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• Maybe it merely supplements irregular earnings . . . Maybe it's just the difference between peace of mind and frequent worry . . . Maybe it’s all there is to protect old age . . .

There are many situations in life which an Annuity Agreement of the American Bible Society can take care of successfully. It can be planned to provide for yourself, for a rel­ ative or a friend. And when once it is arranged there is no further bother. No coupons to clip’—no papers to keep track of . . . Just accept the check which arrives at regu­ lar intervals. Such checks have been bringing comfort and peace of mind to thousands. And for over 90 years those checks have never failed, regardless of business conditions. Then, too, there is great personal satisfaction to every one who secures such an Annuity Agreement. For they help to extend the all-important, world-wide Bible ministry of the Ameri­ can Bible Society.

M A I L T H E C O U P O N T O D A Y American Bible Society, Bible House, New York, N. Y. Please send me, without obligation, your booklet K B »4 entitled “ A Gift That Lives” .


Let us send you a booklet e n t i t l e d “ A Gift That L ives." It tells you about the plan and how it works out.

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