Illuminati Neon - The Art Of Chaos

And here they all are,

my latest works and

some golden oldies.

WELCOME TO PARADISE “This is a take on ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns N’ Roses. They are one of my favourite bands. It’s a brilliant artwork to have in your house: it’s meant to go by the doorway, so when you come into your home, it’s like a welcome.”

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN II “Punk rockers such as the Sex Pistols have been misunderstood as anti-royalist, but I celebrate the monarchy and love the Queen. Rule Britannia! My neon queens are big, bold, intricate works – and, without being big-headed, absolutely beautiful. Paul Cook and Steve Jones from the band have queens in their LA and London homes.”

Gold Neon On Distressed Wood 183 x 19 cm £3,500

Queen Portrait On Painted Collaged Background & Violet Neon 110 x 135cm £9,950

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