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March, 1940

DAILY DEVOTIONAL READINGS [Continued from Page 94] While patient, suffering ones lie on beds of pain they shall be caught upl While the living stand by the open graves Of the dead they shall be caught up! And as the startled world wonders, the only record left shall be that of Enoch’s: And they walked with God, and were not, for God took them! —James H. MeConkey. Triumphant "Yet I will rejoice In the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation” (Hab. 3:17, 18). Habakkuk gave us an example of the faith that triumphs over adversities. He gives the dreariest picture of deso­ lation in the Bible: “Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labor of the olive shall fail . . . and there shall be no herd in the stalls, yet,’! says this hero of olden time, “I will rejoice in the Lord.” There we have a man who lives by faith, and if he could do it, surely we, with Our increased light, can learn to live the same way.—W. Y. Fullerton. 31 . Forsaken “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” (Matt. 27:46). Yea, once Immanuel’s orphaned cry His universe hath shaken. It went up, single, echoless: “My God, I am forsaken.” It went up from His holy lips amid His lost creation, That of the lost no soul need use those words of desolation. —Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Los Angeles—along with other large cities—faces the problem of reaching for Christ the unchurched men and women in the downtown section— strangers who come: to the city and live in cheap hotels, apartments, room­ ing houses. In Southern California, there is the added problem of thousands of un­ employed men. They have heard that in the “state of sunshine and roses,” they can surely find work, but they soon learn that there are more men than jobs. Many of these needy in­ dividuals become stranded, and are forced to sell their clothing and bag­ gage in order to live. When funds are finally gone, the men are on the LANTERN SLIDES TO ORDER -‘At Short Notice” - Lowest Prices to Missionaries and Christian Workers. “ Over SO T ears o f Experience” C. WHITFIELD SIMS 6176 Myosotis St. Los Angeles, Calif. Cleveland 66129 SO. Christ for the Homeless and Friendless


Its expertly prépared daily program s contain clever su gges­ tions fo r approach, a Bible story, discussion, handw ork, songs. F or each grade th ere-a re 17 lessons and a D em onstration Program . The course provides fo r 10 grades but m ay be used in any size school. * Vol. 1— B eginners and 3 P rim ary Grades (3-8 y e a rs.). . . . .$1.50 H andw ork fo r 3 Prim ary Gradés is 3 sets o f outline pictures at 15c a set. Vol. II— 3 Junior Grades (9-11 y r s .) ... / .................................. H andw ork fo r 1st and 2nd Junior Grades is 2 sets o f outline pictures at 15c a set. 3rd Junior Grade makes a Sacred L ib­ rary, at 15c a set. V ol. I ll— 3 Intermediate Grades (12 yrs. and u p )..... ...3 1 .5 0

bible - centered P roved by E xper- lence— Fundam ental

$ 1 . 5 0 t h e v o l u m e ; $ 4 . 5 0 t h e s e t ;



. . .


h cM Q W O rk 1 DC S e t


Jamison’s Chronological Panorama of the Bible “ The whole Bible story from Eternity to Eternity’* —The S. S. Times. Litho. 9 colors on fine map cloth, 17x34 in. It, a 36-page key, and an abr. revised 1-color one, 7x14 in., on fine ledger paper, $1.75. A large 4x8 ft. size in colors on cloth $30.00. One 1-color one for 25c, or 3 for 50c, or 1 with the key, 50c. 3 of each for $1.00. Key alone 25c, or 3 for 50c. Fine for S. S. classes. PROF. LEWIS H. JAMISON, 312 Gretna Green Way, Brentwood, West Los Angeles. AULLENASS2 Just Out! “ New Sacred Solos and Duets.“ Ideal for singing evangelists, gospel singers, choirs, etc. 60c per copy; 2 copies, $1.00. Send for our free Music Catalogue. LUXENAS PUBLISHING COMPANY “ The Best In Gospel Music” 2923 Troost Ave., Dept. KB, Kansas City, Mo*

streets. Some are picked up by the police and put in jail, not because they are criminals, but because they have no work and no place to call home. It is to help to meet the needs of these destitute men that the Los Angeles Mission exists. The Mission is located at 114 North Los Angeles Street, in the heart of the great East Side of the city. Through the co­ operation of the churches of Los An­ geles, the Mission maintains a Scrip­ ture-centered gospel testimony every day and night of the year. Sometimes the question is asked, “Do city missions pay? Do the results justify the cost?” Let the following facts pertaining to one Mission alone, give answer: In 1939, the total attendance of the Los Angeles Mission was 116,175. The men were permitted to attend an in­ teresting gospel service every night, where a fine program was given by church groups. The Mission furnished 112,000 meals free to the hungry, and 15,064 free lodgings. During that per­ iod, 2,702 individuals signified a de­ sire to become Christians through per­ sonal acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, and hundreds went out to “make good” who otherwise would have been discouraged and hope­ less: Further facts and pictures of the Mission’s work appeared in the February KING’S BUSINESS, back cover. Los Angeles, with its thousands of homeless men and boys, needs the continued ministry of the Los An­ geles Mission. Would you not like to help maintain this gospel testimony by sending in a gift? Address: I. L. Eldridge, Supt., Los Angeles Mission, 114 North Los Angeles St., Los An­ geles, Calif. Literature will gladly be sent on request.

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