King's Business - 1940-03


March, 1940

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

FAMILY CIRCLE [ Continued from Page 95] Alumni Homecoming I OYAL remembrances of B i o l a and joyful expectancy for the ^sch ool’s future m a r k e d the Alumni Homecoming held January 19 and 20 at the Bible Institute of Los An­ geles. The alumni banquet, which was planned to precede the Torrey Memorial Bible Conference sessions of January 21 to 28, was the iargest midwinter gather­ ing of this kind in recent years. The banquet was held in the Fishermen’s Club Room on Friday evening, January 19, under the leadership of Peter F. Wail, ’21, President of the Biola Alumni Association. Many graduates who live at a considerable distance from Los An­ geles made special efforts to come. There was an atmosphere of hope and enthusiasm as the ■graduates heard Louis T. Talbot, President of the In­ stitute, and Kenneth M. Monroe, Dean, tell of what God has been doing at Biola and of what these and other leaders are trusting Him to do in the future. In addition to the musical pro­ gram provided by present students and faculty members, there were brief talks by James McGinlay, pastor of the Cen­ tral Baptist - Church, London, Ontario, Can., and George Palmer, pastor of the Haddon Heights Baptist Church, Had- don Heights, N. J. Missionaries who were introduced rep­ resented the following fields: Africa— Grace Byron, ’27; Donald A. (’28) and Mrs, Fairley (’28); Pauline A. Fraas, ’15; Catherine Jones, ’19; Mrs. Rachel Seiver, ’25; Arista Staley, ’18; A. P. and Mrs. Uhlinger (Birdie DeHoog ’16), and Evelyn Woodsworth, ’31; Argen­ tina—Mrs. C. L. Sickei (Loree Cutright ’18); China—Mrs. Ford L. Canfield (Carolyn Lovejoy ’18); Marian Carleson; Mrs. Allyn Cooke (Leila Robinson ’18) ; John (’30) and Mrs. Fee; Maxine Mc- Neal, ’23, and Bessie Pike, ’13; Ecuador —David and Mrs Siemens (Irene Wit- mer ’20); Venezuela—Marion Adams ’33, Harold and Mrs. Tuggy; and Mrs. Edna Alger Call. Following the banquet program, th.e group adjourned to the social parlors, where they were guests of the students at a typical “Biola Home Night.” On Saturday forenoon, January 20, Dudley L. Girod, B. Th. ’38, Vice President of the Alumni Association, led an alumni prayer meeting in the social parlors. In the afternoon, Mr. Wall conducted a testimony meeting, termed “Turning Back the Clock.* Officers of the Biola Alumni Associa­ tion are Peter F. Wall, ’21—President; Dudley L. Girod, B. Th. ’38—Vice Presi­ dent; Helen J. White, ’20—Secretary, and Avalon L. Bergstrom, ’35—Treas­ urer. . BORN To Earl R, (’35) and Mrs. Barbour

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(Helen E. Hartman, ’36), a daughter, Joan Elizabeth, Jan. 7, Waco, Tex. To Herbert W. (’26) and Mrs. Cas- sel, a daughter, Janet Sue, Jan. 19, Guatemala City, Guatemala, C. A. To Curtis M. and Mrs. Hamre (Es­ ther M. Lofthus, ’28), a son, Curtis Einar Lofthus, Jan. 24, International Falls, Minn. To Walter E. (’35) and Mrs. Lyons (Helen Williams, ’36), a daughter, Pa­ tricia Jane, Jan. 22, Santa Barbara, Calif. With the Lord Word has come from Roy H. and Mrs. Fuller (Rebecca'Harrison, ’27), 475 S, 18th St., Salem,.Ore., that.their little son Vernon Roy, bom on January 16, was taken to be with the Lord Jesus within a few hours, after birth. E. Joy Hillis, ’26, 1124 La Veta Ter­ race, Los Angeles, Calif., went to be with her Saviour on January 28, after several years of illness..Miss Hillis was well known to a wide circle of- Institute friends and also, through the devotional calendar which she prepared each year, to a much larger company of Chris­ tians. Her invalid sister, Mary Hillis, is at the address on La Veta Terrace. The' Fundamentals National 'Crusade Paul W. Rood and Dan Gilbert, Presi­ dent and General Secretary, respective­ ly, of the World’s Christian Fundamen­ tals Association, are holding regional conferences in some of thé leading cities of the nation, as a part of the National Crusade of the Fundamentals Associa­ tion. Their schedule is as follows; Feb. 25-March 1, Minneapolis, Minn.—■„ First Presbyterian Church. March 3, 4, Milwaukee, Wis. — Wisconsin Gospel Tabernacle. March 4-6, Chicago, 111.— Moody Memorial Church. March 6-8, Rockford, 111.—inquire of Carl G. West- erdahl. March 10-17, Indianapolis, Ind.— Cadle Tabernacle. March 18-21, Fort Wayne, Ind.—Gospel Tabernacle. March 24 - 31, Cleveland, Tenn.—Bob Jones College. March 31—April 7, Chatta­ nooga, Tenn.—Gospel Tabernacle. April 8, 9, Birmingham, Ala. April 10-14, At­ lanta, Ga.—inquire of Roland R. Stoker. April 14-21, Greenville, S. C.i-rinquire of J. Harold Smith. April 21-23, Charlotte, N. C;—First Presbyterian •Church. April 23, 24, Richmond, Va.—Immanuel Bap­ tist Church. April 24-26, Washinton, D. C,—inquire of Robert O. Savage. April 28, 29, Baltimore, Md.'—Arlington Pres­ byterian Church. April 29, 30, York, Pa. —Gospel Center.


REVIVAL IN WAR ZONE Our Prayer houses in Latvia and Estonia are filled with God-seeking people. Sduls yielding to Christ at every. meeting. . . In Warsaw (German Poland) our offices and' meeting-hall are intact, and meetings therein carried on in spite of damage to the building. . . The Orphanage near Warsaw is intact, though the U. S. A. Ambassador’s residence nearby was bombed. In Finland a spiritual revival has started since the invasion . . . Everywhere . . . men are- taking up their Bibles again; political party differences are forgotten; churches are attended by enormous crowds. What a time to work! Will you join us in sending the Gospel to the open hearts as speedily as possible? Negotiations have been instituted by the R. M. S. to secure com­ munications being sent to each and every one of our Evangelists in the War zone. Sums of money are being sent through. Some of them have lost all their belongings through bomb-fires. Help us keep their hearts on fire for .lost souls with your prayers and en­ couraging love gifts. Address your contributions : Russian Missionary Society, Inc. Miss M. N. Fetler, Secretary 1844 W. Monroe Street, Room 21, Chicago, HI. Copies of “ The Friend of Russians’’ with inspiring news free on request.' SONGS IN THE DESERT Singing Round the World 50 New Gospel Songs and Choruses B eautiful Leather­ Satisfaction Guaran­ teed. Circular Fyee. CLARENCE E. RANCH 817 No. Harvard Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. ette Cover— 50c Postpaid

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