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ible for God to have given the same prophecy to both Isaiah and Micah directly? There are some things so im­ portant that they will bear repetition. 2. “The mountain of the house of the Lord” (Micah 4:1). In the Old Testa­ ment the Word “mountain” is sometimes used as the symbol of a kingdom or government. See Daniel 2:35, 44, where the “stone” which falls from heaven be-- comes a great “mountain” which fills the whole earth, a direct prophecy of the establishment of the kingdom of the heavens. Furthermore, the context of the Micah passage makes this meaning perfectly clear, for in verse 3 we see Jehovah’s rule set up over all nations. 3. “ The word of the Lord from Jerusa­ lem” (v. 2). This one clause in the prophecy locates its fulfillment in the realm of literality. This is not some dreamer’s ideal existing merely in some far-off Platonic heaven. It Is to be on earth. The kingdom of the Lord, when it comes in answer to the age-long prayers of His people, will be just as literal as the kingdom of Great Britain. It will have a capital city, and that city will be Jerusalem in the land of Palestine; not Rome, nor Geneva. 4. “And he shall judge among many people [‘great people,’ R. V. margin], and rebuke strong nations afar off” (v. 3). The greatest political problem of the world Is how to maintain the in­ dependence and liberty of nations, and at the same time to find some center of authority for the solution of interna­ tional disputes. If the center of author-


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under his own vine and fig tree.” And this condition in turn will be followed by universal security and peace among individuals, for “hone shall make them afraid.” None will disturb nor steal away the peace that will characterize that time of universal blessing, which is the thousand years’ reign of Christ upon earth, or the millennium, m. T he M an of P eace (5:2-5) There can be no doubt that Jesus Christ is referred to here as the One who shall come out of Bethlehem (cf. Matt. 2:4-6). The One bom at Bethle­ hem was not only the man Christ Jesus, but He was also God manifest in the flesh, the One whose going forth is from eternity. And He will be the Gov­ ernor of His people Israel who are at present oppressed and afflicted, and will be until the time appointed for our Lord’s return to this earth to set up His kingdom. When He comes, in the strength of the Lord -and the majesty of the name of His God, He will give His people double for all their sorrows, and will ,scatter all their enemies. They shall abide in their land permanently, without possibility of being again rooted up (cf. 2 Sam. 7:10). Then the name of Christ will have authority Wherever men are found (of. Phil. 2:9-11). This Man—Christ Jesus—is the peace that is promised. There is none other who can fulfill the prophet’s picture than the One who was bom at Bethle­ hem, was crucified on Calvary, was raised from among the dead, and was received back into heaven, from whence He shall come to reign in righteousness. It is His reign alone that1will bring peace to this war-ridden,. troubled world. Points and Problems 1. The reader should compare Micah 4:1-3 with Isaiah 2:2-4 and note that the two passages are almost identical. There has been much speculation among critical scholars as to which is- the original. Did Isaiah borrow from Micah, or was the latter the borrower? Or did both borrow from some earlier prophet who first gave utterance to the original prophecy? These are interesting,ques­ tions, but they need not disturb the children of God. As far as that is con­ cerned, why should we think it Jlncred-

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