July - September 2012 Edition: Naples Health

Skin Cancer Q&A Janet Sperry, M.D.

Question: Can radiation be used to treat my skin cancer? Answer: There are many treatment options available to treat skin cancer. Radiation may be an option depending upon the type of skin cancer. The size, depth, location of the cancer and your age or any medical conditions you may have are the considerations. Radiation is generally recommended for cancers located along the ears, eyelids, nose, or corners of the lips, as

these sites can be difficult to reconstruct after surgery. Advantages of radiation are that the treatment is completely non-invasive, relatively pain-free, and provide excellent cure rates with beautiful cosmetic results. The superficial x-rays used only treat the skin and do not expose any other part of your body to radiation. Each treatment takes only a few minutes and total treatment time can vary between 3–6 weeks.

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