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AUG 2017


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When I was in law school, I had the opportunity to intern for a high-volume criminal defense firm in Miami. At the time, criminal defense was not an area of law that I had a lot of exposure to. I had learned about many different areas of the law from my dad, who had his own practice back in my hometown of Illinois; but my exposure to criminal defense cases was limited, and I had quite a bit to learn. So, my first day on the job in Miami was completely different from anything I had encountered before. I vividly remember my first assignment, in which I was handed a drug trafficking case that involved a confidential informant who was accused of trafficking cocaine. This case left a lasting impression not only because it was my first in Miami, but because it presented me with some unique constitutional issues, such as entrapment. This case forced me not to judge a situation strictly based on police-reported details, but to really delve into all of the facts. A great deal has changed since that time, and my internship in Miami was not only eye-opening, it was also a formative experience in my legal career. That summer in Miami, I got to meet a variety of people who needed help navigating the legal system. Every person who came into that office had a unique story and background. Today, that sentiment remains the same in my private practice. Every case is different, and each of my clients has their own specific circumstances and needs. I often work with people who have had the cards stacked against them. Many of my clients are dealing with a complicated problem they never saw coming. Their problems are incredibly difficult to handle alone. They are worried and stressed about what might happen next or how their situation will affect their lives and the lives of their loved ones. They come to my firm in search of answers and for someone to help relieve their stress and worry. One of the reasons I got into law was to take on complex challenges and to get favorable results. When I can put my legal expertise to use to help someone find the answers they are looking for — answers they may not have realized were there — I know I have made the right choice.

- Matthew Konecky I’ve learned so much since that first case in Miami, and a lot has changed since that time. But what hasn’t changed is my drive to help people. I am here to be a legal voice that can guide clients through all of the confusion. I get to find the answers to their challenging problems and, most importantly, reassure my clients that they have someone who’s on their side.


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