lives. Recently, we’ve also seen veterans from The Gulf Wars and Vietnam War in our office. The Vietnam veteran was injured in combat and has a Purple Heart. The bravery of these veterans is staggering. One of my favorite patients was Mr. Menard Brouillette. Mr. Brouillette is now deceased, but I think of him often for a couple of reasons.

–Bart Jones

Mr. Brouillette was a Marine and WWII veteran. He was injured at the Battle of Iwo Jima in

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