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January 2018 Taylored to You 4 Fitness Trends From 2017 ... And Where We’re Headed Next

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The words “trend” and “fad” are often used interchangeably in the fitness world (as well as everywhere else). But do we even know the difference? According to Dictionary.com, a trend is “the general course or prevailing tendency,” whereas a fad is “a temporary fashion, notion, or manner of conduct.” Unlike fads, then, fitness trends show us where our workouts are headed and how to improve them. Each year, the American College of Sports and Medicine conducts a survey of worldwide fitness trends to help identify those that have a “perceived positive impact in the industry.” Based on feedback from thousands of fitness professionals fromacross the globe, here are the top five fitness trends of 2017. Wearable Technology Ranked No. 1 despite having emerged on the fitness scene only a few years ago, wearable technology — including activity trackers, GPS devices, and heart rate monitors —hasn’t somuch changed the way we work out as it has provided enthusiasts motivation to keepmoving. Activity trackers, like Fitbit wristbands, keep us accountable and show us our progress. Wearable technology in the formof smart fabrics and interactive textiles is only in its infancy. From light-up shorts (to help identify runners in low-light conditions) to fabrics that control muscle vibration (to improve athletic performance), designers are exploring the limits of our athletic wear. Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, a professor at Pratt Institute, says, “What makes smart fabrics revolutionary is that they have the ability to domany things that traditional fabrics cannot, including communicate, transform, conduct energy, and even grow.” This steady rise in popularity means developers will probably work out kinks, and apps and devices will run even smoother, all of which translates to better workouts! Body Weight Training After the economic downturn, people turned to cheaper workouts, and body weight training gradually rose in popularity. In fact, it’s been steadily gaining a following since 2013. Going beyond pushups and situps, this type of training uses minimal equipment to get maximum toning results. What Does This Mean for You?

What Does This Mean for You?

Not only do body weight classes usually cost less, but they can be done anywhere. Take the workout outdoors, meet up with your friend in the weight roomand use a mat, or gather co-workers to attend a body weight class at your nearby facility. Educated, Certified, and Experienced Fitness Professionals Even with workouts at our fingertips, exercise-educated professionals remain a crucial part of the fitness scene. More andmore degree programs have entered universities, and passionate people are seeking out advanced fitness training. The Department of Labor even predicted that fitness instructor employment will grow 8 percent in the next seven years. More education and experiencemeans better fitness options for us, and competition for jobs will result in even stronger gymprograms. Whether you want to up your game, break out of a workout rut, or seek physical therapy, fitness professionals can help. Strength Training Strength training is important at all ages. In addition to bone benefits, strength training builds muscle, which keeps us burning calories throughout the day. If you haven’t incorporated strength training into your fitness program, there are many options out there. Most gyms have group exercise classes based on strength training, and a personal trainer can adapt a program so it’s just right for you. ACSM’s findings have a lot of potential for the future of fitness. As we start the new year, you’ll see these trends on an international and local level, so your gymmight just incorporatemore strength training and HIIT classes. Similarly, they might hire from the strong pool of certified trainers and fitness professionals. Look for these and other new trends in 2018 and continue striving tomaintain your health! -Dr. Taylor What Does This Mean for You? What Does This Mean for You?

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