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whatever football game is on that year, without following it too much, and chatting with my in-laws and my son who make it out to our place for the festivities. Sometimes, my wife’s sister will visit as well, with her husband and kids in tow, but generally it’s a relatively small operation, all things considered. The one thing I don’t do on Thanksgiving Day is cook. Every year, I receive strict instructions to steer clear of the kitchen, so I do as I’m told and let the experts handle it. And experts they are, juggling several different boiling pots and recipes at the same time, all while managing to cook up the perfect turkey. My favorite dish has to be the classic sweet potatoes that my wife prepares — they’re steeped in melted marshmallows. There are few foods on this Earth that can compare. GIVING THANKS During This Busy Season

November rolls around, and the bitter cold settles into the Hudson Valley. It’s that time of year when people’s heating systems buckle

under the pressure, turning the house into a refrigerator. The phone starts ringing

off the hook, and it’s all I can do to scramble from house to house to keep everybody happy and warm. Of course, this is far from a complaint. I love what I do, and the fact that our phone won’t stop ringing just means that our wonderful clients trust us with the maintenance of their HVAC systems — a task I take very seriously.


Back when I was a kid, my family did Thanksgiving a little differently than most. Instead of sweating it out in the kitchen all day, my parents would take us to the local Holiday Inn hotel restaurant near where we lived. Let me tell you, that place was a lot nicer than any Holiday Inn restaurant you’ll find today. It was the kind of place you dressed up to eat at. My dad was friends with the owner there, and the staff would treat us to some of the best food we’d have all year. Obviously, though, Thanksgiving is always about the company you share the holiday with. When we’re all around the table, passing around casseroles and turkey and gravy and those sweet, sweet potatoes, everything else melts away. It’s just me and the family, sharing an excellent meal together and talking. Who could ask for more?

But even in the midst of the winter hustle around Aire Serv, I’m making sure to set aside some time for my family. I’m talking, of course, about Thanksgiving, the perfect opportunity to catch up with loved ones and take a little break from the chaos.

That said, I’m still on call during the holiday. Luckily, everyone else is usually too busy wrangling their Thanksgiving meal to worry about their heating. If they need it

-Jim Serra

fixed, most people do their best to get it done before the horde of relatives arrives, not after.

No, I’m usually not too busy on Thanksgiving. I spend the day watching

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