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Inayat Specializes in Women’s Health

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Spotlight On Inayat Kaur, DPT The Newest Addition To Our Summamish Office

Inayat holds a master’s degree in physical therapy and has a diverse backgroundworkingasawellness coach, exercise physiologist and as an orthopedic physical therapist. During her career, Inayat has helped hundreds of aircraft construction engineers at Boeing to recover from chronic injuries. Her patients love her willingness to listen and her drive to get them back to the things they love to do. Inayatworkshard tomakesureher patients understand the treatment she prescribes so they can team up with her on the path to their long-term wellness.

Inayat specializes in analyzing subtle nuances about a patient’s posture, movements, ergonomics and lifepatterns tohelp identify the underlyingrootcausetriggeringthe symptoms. Inayatalsospecializes in treating womens’ pelvic pain issues and treating pelvic floor dysfunctions. Her treatment is founded on core principles of functional science, manual therapy, postural retraining but often goes beyond and leverages novel techniques inspired from yoga, breathing patterns, muscle energy for long-term well-being. Inayat grew up in India learning yoga and dance most of her childhood which continue to be her passions.

Our Specialties

• Running & Gait Analysis • Custom Orthotic Fitting (At Redmond) • Certified Astym Specialties in Sammamish

• The Mulligan Technique • Advanced Manual Therapy Technology • Kineseotaping

Who Do You Know That Needs Our Help? • Walk for long distances • Live an active and healthy lifestyle Do You Have Friends Or Family Unable To Do The Following: • Move without pain • Bend and move freely • Balance confidently & securely • Sit for long periods comfortably


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