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March, 1940

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the old man’s hand; and feeling, han­ dling, and clutching it, he died. Ah me! That ten-pound note grasped in his trembling hand, how much would it avail him before the awful bar of God? Yet how many men die and have nothing better to show God than that! —F. W. Farrar. III. O n the W ay to the C emetery A cartoon in a paper not long ago showed a man in his shirt sleeves in a gutter picking up gold. Behind him as far as could be seen were bags of money—gold he had picked up. Just ahead of him was a cemetery. There he. was, with sweat pouring from his brow, .working as hard as he could to gather up his riches, but always com­ ing nearer and nearer to the demetery. This is a true picture of many a man, using hands and mind and strength gathering gold—hut on the way to the cemetery.—Mrs. M. Watts. IV. T he L ong V iew Over the triple doorways of ,the Cathedral of Milan there are three in­ scriptions spanning the splendid arches. Over one is carved a beautiful wreath of roses, and underneath is the legend, “All that which pleases is hut for a moment.” Over the other is sculptured a cross, and there are the words, “All that which troubles us is but for a moment.” But underneath the great central entrance to the main aisle is the inscription, “That only is important which is eternal.” If we realize always these three truths, we Will not let trifles trouble us, nor be interested so much in the passing pageants of the hour. We would live, as we do not now, for the permanent and the eternal. —Christian Age. For Discussion By what means can a Christian make his money become his servant in­ stead of his master? (2 Cor. 8:9; 1 Tim. 6:6-10 [note v. 10, “the love of money” ]; Acts 20:35; Phil. 4:11-13). Ralphs Open Twenty-Eighth Store Ralphs Grocery Company opened its newest store in Los Angeles on January 27, at Crenshaw and Exposition Boule­ vards. This new store will serve the residents of the communities of View Heights, Leimert Park, Windsor Hills, Crenshaw Manor and the West Adams District, generally. The store has over 25,000 square feet of floor space in a daylight building. Over a carload of ^glass brick was used in its construction. “We believe,” said Mr. Leon Rowland, manager, "that this fine store, utilizing as it does every modem facility, un­ doubtedly marks a milestone in fine food establishments that will hold pre­ eminence for many years to come,”

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% CeciliaMargaret Rudin,M.A.

Add to theJoy ofEaster Times of war and uncertainty offer unusual opportunities to place before your family and friends “ STORIES OF HYMNS WE LOVE” which has rightly been called, “ An Unfailing Fountain of Knowledge, Joy, Inspiration and Spiritual Blessing.” Inspires old and young with new zea l In a spiritof service and tenderdevotion, the authordescribes the sacred songs of 400 years, their writers and composers withtheir backgroundof humandrama, sacrificeand triumphs —a thrilling stoiy including such favorite hymns as “ Ble j Be The Tie;” “Home Sweet Home;” “Lead Kindly Light. “My Faith Looks Up To Thee;” “Christ, The Lord Is Risen;' ■"Tne Old Rugged Cross;” etc. l st ;” New Edition, richly illustrated (88 large pages) 155 sub­ jects, beautifully bound in blue leatherette, gold $100 stamped............................................................................ Oder today through your church supply house, book store or direct: J OHN RUD I N & COMPANY I NC . Publlthort of "The Boole of Life" 1018 So. Wabash Aye., Dept. KB-3, Chicago, III.

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against covetousness as you would an enemy, for truly it is a foe of true happiness. We speak lightly of covet­ ousness as if it were a “minor” sin, but in the lists of “major” sins (as we term them)—lasciviousness, fornication, and the like—we find covetousness included (Mk. 7:21, 22; Rom. 1:29-31; Eph. 5:3). In Colossians 3:5, we read: “Covetous­ ness . . . is idolatry.” Jesus illustrated the truth of His ex­ hortation by this striking parable of the “rich fool.” And all of this wretched man’s riches and increased goods were of no avail because God “required” his soul that very night. “ So is he that lay- eth Up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.” “He that loveth his life shall lose it.” Helps for the Leader I. A C ostly E state "What is the value of this estate?” said a gentleman to another with whom he was riding, as they passed a fine mansion surrounded by fair and fertile fields. “I don’t know what it is valued at; I know what it cost the late possessor.” “How much?” “His soul.”—Selected. H. E mpty H ands A great physician told me how once he was attending the deathbed of a rich man who seemed as if he could not die, for with aimless and nervous restless­ ness his hands kept moving and open­ ing and shutting over the counterpane. “What is the matter?” asked the physician. “I know,” answered the son for his speechless father. “Every night before he went to sleep, my father liked to feel and handle some of his banknotes.” The son slipped a ten-pound note into

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