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CT 15 E Dust Extractor HEPA Certified. Clean Results.

Ideal for cleaning jobsites, production shops and home workshops. With a 3.96 gallon (15 L) container volume, the CLEANTEC CT 15 E extracts dust, dirt, and water. Its design ensures that almost the entire container volume can be used for long periods of work without having to change the filter bag.

Strengths & Benefits •

Ideal for use on the go thanks to compact dimensions, low weight, and robust chassis. • Touch operation for intuitive control of the mobile dust extractor. • Externally accessible main filter for easy replacement. • Cleaning accessories already among the items included and stored in the mobile dust extractor. • Elastic tie-down strap included to secure vacuum hose on top of CT for convenient transport.

CT 15 E

Dust Extractor CT 15 HEPA

Suction hose diameter 27/32 x 3.5 m; SELFCLEAN filter bag SC-FIS-CT MINI/MIDI-2; Crevice Nozzle, D36; Upholstery Brush.

$349.00 574831

CT 15 E Accessories


Self-cleaning fleece filter bag enables extractor to maintain suction up to full capacity. Filters particles to 5 microns.

$35.00 204308

Longlife Filter Bag From high strength, 3-layer polyester fleece with a long service life; Not recommended for fine dust.

$125.00 204309

HEPA Main Filter

Easy replacement of filter cartridge from outside without opening the mobile dust extractor; Main filter surrounded by plastic frame.

$69.00 204201

Wet Filter

For wet extraction; Easy replacement of filter cartridge from outside without opening the mobile dust extractor; Wet filter surrounded by plastic frame.

$23.00 204202

Anti-Static Suction Hose

D 27/32x3.5m-AS/CTR Optional smooth suction hose with anti-static, and swivel connection, D27/32 x 3.5m.

$130.00 204921

Standard Compact Cleaning Set

Warranty all-inclusive. 3-year wear-and-tear warranty, 2-day standard repair time, and 1-month satisfaction guarantee. Buy with confidence. Includes a curved hand tube D 36 HR-K AS; Extension pipes D 36 VR-K AS; Crevice nozzle D 36 FD-210; Upholstery Brush; Interchangeable floor nozzle. Delivered in a Systainer SYS 1 TL.

$100.00 203430

CT MINI / MIDI / 15 Handle

Improve your work flow efficiency by adding a handle to your CT. Improved ergonomics plus storage to enhance your work environment.

CT Handle


SB-CT MINI/MIDI-2/CT15 Optional handle with holder for storing optional cleaning accessories (Hand tube, Extension pipes, and Floor nozzle); Handle can be lowered when not in use; Made of steel and aluminum pipe.

$99.00 204310

Boost efficiency with convenient organization and storage of common abrasive grits. Abrasive assortments pre-packaged in Systainer SYS 1 TL. Available in 3.5” (90mm) and 5” (125mm). Assortment Abrasive Systainer


STS-STF D125 GR Includes: D125 P60

10 qty 25 qty 25 qty 20 qty

D125 D125 D125 D125

P80 P120 P180 P220

20 qty D125 Interface Pad 1 qty

For sanders: ETS 125, ETSC 125, ETS EC 125, RO 125.

576676 $199.00

SYS-STF D90/93V GR Includes: V93 P60 10 qty V93 P80 10 qty V93 P120 10 qty V93 P180 10 qty D90 P60 10 qty D90 P80 20 qty D90 P120 20 qty D90 P180 10 qty D90 Interface Pad 1qty

576677 $199.00

For sander: RO 90.

Simple? Yes, and benefits include a sense of order and productivity. Hook-and-loop fastener


Hook-and-loop fastener For securing the power cord to the suction hose; Suitable for suction hoses with a diameter of 27 mm, 32 mm and 36 mm Length: 215 mm Pieces: 5

205294 $10.00

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