King's Business - 1940-03

THE! K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

March, 1940


Bible Institute FAMILY CIRCLE Roy L. Laurin E ARLY this year, Roy L. Laurin felt led to consider invitations which have been coming to him from many sources, offering wider sion Agency. Of the Tsotsil Indian language, they write, “We have writ­ ten down about 1,000 separate words, but are wanting to work more now on how the sentences go together. So far we have not been able to find

Dr. Rodney O. Lilyquist DENTIST

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scope for his gifts as a pastor, young people’s leader, and radio speaker than would be possible in connection with the heavy administrative responsibilities which he undertook at the Bible Insti­ tute of Los Angeles and the Church of the Open Door, and which he carried during 1939. While humanly speaking his resignation from the work at Biola came as a disappointment to many, in a broader sense there must be rejoic­ ing that the Lord is multiplying for His servant the opportunities for gospel witnessing in these dark days before the Lord Jesus comes. it will be noted with pleasure that Mr. Laurin’s series on the First Epistle of Peter, which began to be published in the November, 1939, issue of THE KING’S BUSINESS, is continuing and will be completed in future months. LOUIS T. TALBOT, President. News from the Field M ARY E. HUNTER, ’28, Kribi, to her work under the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions. She was one of four representatives from the Cameroons to attend the "World Con­ ference of Christian Youth’’ at Am­ sterdam last summer, on which she comments thus: “Each delegate was a member of one of six discussion groups. I attended the one on ‘The Church, Its Nature and Mission.’ It seemed to me that there was a deep, evangelical spirit, vital and thrilling, among European youth and a begin­ ning among our American young peo­ ple. They are recovering lost convic­ tions regarding a personal God, sin, redemption, and the authority of the Bible, and at the same time retain an interest in very practical expressions of social reform.’’ Nora E. Jordan, ’24, and Beatrice Spies, ’27, 8995 Keith Ave., West Hol­ lywood, Calif., held a series of meet­ ings in Everett, Wash., closing Jan­ uary 21. Services scheduled after that date were as follows: Adna, Wash.; Nob Hill (Yakima), Wash.; Tigard, Ore.; Canby, Ore., and Portland, Ore. Marjorie E. Davis, B. Chr. Ed. '39, and Nadine Douglass, B. Chr. Ed. ’39, Calle Mina No. 16, Las Casas, Chia­ pas, Mexico, have been engaged in language study under the Pioneer Mis­

words for ‘joy,’ ‘peace,’ or ‘hope.’ ” Mrs. H. F. Gilbert (Ruth Long, ’23), Walters, Okla., serving among the Comanche Indians, wrote the Alumni Executive Committee concerning the alumni gatherings at Biola in Jan­ uary, “May His Spirit be and abide with you through the Homecoming days, and go forth with you to all fu­ ture service.” Manford Geo. Cutzke, ’24, has been teaching English Bible and Religious Education at the Columbia Theological Seminary, Dectaur, Ga. Mrs. Matts Hartman (Mildred Er­ ickson, ’24) has been living in Bur­ bank, Calif., where she is a member of the First Baptist Church. She is the mother of two children. Earl Lindgren, ’24, has been doing home missionary work among miners and lumbermen in Nelson, B. C., Can., where he is pastor of the Mission Covenant Church. Richard W. Hightower, '39, 858 S. Eighth St., San Jose, Calif., was or­ dained to the gospel ministry on Jan­ uary 23 at the Montecito Park Union Church, Los Angeles, Calif. He and Mrs. Hightower (Helen L. Brundage, ’39) are accepted candidates of the Africa Inland Mission and expect to be engaged in deputation work. Mrs. Harvey J. King (Beatrice F. Tanhehill, ’25) and her eight-year-old daughter, Virginia May, were sched­ uled to sail from New York on Jan­ uary 24 for Mombasa, Africa, via Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town. They can be addressed in care of the Africa In­ land Mission, Kacengu, Kasenyi, Congo Beige. Earl R. (’35) and Mrg. Barbour (Helen E. Hartman, ’36) have been living at 1110 So. Fifth, Waco, Tex., where Mr. Barbour has been attend­ ing Baylor University. They have two children, David and Joan, the latter bom on January 7, 1940. Neil B. (’28) and Mrs. Weir have been delayed in their return to Peru, S. A., by damage to the boat on which they were to sail, but were scheduled to sail February 21. In the mean­ time, the Lord has provided the motor and some of the materials for a launch to be used in river work on the Up­ per Amazon. Mr. and Mrs. Weir can be addressed in care of O. C. Hamner, Rt. 1, Buena Park, Calif. [Continued on Page 116]

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Cameroons, W. Africa, writes of her summer in Europe, followed by her return after furlough

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